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- DirectInput Joystick support has been removed due to instability. You can continue using your joystick by following this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/MWLL/wiki/082joystickguide
- DirectInput Joystick support has been removed due to instability. You can continue using your joystick by following this guide: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php/Joystick_Setup
------ BUG FIXES ------
------ BUG FIXES ------

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Mechwarrior: Living Legends was first released on 27 December 2009. Since then several versions were released. This page covers the Mod changelogs for each release.

Versions history


Release date: 15 October 2017
Standalone: Yes

Version 0.9.0


	- At the first launch, the game might give you a warning for modified files, and therefore crash. Workaround is just to restart the game.

	- All the manual changes made to Server.cfg will be lost if you use the Sever Configuration prompt of the Launcher.

	- Pulse lasers occasionally fire an additional laser pulse
	- "Pilot Splat Syndrome": Sometimes, when you're landing, the pilot will die, leaving the asset intact. This, unlike the (now fixed) Runway Fireball Syndrome, though, happens very rarely.
	- In the Coupled Unlocked mode, when the reticle is very close to the center of the screen, the torso will stop moving, but the reticle will keep trying to recenter

	- Certain HUD elements might overlap other UI elements

	- DirectInput Joystick support has been removed due to instability. You can continue using your joystick by following this guide: https://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php/Joystick_Setup

------ BUG FIXES ------

	- Fix for disappearing Vtols and ASF on radar when they run passive.
	- Corrected some variant prices on the Thor, Bloodasp, and MKII not taking into account armor.
	- LAMS now correctly fire upon Tbolts
	- Atlas now loses torso weapons normally at 100% damage instead of 90%
	- Fixed multiplier errors in the armor.xml that resulted in side torsos having more armor than center torsos on the Hollander and Solitaire, which was illegal.
	- Fixed multiplier error in armor.xml which resulted in the solitaire having more back torso armor than allowed.
	- Fixed camo materials issues on the Ryoken's arms and on the Awesome's Legs
	- Corrected all the buymenu descriptions

--- LAUNCHER ---

With 0.9.0 we introduced a brand new launcher (version 3.0), which includes a delta patcher and a build verification and repair functionality!
The launcher will automatically detect any game update, and will automatically download all the new files, and delete the outdated ones.
It can also repair the Cysis Wars build

--- CONTROLS ---

        - New key binding to drop a reserve ammo ton
        - New key binding to force a reload of a partially spent ammo ton
        - Existing throttle decay/ramping throttle binding now also works for Mechs

--- ASSETS ---

	- Clan Cauldron-Born (Ebon Jaguar) Heavy Mech (65t)
	- InnerSphere Rommel Tank (65t)
	- InnerSphere Argus Heavy Mech (60t)
	- InnerSphere Regulator Medium Hovercraft (45t)

	- Rifleman LAMS support
	- Catapult and Rifleman turn rate increased
	- Huit and Partisan tanks now deploy and undeploy instantly (from 1 second)
	- Reduced Maxmimum upward pitch on the Bloodasp to 60 degrees from 70 degrees
	- Increased engine power on Attackers and Bombers for the Sparrowhawk and Avar
	- Avatar returned to 75 kph
	- The usual tweaks to various underperforming variants


	- Clan Hyper Assault Gauss (HAG) 20/30/40 weapons
	- IS Heavy PPC weapon
 	- Air version for LPLs (increased burst shots to 5 from 2, increased burst cooldown time by 250%)
	- Air version of HLL (5% less damage, 10% less heat, +50m Range)
	- ATM launchers now have unique Art
	- Thumper Artillery Cannon on the Rommel A variant


	- LBX-2, SSRM2 and SRM2 both Clan and IS versions are now loaded with half-tons of ammo, these can be reloaded but extra tons for them cannot be purchased.
	- IS and Clan LBX2s now 2.5 tons from 3
	- IS SSRM2 now 2 tons from 3
	- IS SRM2 now 1.5 tons from 2
	- Atlas F and G use XL engines
	- The Shadowcat now has fixed ImprovedJumpjets at the weight and cost of StandardJumpJets
	- The Raven now has C3 built in for free.
	- The two fixed lasers on the Avatar now count at 50% tonnage
	- Avar and Sparrowhawk now allowed heavier weapons
	- Swapped out Air_SSRMs on Vtols to ground version SSRMs


	- Air_LRMs HP increased against LAMS, matched explosion pressure with their ground counterparts
	- Reduced cluster bombs from 25 to 15 and condensed their damage.
	- Slight explosion radius increase for HE and LG bombs.
	- Air_SRMs now fire in a quick burst like their ground counterparts
	- Air_SSRMs fire rate decreased by ~66%
	- HVAC2 burst size doubled, slightly increased their clipsize.
	- Increased Long range LT fire rate to match standard range.
	- Increased Light kinetic modifier against VTOL and Light/medium ASFs to 2.0x from 1.75x
	- Increased Light Kinetic modifier against Tanks to 1.15x
	- Increased Light Kinetic modifier against Tank Interal Structure to 1.3x
	- UAC5/ AC2 / AC5 convered to Light kinetic modifier for AA purposes.
	- Air versions of Gauss, Hgauss and iHgauss have all had their charge times reduced and normalized to 1 second.
	- Air Lightgauss no longer requies a charge and fires a bit faster than the ground version.
	- UAC2 and Clan UAC2 damage increased from 9 to 13
	- IS LPL heat ~12% heat reduction
	- Increased Lock on time for ATM [STD] to 1/1.3/1.6/2 seconds respectively for the ATM3/6/9/12 from 1/1/1/1 seconds
	- Increased Lock on time for ATM [ER] to 1/1.2/1.4/1.6 seconds respectively for the ATM3/6/9/12 from 1/1/1/1 seconds
	- Doubled Burst ROF on the UAC5, Halved bursts until overheat from 6 to 3.
	- Increased turn rate on Tbolts
	- All Aircraft based guided missiles lock time normalized to 1 second regardless of type or launcher size.
	- Slight reduction to heat generation from using afterburners on ASF
	- Bomb prices reduced and normalized to 2000 per ton for all three types
	- Reduced MXPL heat by 13%
	- Reduced Air_MRM explosion radius by ~30%
	- Small and Medium Lasers both standard, ER, and Clan ER, damage per shot increased by 9% (to bring them closer to correct damage ratios when compared to the Large Lasers per CBT)
	- HVAC10 max range to 950m from 900m.
	- UAC10 Max range to 650m from 600m.
	- Increased projectile speed, increased ROF, and decreased time to overheat on the UAC10.
	- Tightened the spread on the LBX2/LBX10/LBX20 to match LBX5 spread at their stated max ranges.


	- Maximum return for selling an asset reduced from 70% to 50%.
	- Increased the cost of Medium ASF Fighters.
	- Partisan heavy tank moved to forward spawn bases to provide in field AA
	- XP requirements for top ranks increased { Rank 9 (98k Cbills)   : 38.4k-> 46k XP}
						  { Rank 10 (105k Cbills) : 46.4k-> 60k XP}
						  { Rank 11 (113k Cbills) : 54.4k-> 72k XP}
						  { Rank 12 (128k Cbills) : 67.2k-> 91k XP}

	- Warhammer Base Chassis cost decreased by 3k
	- Rifleman Base Chassis cost decreased by 4k
	- Madcat Base Chassis cost increased by 5k
	- Novacat Base Chassis cost decreased by 3k
	- Modified Chevalier chassis cost and tweaked variants to increase average cost per variant

	- Tier system for Cbill modifier updates: { Solitaire tier 1->2 }
						  { Regulator tier 4 }
						  { Madcat tier 6->7 }
						  { Novacat tier 6->5 }
						  { Rommel tier 4}
						  { Thanatos tier 5->6 }
                                                  { Argus tier 5 }
						  { Cauldron-Born tier 5 }

	- Ticket Values for some assets tweaked : { Solitaire 1->2 }    { Sparrowhawk 4->2 }
						  { Owens 2->3 }	{ Avar 5->4 }
						  { Madcat 12->13 }	{ Hephaestus 1->2 }
   						  { Novacat 11->10 }	{ Epona 8->7 }
						  { Catapult 8->7 }	{ Regulator 7 }
						  { Rifleman 8->7 }	{ Rommel 7 }
						  { Warhammer 9->8 }    { Cauldron-Born 10 }
						  { Argus 8 }
						  { MKII 13->14 }
						  { BloodAsp 15->16 }
						  { Atlas 13->14 }
						  { Fafnir 15->16 }


	- New map: TC Oasis
	- TC Wildlands: redesigned the F5 base, it should not be possible to suppress the mechbay from safe enemy positions anymore; increased the draw distance on the background vegetation a bit
	- TC ValleyForge update: Improved architecture; airfields added; added more sounds
	- TC ThunderRift: VTOLs! fixed a mechtrap
	- TC Altay: attempt to increase performance by adjusting light sources, fixed the pit under D3 base
	- TC Bogs: attempt to increase performance by toning down particle effects
	- TC Dustbowl: fixed mechtraps
	- TC Deathvalley: added base weights to minimap, new meteor impact sound
	- TC IvoryTower: removed curbs from airfields to help takeoffs
	- TC Inferno: changed the structures near the airfields to help takeoffs


	- Explosion sounds improved
        - HVAC 2 new sound
        - new AC and HAG impact sounds
        - Large Pulse Laser firing sound improved
        - LRM impact sounds improved
        - Weapon and run sound volumes overall slightly reduced
        - New weapon sounds for HAG, Thumper and Heavy PPC
        - PPC and ER PPC have improved sounds
        - New sound for critical explosion
	- Ground UAC2, all air UACs, all RACs switched to performance saving loops with drop-off tails
        - Correct spin up and spin down now playing for all RACs
        - Mobile Long Tom improved with new deploy, impact and shell whine sounds.
        - Overheat/low charge alarm when a rapid fire weapon is about to stop firing
        - Signal beeps for when rapid fire weapons are ready again.
        - New ICE engine sounds for Demolisher, Partisan and Mobile Long Tom.
        - New fusion engine sound for Chevalier
        - New hovercraft engine sound for Regulator
        - New meteor impact sound for TC Deathvalley
        - Ducan Fisher voice clips updated with stadium PA effect.


        - All vehicle projectiles now play surface appropriate impact effects
	- All impact effects heavily optimized for performance
        - Minor optimizations to critical explosion effect to reduce performance impact


Release date: 28 July 2017
Standalone: No

Version 0.8.6 - GAMESPY FIX

------ KNOWN ISSUES ------

	- At the first launch, the game might give you a warning for modified files, and therefore crash. Workaround is just to restart the game.		
	- Switching profile might trigger a profile logout, making you unable to see the server list. Workaround is just to restart the game

	- All the manual changes made to Server.cfg will be lost if you use the Sever Configuration prompt of the Launcher.
	- Pulse lasers occasionally fire an additional laser pulse
	- "Pilot Splat Syndrome": Sometimes, when you're landing, the pilot will die, leaving the asset intact. This, unlike the (now fixed) Runway Fireball Syndrome, though, happens very rarely.
	- In the Coupled Unlocked mode, when the reticle is very close to the center of the screen, the torso will stop moving, but the reticle will keep trying to recenter

	- Certain HUD elements might overlap other UI elements

	- Ballistic and missile weapons readiness sounds play also when the weapon is empty
	- Ballistic and missile readiness sounds will also play on the reload of an ammo ton and may overlap the ammo reload sound
	- Laser readiness sounds will even play when you leave your asset
	- Playback of reload sounds may fail on auto-reload and are outright broken on MRMs for the MRM to function correctly as a weapon
	- DirectInput Joystick support has been removed due to instability. You can continue using your joystick by following this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/MWLL/wiki/082joystickguide

----- GAME SYSTEMS -----

- Switched to our own custom master server list / GameSpy Login service provider

- We moved to a better folder structure for the handling of the game data

	- In order to do this change, the installer will replace your current "autoexec.cfg" with our custom version, and will delete "server.cfg" and "levelrotation.xml" from the MWLL installation folder. Be aware that modifying this new autoexec file might cause issues.
	- You can use your custom autoexec by renaming it as "user.cfg" and moving to the new client data folder.
	- You can use your custom server configuration by backing it up and moving it to the new server data folder.

	- Client data folder is now My Documents/Crysis Wars/MWLL/Client  
		- This implies that, if you want to use a custom cfg configuration file, you must rename it as "User.cfg", and store it in that folder.
		- This will also be the location of the client logs (not the crash logs)

	- Server data folder is now My Documents/Crysis Wars/MWLL/Server
		- The configuration files (server.cfg, levelrotation.xml) will be loaded from that folder now (unless you start the server using a custom bat script)

	- Due to this new system, changing the user.cfg will no longer affect the actionmapper axis inversion setting.
		- The Actionmapper settings will be saved in Actionmapper.cfg

----- LAUNCHER -----

- The Launcher will log you in automatically now. There is no need to register / log in to Qtracker / Gamespy anymore.
- Fixed Launcher unable to recognize Debug / Release DLLs
- 64 bit mode is the default one
- The Launcher is now able to detect broken profiles and warn you before launching the game


Release date: 23 May 2017
Standalone: No

Version 0.8.5

------ KNOWN ISSUES ------

	- At the first launch, the game might give you a warning for modified files, and therefore crash.
		Workaround is just to restart the game.

	- All the manual changes made to Server.cfg will be lost if you use the Server Configuration prompt of the Launcher.
	- Pulse lasers occasionally fire an additional laser pulse
	- "Pilot Splat Syndrome": Sometimes, when you're landing, the pilot will die, leaving the asset intact. This, unlike the (now fixed) Runway Fireball Syndrome, though, happens very rarely.
	- In the Coupled Unlocked Reticle mode, when the reticle is very close to the center of the screen, the torso will stop moving, but the reticle will keep trying to recenter

	- Certain HUD elements might overlap other UI elements

	- Ballistic and missile weapons readiness sounds play also when the weapon is empty
	- Ballistic and missile readiness sounds will also play on the reload of an ammo ton and may overlap the ammo reload sound
	- Laser readiness sounds will even play when you leave your asset
	- Playback of reload sounds may fail on auto-reload and are outright broken on MRMs for the MRM to function correctly as a weapon
	- DirectInput Joystick support has been removed due to instability. You can continue using your joystick by following this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/MWLL/wiki/082joystickguide

------ BUG FIXES ------

	- Fixed a certain number of crashes to desktop caused by particle effects
	- Fixed wrong Sulla damage modifiers

- Added sensitivity modifier for the floating reticle while zooming
- Base AMS now will shoot down bombs
- Corsair C variant updated
- Hawkmoth G variant updated
- Long Tom Short Range ammo area of blast decreased by 33%
- Long Tom Long Range ammo area of blast increased by 33%
- Air medium and small lasers now have a 1.3x damage modifier against other aircraft
- Air RAC5 spread decrease
--- AUDIO ---

- Replaced reload beep with a less aggressive one-shot
- Fixed PPC / ERPPPC readiness sounds

--- NETWORK ---
- Corrected network scheduling for various assets to improve performance

--- CAMO ---

- Enhancement to Green, Red, Yellow and Exotic camos	


Release date: 14 May 2017
Standalone: No


------ KNOWN ISSUES ------

	- At the first launch, the game might give you a warning for modified files, and therefore crash.
		Workaround is just to restart the game.

	- All the manual changes made to Server.cfg will be lost if you use the Sever Configuration prompt of the Launcher.
	- Pulse lasers occasionally fire an additional laser pulse
	- "Pilot Splat Syndrome": Sometimes, when you're landing, the pilot will die, leaving the asset intact. This, unlike the (now fixed) Runway Fireball Syndrome, though, happens very rarely.
	- Arrow IV Artillery launcher won't lock on some ASFs and VTOLs
	- In the Coupled Unlocked mode, when the reticle is very close to the center of the screen, the torso will stop moving, but the reticle will keep trying to recenter

	- Certain HUD elements might overlap other UI elements

	- Ballistic and missile weapons readiness sounds play also when the weapon is empty
	- Ballistic and missile readiness sounds will also play on the reload of an ammo ton and may overlap the ammo reload sound
	- Laser readiness sounds will even play when you leave your asset
	- Playback of reload sounds may fail on auto-reload and are outright broken on MRMs for the MRM to function correctly as a weapon
	- DirectInput Joystick support has been removed due to instability. You can continue using your joystick by following this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/MWLL/wiki/082joystickguide

------ BUG FIXES ------

	- Fixed a crash caused by getting a missile lock on an asset protected by AECM
	- Tweaked Harasser hover height
------ VFX ------

- Performance optimization pass on the new laser impact VFXs and Bomb explosions

--------- GAMEPLAY CHANGES ----------

- LAMS no longer targets Laser-Guided Bombs
- Laser-Guided Bombs arming distance reduced to 100m from 200m
- Improved turn speed of Air_SSRMs
- Decreased ASF base chassis price across the board
- Reduced tracking laziness on T-bolts
- Reduced spread and slightly increased splash on Air_UAC5
- Air_RAC2 moved to lightkinetic type
- Bomber Engine power increased on the Sulla, Corsair, Avar, and Sparrowhawk. 
- Ramming damage decreased on ASF and Vtols.

------ GAME SYSTEMS ------

	- Autoexec moved from Crysis installation dir to MWLL mod dir.
		This change was needed because the Crysis autoexec gets ignored if an Autoexec.cfg file is found in the MWLL mod directory
------ LAUNCHER ------

	- MWLL update notification
	- Installation integrity verification

------ SOUND ------

- Increased pitch on readiness and reload sounds to mitigate volume spike on multiple simultaneous reloads
- Removed mistimed air Thunderbolt readiness sound	

------ CONTROLS ------	
	- Fixed an issue where changes made to the aircraft inversion control settings would have no effect if the "autoexec.cfg" file was placed in /Mods/MWLL/ directory
------ CAMOS ------

- Improvement to the Smoke Jaguar camo


Release date: 9 May 2017
Standalone: No

------ KNOWN ISSUES ------

	- In the Server Configuration prompt, you might get warned about a setting that is not being recognized in the server configuration file. The warning can be skipped.
	- The Repair and Check-for-updates buttons in the launcher are broken

	- Pulse lasers occasionally fire an additional laser pulse
	- "Pilot Splat Syndrome": Sometimes, when you're landing, the pilot will die, leaving the asset intact. This, unlike the (now fixed) Runway Fireball Syndrome, though, happens very rarely.
	- Arrow IV Artillery launcher won't lock on some ASFs and VTOLs
	- In the Coupled Unlocked mode, when the reticle is very close to the center of the screen, the torso will stop moving, but the reticle will keep trying to recenter

	- Certain HUD elements might overlap other UI elements

	- Ballistic and missile weapons readiness sounds play also when the weapon is empty
	- Ballistic and missile readiness sounds will also play on the reload of an ammo ton and may overlap the ammo reload sound
	- Laser readiness sounds will even play when you leave your asset
	- Playback of reload sounds may fail on auto-reload and are outright broken on MRMs for the MRM to function correctly as a weapon

	- Any change made to the aircraft control inversion settings will have no effect if you have an "autoexec.cfg" file placed in /Mods/MWLL/ directory
		Workaround is to move the "autoexec.cfg" file outside from the /Mods/MWLL/ dir and place it into the Crysis Wars installation directory

------ BUG FIXES ------

	- Runway fireball syndrome has been fixed. You can land safely with your ASFs, now.
	- Camo is always applying to all the assets now
	- Harasser made more stable, particularly when entering and exiting water.
	- Partisan suspension loosened, should now get stuck less often.
	- Black Lanner fixes to collusion proxy and component proxies.
	- Armor distribution on Solitaire corrected, large side torso now correctly protected as is the back torso.
	- Corsair now correctly sells.

	- Fixed a bug where the server list would not use all the available space for listing the servers
	- Fixed scoreboard showing a square instead of a minus sign when a team's score is below 0
	- Fixed missing Improved Heavy Gauss ammo icon not showing up in the buy menu
	- Fixed a bug where the ASF bomb sight would not be recalculated according to the zoom level
	- Fixed a bug where the ASF bomb sight would behave weirdly when upside down
	- Fixed precision issues in all the map / radar scopes
	- Fixed a bug where the contact icons in the BA radar would squeeze while rotating
	- Fixed target's health bars not rescaling after the target repaired
	- Fixed Heatsink damage indicators not updating after repairs
	- Fixed other players' names tag not showing up on Corsair and on the Huitzilopochtli

	- Fixed NARC being out of sync across clients
	- LAMS performance remedied. Any LAMS should perform equally well when moving and twisting as when standing still. Rebalanced missile health and added more missile types for the LAMS to fire at.
	- MRMs now ignore narc beacons

	- Fixed Improved Heavy Gauss impact sound not playing

	- TC Taiga
		Fixed some more flying trees
		Fixed misleading mech icon at airfields

	- TC Wildlands
		Fixed an issue when hovers stuck in forward hangars
		Fixed minor glitches
		Fixed known invisible walls


    - Fixed DirectInput support not working
		This means joystick support has been fixed

    - Fixed various inversion inconsistencies with VTOL / ASF axis
		This implies you might have to recheck your inversion settings via the Actionmapper

--- ASSETS ---

	- Clan Avar Light Aerospace (35t)
	- Clan Xerxes Heavy Aerospace (85t)

	- New cockpit for the Puma
	- Updated model for the Uller


- High Explosive Bomb: A single, high explosive unguided bomb.
- Laser Guided Bomb: A single guided bomb. Does not lock on targets. Requires a TAG for guidance.
- Cluster bombs: A cluster of 25 bombs. Meant for carpet bombing.


	- Increased FOV from 60 to 70

	- Changed unguided splash damage weapons (AC10/20, Hvac10, PPCs) from rocket code to new "explosive bullet" code. This should improve hit detection and may improve detection at high server loads.
	- AC Flak removed.
	- Tightened spread on STD and ER ATMs to prevent random misses against even stationary targets.
	- increased UAC2 and HVAC2 projectile speed to 3500 from 2500
	- HE ATM behavior reworked. 3/6/9/12 fire 1/2/3/4 missiles at a time respectively. Readjusted cone spread and decreased lock on time to 1 second.
	- Tightened burst speed for UAC10
	- Compacted AC5 and UAC5 burst length from 4 bullets to 3.
	- Small Pulse Lasers reworked. Burst increased to 6 shots from 2 and damage increased. Increased range of CSPL.
	- HVAC10 ROF increased to 20 from 17
	- Removed manual tracking on SSRMs to prevent odd star pattern at close ranges.
	- Increased ROF on Tbolts to match LRMs.
	- Long tom Ammos normalized to LongtomFar speed, uses gravity instead for ranges.
	- 8% Damage increase to all X-Pulse classes
	- Removed second laser on Medium laser base defense turrets.
	- ROF of RAC2 on EagleEye reduced to actual RAC2 ROF.

	- Huit hitboxes reshaped to be more in line with other tanks (harder to hit sides from front)
	- Increased Huit max speed by ~9kph, max reverse speed increased to 33kph from 8kph. Decreased engine penalty for rear armor damage.
	- Slowed transfer rate from front armor to internals on all tanks.
	- Relocated armor from Oro front to Oro turret.
	- Increased reverse max speed of Partisan.
	- Avatar original canon 64KPH engine returned so that its full armor could be restored. No more squishy Avatars.
	- Small armor redistribution on Uziel from side torsos towards Arms and CT.
	- Uller model tweaked, hitboxes reformed, and armor redistributed.
	- Puma Cockpit art added. Hitboxes reworked on Puma to add survivability.

	- Free reticle re-enabled by default (Coupled Unlocked mode)
	- Coupled Unlocked mode has been reworked for increased smoothness
	- Increased responsiveness and torso speed while in Coupled Interactive mode

	- Flight model overhaul
		Now the maneuverability of each asset is dynamically calculated. The maneuverability decreases at low and at very high speeds. This means each asset has its own optimal turning speed
		Landing dynamic is more realistic. You'll end up landing with your nose pointed up, like real planes.

	- ASF Taxiing update: If you keep Decrease Throttle pressed, you'll be able to reverse the thrust and move backwards
		Pitching up is not possible anymore when taxiing at low speeds
		Notice that Decrease Throttle works also as an actual brake while landing on a runway.

	- ASF Classes
		The variants of each ASF come in 3 different classes, now:
			- Fighter (unavailable for Shiva and Xerxes): high maneuverability, high armor, high electronics, low price, small weapons. Unable to carry bombs.
			- Attacker: medium maneuverability, medium armor, medium price, medium weapons. Can carry bombs WITHOUT reloads
				This means that buying additional bomb ammos on attackers is not possible, even if you still have free tons available
			- Bomber: low maneuverability, low / medium armor, high price, heavy weapons. Can carry bombs with reloads

	- AirGECM now increases missile lockontime by 2.75x to give VTOLs and low flying ASF some counter against missiles spam.
	- UACs entirely redesigned for superior strafing performance.
	- Gauss charge time for Aircraft (ground are still fire on demand)
	- Missile weapons redesigned for aircraft performance and balance.
	- Small and medium laser classes maxrange increased for aircraft.

	- VTOLs will lose maneuverability while boosting
	- Removed extra damage modifier for missiles and energy weapons against VTOLs.
	- Increased extra damage modifier for Gauss and LBX against VTOLs.

	- Implemented a new command for league play: C-Bill Button
		This command works only if "sv_leaguemode_givecbills" AND "sv_leaguemode_enable" are BOTH set to 1
		The way it works is that any player who presses the "Home" key in the default key bindings (or types "givemecbills" in the game console and presses enter) will receive 100000 cbills IF the conditions mentioned above are satisfied
		The command will produce a message in the center of the screen, that will be visible only to the player who requested the command if the cvar "sv_cbillmessage_broadcast" will be set to 0 (default value). If "sv_cbillmessage_broadcast", the message will be visible to every player connected on the server.
		Whether "sv_cbillmessage_broadcast" is set to 0 or 1, the usage of the command by any player will always be logged in the server console (if the league setting is enabled)


- Scat base chassis price decreased.
- Single HS prices decreased
- Huit Base chassis price decreased.


	- ASF silhouettes are now shown from above
	- The menu will now show the selected paint
	- The menu will now show the available c-bill amount
	- Scrolling via mouse wheel made a bit faster

	- Chat window has been squeezed in order to make it less obstructive
	- Paperdolls will still be visible even if the targeted contact won't be in line-of-sight
		In this case, an "OUTDATED" writing will show up, meaning that the displayed information is outdated.

	- Target brackets redesigned
		Now it will show the name of the player (if identified) and the distance

	- Battle Armor paperdoll for target displays added
	- Tuned down brightness of IR vision

	- Now shows the target grid location
	- Added proper compass with target markers
	- Reworked crosshair
		Removed stock Crysis crosshair that was obstructing the view
		The crosshair won't show the power status of the vehicle you're looking at anymore

	- Aiming reticle revamped
		Now works consistently between different asset types
		TAG and NARC indicator have been added near the crosshair reticle
		Lockon indicator has been reworked for better visibility
		Weapon group markers redesigned and resorted
			- Group 1,3,5 at the left, group 2,4,6 at the right. Lower numbers at the top, higher at the bottom.

	- FOF (Friend or Foe) indicator now will detect an enemy only in ACTIVE radar mode. The behavior while facing an ally has not been changed.
		This means the reticle won't turn red while facing an enemy if the radar is in PASSIVE mode

	- Long Tom HUD has been revamped
		Standard reticle is no longer shown in the Long Tom HUD interface
		Weapon groups indicators have been removed in favor of a single weapon status indicator
		Radar and map scope will now show the Long Tom impact PIP (predicted impact point)
		Tank status added (in position, not deployed, ready to deploy)
		Trajectory indicator redesigned

	- Pitch indicator has been added to all ground vehicles
		It shows absolute pitch, not relative
		On the Long Tom, it shows the pitch of the cannon, not of the camera

	- Torso / turret twist indicator has been added to all ground vehicles
		Upper arrow indicates the twist of the turret relative to the main body of the vehicle

	- Updated mech external / back torso damage readouts
		Will show the proper external position now (left / right), as well as properly sized health bars

	- The behavior of the Mech throttle is now consistent with the one of other HUDs: the thin horizontal bar represents the requested throttle (W / S change it on default key bindings), the vertical bar represents the actual engine throttle of the mech

	- Make heat warning bars on the heat gauge for Mech and Tank HUDs more visible
	- Changed heatsink damage indicators to make them better visible

	- Reworked the logic of the bomb calculation PIP
		This should increase a lot the overall accuracy of the PIP
		It won't be shown anymore when facing upside down

	- Added proper compass with target markers
	- Added proper horizon indicator
	- Added proper altimeter / speedometer
	- Added PULL UP warning (triggers at 40m)
	- Added STALL warning (triggers when the ASF is reaching the point of no control)
	- STALL and PULL UP warning will not work when the landing gears are deployed
	- Added Landing gear deploy indicator
	- Added Heatsink damage indicator

	- New tips added to the loading screen
	- Removed non-relevant info in the server list screen

--- SOUND ---

	- Machinegun, AC 2, AC 5, AC 10, AC 20,HVAC 2, HVAC 10, LBX 2, LBX 5, LBX 10, LBX 20, RAC 5, UAC2, UAC5, UAC20 sounds have been replaced
	- PPC edited, ERPPC sound replaced
	- Gauss Rifle, Light Gauss Rifle, Heavy Gauss Rifle, Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle sounds have been expanded on.
	- Arrow IV launcher sound has been replaced
	- Long Tom cannon sound has been replaced
	- Introduction of readiness sounds for all weapons to indicate when the weapon is ready to fire again.
	- Impact sounds for PPC, ERPPC and Gauss Rifles sounds have been replaced
	- Added Ammo depleted reload sound

	- New missile warning sound
	- Oro and Ares tanks have new engine sound
	- Demolisher and Partisan tank tread sounds volume increased.
	- LongTom, Partisan and Huit tread squeaks no longer play in standstill
	- New heavy mech footfall sound

	- Charge up sounds for Air Gauss Rifles
	- Added Air UAC 2, UAC 5, UAC 20 sounds

	- New startup sound for Xerxes Aerospace fighter
	- New engine sounds for Xerxes and Avar Aerospace fighters.
	- New afterburner sound for all Aerospace fighters
	- All Aerospace fighters now have fusion engine sounds

--- MAPS ---


	- SA Jungle
		attempt to fix the clipping through the hangar bay issue.

	- TC Altay
		Added two repair bays to the side bases.

	- TC Enkeladus
		Tweaked base icons
		Added on more factories to the corner bases
		Hovers should be able to leave the forward factories without getting stuck
		Decreased base defenses

	- TC Harvest
		Decreased the view distance of the tank traps in the bocages so they will be displayed only when the surrounding vegetation is already rendered

	- TC IvoryTower
		Replaced the bugged 4 bay factories with the 8 bay versions

	- TC Marshes
		Base weight tweaks based on 8.2 gameplay experience
		NW and NE base weight increased from 1 to 1.5
		Added 8 bay factory to North base.

	- TC Taiga
		Decreased base weights
		Removed one MLaser turret from the center base
		The lowest parts of the map are not out of bounds anymore
		Main bases are not displayed as capable anymore

	- TC Wildlands
		Improved textures and lighting
		Tweaked vegetation
		Added destructible pine trees
		Removed small rocks which caused vehicles to stuck
		Added environmental sounds
		Added some hills in front of southern forward mech base so shooting at it from far will be more difficult
		Sorted out the icons on the minimap

	- TSA Clearcut
		Repositioned some objects


	- TC Bogs (stormy version of TSA marshes)

	- TC Dune - Changes vs. the community version:
		Forward bases can only build assets up to 65t
		Decreased center base weight from 1.5 to 0.5
		Added beacons to help identify possible flanking routes

	- TC Forsaken - Changes vs. the community version
		Added some more details
		Center base weight decreased from 3 to 2

	- TC ValleyForge - Changes vs. the community version
		Minor changes

--- VFX ---

- Replaced PPC and Laser impact VFXs

--- NETWORK ---

- Increased the server internal update rate from 30hz to 60hz


- Improved profile handling
	No need to save / activate profiles anymore. The new configs are saved as soon as the changes are made
	Profiles can be changed with the "File" -> "Switch Profile" option.
	Any change will produce a snapshot of the previous configuration file in the /backup/ subfolder of the selected profile's dir

- Added support for new key bindings:
	Spectator Minimum Mode
	C-Bill Button
	Free Reticle Switch on/off


- Spacebar: Pitch UP in Aircrafts
- Left CTRL: Pitch DOWN in Aircrafts
- Left Alt: Level out in Aircraft
- F1: Free Reticle switch (on/off)
- F2: Arm Coupling On/Off
	Triggering any of the reticle switches will force the reticle to recenter, to avoid reticle being offset when switching to fixed mode
- Right Alt: change spectator mode
- Right shift: Toggle Spectator Minimum Mode (Will show only player names while spectating)
- Left control: Move camera down (spectator mode)
- Now it's possible to use the mouse thumb buttons (if available) to quickly switch weapons in the Battle Armor (mouse4 and mouse5)
	mouse4 switches between the 2 direct-fire weapons that any BA can carry
	mouse5 switches to the BA-SRM2 Pack
- "Home" key: Get 100,000 C-Bills (if the related league mode setting has been enabled on the server)

--- CAMOS ---

- Increased camo saturation. Standard camos should be less transparent now
- New color combinations available for vanity camos
- Dazzle pattern added
- Removed gold camos


Release date: 16 December 2016
Standalone: No

Removed unintended PPC heat damage.


Release date: 02 December 2016
Standalone: No

------ KNOWN PROBLEMS ------

- The Repair and Check-for-updates buttons in the launcher are broken
- Pulse lasers occasionally fire a third pulse
- Camo system won't work for the Corsair
- The reticle modes sometimes get messy when you die, and switch back to the 0.7.1 default modes. If that happens, just press F4 and it will go back to normal
- The buy menu is a bit inconsistent and might not show free tons
- Certian HUD elements might overlap other UI elements

------ BUG FIXES ------

	- Fixed radar not working properly on Hephaestus G
	- Fixed iNARC ammo not buyable on Thanatos
	- Phantom MPL on the vulture F removed
	- Fixed WH Prime incorrectly having DHS.
	- Various buy menu corrections.
	- Fixed an issue that was making the Crysis Sandbox Editor crash while opening any .cry file	
	- Fixed the PPC/ERPPC not flying to their stated range.
	- Fixed the AC2flak losing all of its damage past 900m.
	- Fix for weird jumpjet bug on Osiris for 32bit Dlls.

Major bugs
	- Fixed cheat protection triggering on custom maps. 

------ MAP UPDATES ------

Added TC_Wildlands
Added TC_Harvest	
	- SparrowHawk D now has 2 ERLL
   	- Corsair E now has 2 ERPPCs and 2 MLs instead of Gauss + ERLL
    	- Sulla I now has ERPPC + Gauss instead of LBX5 + Gauss
	- Hawkmoth has been moved to Tier 2
	- Donar A has 2 less heatsinks and 2 more tons of armor
	- Vulture A SSRM2->SRM2 + 2 free tons.
	- Osiris C changed to  1 PPC | 2 SXPL | 1 SRM6; I-JJ | 3 DHS
	- Solitaire C changed to  1 ATM3 [HE] | 1 LBX2 | 4 Flamer; MASC | 2 DHS
	- Bushwacker F changed to  1 ERLL | 2 ERML | 2 ERSL | 2 LRM10; 1 LAMS | 6 DHS 
	- Reenabled camera pitch on Longtom to a limited degree (max 15 degrees).
	- Raven G - 1 RAC2, -1 Mgun, -1 Freeton -> +1 PPC, +BAP, + .5 T armor
	- Raven A - 2MPXL, 2MBL, BAP, 1 T armor->+2 LPL(experiment)
	- Raven B - -1 AC10, -ACEM, -TAG-> +1 UAC10 +GECM
	- Owens G 2 LL-> 1 ERLL+ 1 LL
	- Chevalier B UAC2, Free ton-> ERLL + 2 HS
	- Warhammer C 2 SSRM6 -> 2 SSRM4 + 2 Free tons
	- Harasser A BAP -> GECM

	- Added some armor onto Rifleman arms.
	- Awesome now has 90 degree rotation limit from 80.
	- Uller gained some armor onto CT.
	- Reverted RAC5 placement on bushwacker A after internal discussion.
	- Warhammer Prime had 8 DHS in the code, fixed to the correct 8 HS
	- Added 1 DHS to all Black Lanners in exhange for 1 ton of armor

    Turned night vision into IR-like
    - Pros:
      - Can be used in super dark maps
      - Can be used in slight dark maps as well (Enkeladus, Thunder Rift)
    - Cons:
      - Graining and fog will make long range engagements a bit difficult
      - No colors, only black and white

		- RAC2 nerfs rolled back a bit. Overheat time back to 6 seconds, spinup time to 550 from 700 (was 400 in 0.7), max spread reduced to the midpoint between 0.7.0 and 0.8.0.
		- iNARC beacon time reduced to 38 seconds from 45.
		- UAC20 reverted to 2 shots per burst from 3, was too difficult even for good players to use.
		- Slight decrease to SSRM spread.
		- Decreased HEATM lockon time from 1.75 to 1.25 seconds
		- Decreased SRM cone of fire spread so that only one should sometimes miss the target at closer ranges rather than two or three.
		- Arrow IVs now have 16 second manual lock time, resulting in 4 second crouched/deploy lockon time making them virtually impossible to use on the move without spotter support.
		- Score requirement for ranks 3 through 12 reduced by 20%
		- Score requirement for rank 2 reduced by 40%
		- Reduced ticket cost of all starter assets:
			Osiris 3->1
			Solitaire 4->1
			Uller 4->2
			Owens 4->2
			APC 3->2
			Harasser 2->1
			Hephaestus 4->1
			Chevalier 3->2
			Partisan 5->4
			Ares 5->3
		- Cbill bonus for Kills reduced by 25%
		- Cbill reward for C3 reduced by 50%
		- Cbill and score reward for capturing bases in TC increased by 30%
		- Decreased Shadowcat base chassis cost by 4000.
		- Increased Blacklanner base chassis cost by 2000.
		- Decreased Raven base chassis cost by 2000.
		- Decreased Hephaestus base chassis cost by 2000

0.8.0 Community Edition

Release date: 28 October 2016
Standalone: No

------ BUG FIXES ------

	- Ares now shows up as a tank on radar rather than a light mech
	- Solitaire with ammo based weapons should no longer instantly lose its side torso when hit by splash

	- The weapon list does not contain a phantom entry below the last weapon anymore
	- Fixed an issue where the distance to target in the longtom HUD was always 0
	- Random color component bug at 75%, 50% and 25% status is gone
	- Zooming in won't leave parts of the HUD cut off screen anymore

We have 2 reticle modes now accessible by default
- The default one will be the "Coupled Fixed" mode, where arm and torso will always be locked in the center of the screen
- Pressing Left Alt will switch to "Coupled Interactive" mode, an enhanced version of the old "Torso Follow mode"
  In this mode, the torso will start following the reticle as soon as you move it away from the center of the screen

- VTOL and AeroSpace Fighters now have the same controls:
  Pitch up / down : mouse down / up
  Yaw left / right : mouse left /right
  Roll left / right :  A / D keys
- CBill donation confirm has been moved to "enter"
- Cbill donation menu has been moved to "right shift"
- Chain fire switch has been moved to "backspace"
- Weapon group assign has been moved to "right control" 
- Left Alt now switches your reticle modes
- Crysis VOIP button has been removed, we don't use it anymore.
- "Show Objectives" keybinding is an actual switch, you don't have to keep it pressed anymore
- Auto Shutdown has been moved to H
- Left mouse button won't fire the selected weapon group anymore, it fires Weapon Group 1 now

------ MISC ------

- The height a mech needs to jump from before it stops after touching down has been increased dramatically. Note that this does not affect jumpjets.
- More than 40 camos available for all the ground assets!
- The meaning of cl_free_reticle_independent has been inverted. 0 (default) locks the reticule to the torso, 1 allows independent arm movement
- g_revivetime may now be freely set by the server. It is still advisable that admins keep it above 15 seconds. especially in TC.
- The cheat protection has been improved and the game loading time should be much better now
- Even better loading times thanks to the recompression of PAK files
  This will also save a lot of drive space
- Clients may now set g_commentator to 0 to disable Duncan Fisher commentary during SA & LMS game modes. sv_leaguemode_commentator has subsequently been removed
- Dead players can now chat to the living and vice-versa. This will be disabled if league mode is enabled

------ MAP UPDATES ------

- lowered the ceiling near the forward factories to prevent LT-ing from base
- modified the forward factories: now they support assets only until 65 tons

- various small modification/fixes (fixed some clipping object, aligned round fuel tanks near airfield, smoothed terrain on north spawnpoint, modified the position of some smaller buildings etc)
- Center base fix: removed the ground factories and most of the turrets. Two turrets, the two repair bays, and VTOL pad remain. Base weight: 0.5
- Northern central cap point: Added two ground factories with the following assets: light/med/heavy mechs, hovers and tanks (no assaults and LT). No repairs here. Base weight: 0.5
- North east and north west cap points: fixed the behaviour of the turrets, new base weight: 1
- South east and west cap points: new base weight: 1.5
- The base values are shown on the minimap

- Map out of bounds timer increased to 30sec
- Main bases are not capturable anymore
- Center cap area fixed (it was much smaller than the others)
- Small adjustments in cap areas overall
- "Glassy" textures improved - you can still see this odd effect on the textures, but it is not so noticeable now.
- Cappable factories can only build assets up to 65tons
- Removed spawn points, factory and repair bays from center cap point - new base weight: 1.5
- Added a second rep bay to the Western base, it has now two, just like the Eastern base. New base weights for both: 0.75
- Fixed floating bridges
- Base weights displayed on minimap
- Fences removed

- Repair bay in the infamous center base is gone. Center mechbay can build only hovers and lights hovers.
- Updated minimap with base weights
- Changed the cooling factor on the map: now it is 100% (default), previously it was 200%.
- Changed the weight of the center base from 1.5 to 0.5 - backcap should be more viable now
- Smoothed the terrain near the first southern cap point, so it is easier to use the mountains there as an alternate route.
- fixed the holes in terrain/rocks near SouthWest base
- further cleared the SW base area, so there is more space to move and climb the hills
- turrets added: AA mgun turrets to SW and NE bases, LLaser to center
- fixed the behaviour of the turrets in cap points
- fixed mechtraps

- Removed LT and Tanks from the forward bases.
- Decreased the base weight of the forward factories - they had twice the weight than the other bases, now every base has the same weight.
- modified the capzone at the forward factories

- Map out of bounds timer increased from 10sec to 25sec
- LLaser turrets replaced with Camera turrets
- There were 2-2 Mlaser turrets at NW and SE direction form the center area - one of the Mlaser turrets are replaced with Camera turrets at each location.
- Extended the playable area near airbases

------ WEAPON CHANGES ------

Pulse Lasers
	- All Standard Pulse lasers shots per burst reduced from 3 to 2 with heat and damage compacted into those 2 shots. (Note: the stray extra pulse is still present and is a complicated issue)
	- Large Pulse laser, Large X Pulse Laser, Clan Large Pulse Laser, range increased to 650, 750, and 850 respectively.
	- Heat on entire large pulse laser class has been decreased, more for LPL and XLPL, less so on CLPL.

	- All PPC class functionally reworked. Instead of a single damage source spread evenly across a 3 meter radius, there are now two separate damage sources.
	  First damage source is primary hit location damage (0.5 meter radius) and is 66% of the damage of the shot.
	  Secondary damage source is the final 33% of the damage spread over 3 meters including the hit location.
	  Full damage of 0.7.1 CERPPC was roughly 2600 damage all told, corrected damage is now about 1550 all told, slightly more than a Gauss shot with a little bonus splash mixed in.
	  PPC particle effect now has a refraction trail.

	- SRMs now have a cone of fire effect rather than all firing perfectly straight forward, the cone will adjust to your approximate distance to target (tighter when far away, more spread out when closer up)
	- SRMs are now vulnerable to LAMS.
	- Damage slightly increased.

	- SSRM tracking improved.
	- CSSRM now locks and flies to 450m from 350m.
	- SSRMs are now vulnerable to LAMS.
	- Damage normalized with SRMs.

	- MRM damage increased to match LRM damage per missile on a 1 to 1 ratio.
	- MRM launcher fire rate now tied to launcher size like LRMs are, smaller launchers will fire quicker.
	- MRMs are now vulnerable to LAMS.

	- Clan LRM now fires directly at a shallow angle (0.5m cruise altitude). Minimum arming range is ~25m (matching MRMs). CLRMs are now excellent all around closing weapons but inferior at providing support at range, particularly over cover, as per clan doctrine.
	- Decreased tracking ability on CLRM slightly.
	- Lock on time is now tied to launcher size, smaller launchers will lock quicker.
	- Increased lifetime on ELRMs so that they don't explode prematurely when making course corrections near their max range anymore.

Arrow IV
	- Arrows reworked entirely.
	  They are no longer single large damage missiles superior at tracking single targets.
	  Each salvo now fires 4 individual smaller missiles that will spread and blanket a small area around their target.
	  Arrows now come in at a steeper angle and fly higher to circumvent cover better, this has functionally increased their minimum range from ~300m to ~500m.
	  Arrow damage per ton doubled.
	  Exposed Arrow launchers (on mechs) will now explode for heavy damage if destroyed.
	  Single smaller faster targets will now be able to dodge arrows much easier, tightly packed groups will now take much more damage from arrows as they function more like artillery support now.

	- Fire rate decreased to give lighter assets better chance to dodge them.
	- Slightly increased health vs LAMS.
    - Now identified as ATM (STD)
	- Slightly increased health vs LAMS.
	- Higher fire rate compared to Standard. Now on ground assets.
	- Fastest lock time.
    - Now identified as ATM (ER)
	High Explosive (New)
	- Very slow fire rate but very high damage and large explosion.
	- Very vulnerable to LAMS.
	- 300m lifetime and lockon range.
	- Slowest lock time.
    - Now identified as ATM (HE)
	HE ammo is superior at single target suppression but massed SSRMs will do more damage quicker.

	- Gauss now explode in mechs with more consistency, only the Fafnir torsos are completely immune to explosions.
	- Increased shots per ton from 10 to 12
    Heavy Gauss
	- Decreased reload time to normalize with Gauss.
	- Now Requires bulky siege pod if ever in a mech arm (Thanatos)
    Improved Heavy Gauss
	- Decreased reload time to normalize with Gauss
	- Increased shots per ton to 6 from 5.
    Light Gauss
	- Now explodes when destroyed (smaller explosion and less damage than Gauss explosion).

	- Now fires 3 shots instead of 2, damage per burst remains the same, adjusted shots per ton accordingly.

	- Now fire 2 shots instead of 3, damage per burst remains the same, increased shots per ton slightly.

	- Reworked, again!
	  Now fires a shell with same splash radius and 75% of damage of an AC20 shot but fires 1.5x slower than an AC20. This should finally give it the umph required.

	- Reworked, again!
	  Tightened up burst from 6 shots to 4 shots.
	  Increased damage significantly and slowed down fire rate significantly.
	  Removed all inherent spread.
	  AC5 now deals high damage but has long refire rate (5 second cooldown) this allows it to function as a long range skirmishing weapon akin to a Large laser.
	  UAC5 functions identically but has half the refire rate (2.5 second cooldown).

	- Reworked to match the AC5.
	  Damage sits more at an AC2.5 than true AC2.
	  Tightened up burst from 8 shots to 6.
	  Now excels as long range sniper weapon but makes inferior AA.
	  Counts as 3 tons from 3.5 tons in build rules.

	- Reworked to function uniquely from the rest of the UACs.
	  Now fires a constant stream of bullets making it superior AA and good at wearing down targets caught in the open.
	  Damage close to a UAC3 than true UAC2.
	  Good support weapon but requires time to do damage so poor at skirmishing or brawling.
	  Damage per ton increased.

	- Unique weapon to the Mauler.
	- Functions identically to AC2 but travels to 1500m+ with less shots per ton.

	- Similar damage profile to AC10, slightly less splash damage.
	- Flies faster than an AC10 shot.
	- Max range ~900m.
	- Fewer shots per ton.

	- Now has unlimited ammo. (INFINITE POWER!)
	- Will now overheat after 12 seconds of continuous fire and need to cooldown.

	- LBX2, 5, 10 spread slightly increased to match LBX20 spread at their max ranges.

	- Reworked, added some splash damage to fix the weird hit detection issues.
	- Can now lock on manually from 750m, flight lifetime at 1000m.
	- Now on select ground assets.
	- The missiles will track, however they are quite lazy following narc and locks so do not expect to hit a fast target with them unless you are very close or very far.

	- Increased Vehicle based TAG range to 1300m.

	- Improved tracking ability and flight pattern of narc missiles.
    - iNARC now last longer

Longtom Artillery overhaul
	- Camera won't pitch up/down anymore, so the predicted impact point will be always visible, no matter how high is the pitch of the cannon
	- There are now three longtom variants, the Prime uses standard ammo, which behaves unchanged from 0.7.1.
	- The A variant now uses short range ammo, which can only fly to ~1200m max and moves slower but creates less heat and chambers faster.
	- The B variant now uses long range ammo, which can now fly to ~2500m max range and moves quicker but creates more heat, chambers slower, and is harder to aim at closer targets.
	- Slightly increased Min/Max pitch angle of cannon by 1 degree.

	- Increased max spread.
	- Normalized spinup time with RAC5.
	- Normalized reload time with RAC5.

	- Slightly decreased spinup time.

Flak AC2
	- New weapon, high good damage vs aircraft but low damage vs ground forces.
	- 1200m range, functions similarly to fast firing LBX for maximum efficiency against aircraft.

Flak AC5
	- New weapon, functionally similar to AC2 but better damage. 900m range.

	- Increased time needed to reach overheat allowing for MOAR BURNINATION.
	- Increased splash damage and area significantly, should allow for increased performance against BA on or near the ground or hiding in cover.
	- Added impact particle.


	- All of em!
	- Infamous Shiva A and Donar A have been replaced

------ ASSET CHANGES ------

	- Armor redistributed from legs towards the rest of the mech on all assault, heavy, medium, and stumpy legged lights (Uller, Puma, Cougar).
	- Armor and internal weights refactored and inconsistencies fixed. This was causing some mechs like the Thanatos, Black lanner, and Blood Asp to be squishier than needed.
	- Fibro Fiborous armor bonus protection honoured where applicable. Many of the lighter mechs were built off the technology and were squisher than needed.
	- Standard Jump jets now have better forward thrust.

	- Overhaul of ASF flight model.
	  Top speed of all ASFs has been increased.
	  Maneuverability has been tweaked to make flight model less twitchy and smoother.
	  Afterburner is way more powerful now, but it also heat up your asset faster
	  Maneuverability has been rebalanced. Sparrowhawk isn't the supreme air king anymore, and Shiva feels more like an 85T bomber rather than a 1kg RC plane.
	- Sulla A and D have 350XL instead of the default 315XL engine mounted in the other variants. This makes them more suitable for dogfights against Corsairs and SparrowHawks
	- ASF and VTOLs now have a default active radar range of 1500m and passive radar of 1000m, this applies both to their own radar and what range they can be detected at from the ground.
	- ASF/VTOL can no longer detect BA on their radar without the help of a ground based C3 relaying it to them.
	- GECM on aircraft makes them detectable at 999m from the ground rather than 1500m when active, however they are still detectable by other aircraft out to 1500m. (this is an issue with how GECM behaves in the code)

	- Materials have been updated; Shiva doesn't look like a mirror anymore.

    - Slight tweak of the flight model.
	  Changed mass values and moved the center of the mass to make the flight model smoother and less twitchy
	  Yaw/pitch/roll speeds are unchanged from 0.7.1

Ryoken (Stormcrow)
	- Fix for physicalized weapons (like Gauss) passing through the "cheeks" of the torso.
	- Hit boxes tweaked so that most of the cockpit canopy is CT instead of being thinly sliced between RT, CT, and LT.
	- Some variants now have LAMS.

	- Adjusted splash damage modifiers and transfer rates to counteract sudden death syndrome.

	- Adjusted splash damage modifiers and transfer rates to counteract sudden death syndrome.

	- Adjusted splash damage modifiers and transfer rates to counteract sudden death syndrome.

	- Prime variant now uses a Fusion engine and is the original variant, substantially decreasing its price, it also has lower side torso transfer rates.

	- Prime variant now uses a Fusion engine and is the original variant, substantially decreasing its price, it also has lower side torso transfer rates.

	- Improved turn rate.

	- Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.
	- Now has 360 torso twist.

	- Armor further distributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

	- Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

	- BAP, C3, and TAG are now fixed to the chassis and will always be present on all variants.

	- MASC and JJs are now fixed to the chassis and will always be present on all variants.

	- Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

	- Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

	- Armor redistributed from arms towards side torsos and CT.

	- LAMS added to the chassis.
	- Huit now has correctly sized Fusion engine based off podspace and speed. This resulted in the loss of 5.5 tons of podspace and nearly half the speed. (The Huit was WAY too fast before, sorry)

	- Now has correct armor and internals.
	- Drastically reduced boost heat buildup.

	- Added LAMS to turret
	- Partisan "F" has Fusion engine to achieve superior speed, its base chassis price is substantially higher.

	- Increased max pitch value to 65 degrees. The Oro was originally an AA tank for the clans in CBT, this should help it with that.

	- Increased turn rate.

------ GAME FLOW CHANGES ------

	- Counted armor into base chassis price rather than as independent value to avoid weird prices.
	- There are now 8 C-bill modifiers instead of 4, instead of a 20% +/- modifier to cbills earned it is now 10%.
	  The tiers are as follows:
	   Harasser=1, Hephaestus=1, Hawkmoth=1, SparrowHawk=1, Apc=1, Osiris=1, Solitaire=1,
	   Chevalier=2, Donar=2, Raven=2, Owens=2, Uller=2, Chimera=2, Ares=2
	   Puma=3, Cougar=3, Partisan=3, Corsair=3, Sulla=3, HollanderII=3, Uziel=3,
           Blacklanner=4, Bushwacker=4, Shadowcat=4, Epona=4, Rifleman=4, Catapult=4, Oro=4, BA=4
	   Ryoken=5, Thor=5, Loki=5, Vulture=5, Warhammer=5, Thanatos=5, Visigoth=5 ,Avatar=5,
	   Madcat=6, Novacat=6, Demolisher=6, Awesome=6, Shiva=6, Mauler=6, Huitzilopochtli=6,
	   Masakari=7, Morrigu=7, Atlas=7, MadcatMKII=7,
	   LongTom=8, Fafnir=8, Daishi=8, Bloodasp=8

	- Increased BA death ticket cost from 1 to 2.
	- Revamped equipment and chassis costs, whereas before it was around 20% chassis and 80% equipment it is now closer to 50/50.
	- Restructured rank money to provide new assets in a smoother and more logical manner.
	- Increased rank requirements across the board to prevent ranks being skipped entirely.
	- Moved the Rifleman, Catapult, Loki, and Vulture to medium mech build bays, anywhere you can build mediums you can now build these.
	- Moved the Chevalier, Ares, and APC to hovercraft build bays, anywhere you can build hovercraft you can now build these.

------ HUD CHANGES ------

	- Night vision is an actual night vision now. It's green, and amplifies light way better than before.
    - Paperdolls V2: the internal and the armor paperdolls have been merged in a single big paperdoll
	  The big external one shows the armor status of each component
	  The internal one is a bit smaller, and it shows internal status of each component (internal system is currently implemented only for mech legs)
	- Health bars have been merged as well, in the same way as the paperdolls.
	- Consistent L / R component inversion of damage readuts: always inverted for targets, always uninverted for self damage readout
    - Crosshairs are actual crosses now, no more weird symbols around
    - Remove some other useless weird symbols and useless lines around the HUDs
    - Moved heading and pitch indicator on the top of the aiming reticles
	- Weapons naming in asset HUDs have been changed in order to achieve better readability (Dual Streak SRM-6 instead of DSSRM6, LB 10-X AC instead of    LBX10 etc..)
	- "HEAT LEVEL CRITICAL" message has been moved above the aiming reticle for better readability
	- "HEAT LEVEL CRITICAL" message now will appear as soon as the heat gauge goes over the yellow line, not the red one
	- Damage readouts of the components in tank HUDs have appropriate colors (green at 100% and yellow at about 70%, as in the mech HUD)

	- Battle Armor pilots, now you finally can enjoy having a compass!
	- Improved visibility for BA SRM2 reloading status

Misc HUD
	- There is no "Clan" writing for Clan weapons anymore because it's obvious. We do not allow mixtech, so if you are in a Clan asset, you are using Clan weapons.
	- Buy Menu HUD is showing tonnage, weight class and tech for each asset now
	- Loadout menu shows available camos by categories now


Release date: 27 January 2013
Standalone: No

New Content:
- Added TC_Enkeladus
- Added orange line to Aerospace heat indicator

- Adjusted free reticule & torso pitch values on all Mechs
- Reduced crouch pitch bonus to +10‹ (was +20‹)
- Adjusted Mech/Tank HUDs to be more legible
- Increased firebomb reload time
- Corrected cNarc lockon range
- Added new engine sounds for Ares
- Added Uller, Warhammer, Loki, Thor, Madcat MkII, Blood Asp F & G variants
- Clan Large Pulse Laser -10% heat per shot
- Firebomb fire rate interval increased to 5 seconds from 3
- Global cbill accumulation slowdown changed to -10% (from -20% in 0.7.0)
- Small optimization pass on TC_IvoryTower, TC_Frostbite
- Removed several laser turrets from TC_IvoryTower
- TC_Altay: Added repair pad to D3 base, removed Mech hangar's repair ability
- TC_Altay: Moved spawngroup entity of easternmost base to VTOL tower to make spawn location more obvious to players
- TC_Taiga: Moved OOB area lower to fix OOB warning when inside deep lakes

- Fixed Solaris Arena rankings not appearing
- Fixed Thanatos spawning off-map
- Fixed Long Tom HUD bug
- Radar bug fixed on several variants
- Fixed missing camos for several Mechs & weapon pods
- Corrected buy menu mouse scrolling speed
- Fixed several incorrect/inconsistent buy menu descriptions
- Fixed collision proxy in Avatar torso
- Fixed Chimera exploding from splash damage when mounting LRM-type weapons
- Fixed Bushwacker, Shadowcat, Black Lanner torsos disappearing upon destruction
- Fixed (c)UAC10/20 display names for consistency
- Fixed AC10 & AC20 impact sounds not playing
- Fixed PPC shots spawning double particles & sounds
- Modified PPC impact properties (Slightly better performance)
- Fixed HVAC ammo in buy menu
- Fixed BA Bear MG not automatically being replaced upon buying new BA weapons
- Fixed APC only available to Clans in puretech
- Fixed top-mounted weapon convergence issues on Bushwacker, Catapult, Daishi, Loki, Masakari, Ryoken, Warhammer
- Fixed sounds for Solitaire not working
- Adjusted Uller hitbox proxies
- Fixed Atlas movement bug when moving forward while pitching down
- Fixed Atlas shooting self (e.g. Hitting self with NARC when pitched/twisted at certain angles)
- Removed Ares 3rd person
- Removed audio from radio messages
- Heatsinks properly repair when asset is repaired (damage warning does not disappear from HUD)
- Adjusted heat properties of several maps to be more inline with more punishing heat system (hot maps less hot, cold maps less cold)
- TC_Altay: Fixed missing objects
- TC_Altay: Light optimization pass
- TC_Marshes: Fixed dips in ground around northern base; fixed light post in middle of repair pad
- TC_Marshes: Fixed floating lights in middle base
- TC_Marshes: Fixed untextured trees
- TC_Taiga: Fixed invisible terrain inside easternmost base
- TC_Taiga: Fixed missing dam objects
- TC_Taiga: Fixed CL aero runway's broken buyzone
- TC_Taiga: Fixed IS VTOL hanger floating when hit with C8


Release date: 16 January 2013
Standalone: No

New Features:
- Free Reticle
- New Tank Hud
- New Mech Hud
- The ejection key has to be tapped twice now to trigger the ejection
- 4 new mech camos
- Camo for tanks and hovercrafts is now partly supported

New Content:
- Added Chimera Mech
- Added Ares Tank
- Added Masakari Mech
- Added Solitare Mech
- New Map: TC_Altay
- New Map: TC_Taiga

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed crash when shooting at destructable trees with pulse lasers
- Fixed crash in arm animation code
- Fixed reticle showing red on friendly mech legs
- Fixed not getting rewards for narced tareget getting damage
- Fixed granades not working before opening map

Balance Changes:
- Complete Rebalance
- Tons of new variants


Release date: 26 July 2012
Standalone: No

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed crash due to dying as BA while recently thrown c8 is in mid air
- Fixed distance display not correctly showing max range when looking at the sky in non mech assets
- Fixed c-bill transfer


Release date: 26 July 2012
Standalone: Yes

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed wrong scoreboard ordering in TSA and TC
- Fixed “mass crash” and another crash due to multiple issues in synced storage
- Fixes two crashes in laser code
- Rewrote laser net code to make lasers more precise for observing clients
- Added relative shooting to increase precision for client spawn projectiles
- Fixed memory leak in radar code
- Fixed radar still working while dead
- Optimized net code for TC, results in less bandwidth usage in TC games
- Fixed vehicles still repairing while powering up
- Improved the stickiness of C4
- Fixed LOD issues with turret towers on TSA_Sandblasted

New Features:
- Clan Black Lanner Medium Mech
- Clan Ryoken Medium Mech
- Inner Sphere Avatar Heavy Mech
- Clan Daishi Assault Mech
- Clan Donar Attack VTOL
- Inner Sphere Corsair Aerospace Fighter
- Clan Visigoth Aerospace Fighter
- Inner Sphere Chevalier Light Scout Tank
- New Map : TC_Dustbowl
- New Map : TC_Frostbite
- New Map : TC_Inferno
- New Map : TC_IvoryTower
- Procedular animations for mech arms
- Weapon convergence on target (visually through rotating arms and other parts)
- Changed behaviour of the TAG-Laser. The target will stay tagged if you deviate off it for a short mount of time. TAG also creates a beacon in the same manner as NARC.
- Mech Paints. You can select them before buying a mech in the Loadout tab of the Buy Menu
- Added barrel geometry to Warhammer “B”, “C”, and “D” variants
- Added damage penalties to hovercrafts/tanks for turret/rear sections
- Resized Harasser model
- Removed Mauler’s obstructive cockpit bar

Balance Changes:
- Uziel – revised “Prime”, “B”, “C”, “D”, and “E” variants
- Buchwacker “B” – removed GECM, added spare ton for ammo
- Vulture “Prime” – removed 2 CLRM20, added 2 CLRM15, 4 DHS
- Blood Asp “D” – removed ATM6, LAMS, added CDSRM6, 1 DHS
- Blood Asp “E” – removed 2 DHS
- AC10/UAC10/CUAC10 ammunition increased to 50 per ton
- Lowered light kinetic/kinetic modifiers against VTOLs/aerospace
- Increased light kinetic modifier against hovercraft
- Initial capture of a point in TC is twice as slow as normal
- Initial capture of a point in TC no longer results in getting all attached assets at the beginning of the capture process
- Added leg internals to further balance the legging mechanic

Texture and Model Optimizations:
- Blood Asp textures
- Awesome textures
- Raven cockpit textures
- All tank tread textures
- Longtom textures
- Harasser textures
- Various environmental assets


Release date: 23 April 2012
Standalone: No

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed AC10, UAC10, CUAC10 round falloff rate to match stated range.
 - Fixed pricing on Mgun and _rot weapons
 - Possible fix for missing turret rotation sounds in release beta

New Features:
 - Complete revised TC_Mirage map
 - Clan Epona 50 ton Hovercraft

Balance Changes:
 - Increased Hephaestus base chassis pricing
 - Added auto_fire attribute to CLBX2 and CLBX5
 - Sulla “Prime” – changed BHP to BAP
 - Sulla “A” – changed BHP to BAP
 - Sulla “B” – removed BAP
 - Sulla “C” – removed 2x MG, removed extra 0.5 ton armour
 - Sulla “D” – removed 1 ton armour
 - Sulla “E” – changed variant to ATM6, ATM9, 2x CLBX2
 - Shiva “Prime” – 2x UAC5, 2x Gauss, BAP
 - Shiva “A” 2x HeavyGauss, 2x ERLBL, BAP, 2 DHS
 - Shiva “B” 2x LRM20, 2x ELRM15, NARC, BAP, 8 DHS
 - Shiva “C” 4x Firebomb, GECM, BHP
 - Shiva “D” 4x RAC5, 2x RAC2, GECM
 - Shiva “E” 2x LBX20, 2x LBX10, reduced armour

Known Issues:
- laser impact sounds to do not play for all impacts


Release date: 6 February 2012
Standalone: No

Bug Fixes:
- Harasser hitbox values adjusted for legacy asset size
- Fixed Mk2 "C" being able to fire left arm Arrow IV missile after being destroyed
- fixed "block" font for targeted enemies and build messages

New Features:
- Passive assets no longer receive incoming missile warnings (visual or audible)

Balance Changes:
- Fafnir, Blood Asp base chassis prices increased
- Atlas base chassis price decreased
- Atlas LT/RT damage transfer multiplier decreased to 1.2
- Awesome LT/RT damage transfer multiplier decreased to 1.2
- Decreased Fafnir maximum torso pitch by 10 degrees
- Increased maximum c-bill transfer ceiling/minute to 10,000
- Rescaled ticket values for all assets for ticket-based game modes
- DHS cost now independent of standard HS cost, 1350 per unit
- AC10/UAC10/CUAC10 projectile speed increased from 900m/s to 1100m/s
- AC10/UAC10/CUAC10 primary/secondary damage increased 12%
- CUAC10/CUAC20 heat-per-shot increased by 5%
- NARC rounds-per-ton increased from 4 to 6
- Mgun multiplier increased from 0.3 to 0.7 for all tanks, hovercraft and 'Mechs
- Blood Asp "Prime" - changed 2x CERMBL to 2x CMPL, removed GECM, decreased armour
- Blood Asp "B" - removed GECM, decreased armour
- Blood Asp "C" - removed 2x CERSBL, decreased armour
- Blood Asp "D" - removed AMS, decreased armour
- Blood Asp "E" - new configuration: 2x CHLL, 2x CHML, 6x CHSL, 22DHS
- Madcat Mk2 "Prime" - decreased armour
- Madcat Mk2 "D" - removed 2x CERSBL, decreased armour, removed 1 DHS and 2 free tons
- Puma "Prime" - removed Crusader pods, replaced with Assault Basic pods on arms for size rule compliance, Flamers moved to chin mounts
- Shadowcat "A" - changed 1x CERMBL to 2x CERSBL to preserve free tonnage, decreased armour
- Shadowcat "C" - removed Barrage pod, replaced with Assault Basic pod for ClanGauss mount for size rule compliance
- Shadowcat "E" - new configuration: 3x CMPL, 1x CHLL 6 DHS, MASC, additional armour
- Thor "C" - changed BAP to BHP and added 1 DHS
- Atlas "C" - removed 2x SRM6, reduced free tons to 3
- Bushwacker "Prime" -  removed BAP, reduced free tons to 1
- Bushwacker "A" - changed pods for RAC5 to Assault Basic Pod for size rule compliance
- Catapult "A" - added 1x HS, increased armour
- Catapult "B" - added 1x HS
- Catapult "C" - upgraded BAP to BHP, increased armour
- Fafnir "A" - reduced free tons to 4
- Fafnir "E" - removed all free tons
- Hollander "A" - removed 2 free tons
- Owens "A" - removed Flamer
- Owens "B" - BHP downgraded to BAP
- Owens "C" - removed single HS
- Raven "Prime" - downgraded BHP to BAP
- Raven "C" - removed 1 HS
- Thanatos "D" - decreased armour
- Uziel "Prime" - changed 2x MG to 2x ERSBL
- Uziel "B" - added GECM, reduced armour
- Uziel "C" - changed SSRM6 to SRM6
- Uziel "D" - removed BAP, added GECM
- Uziel "E" - removed free tons
- Warhammer "Prime" - added 1 HS, increased armour
- Warhammer "B" and "C" - decreased armour
- Harasser "Prime" - removed BAP
- Harasser "A" - removed GECM
- Harasser "B" - removed BAP
- Harasser "C" - removed BAP
- Harasser "D" - removed armour, removed BHP, increased HS count to 5
- Harasser "E" - removed 1 free ton
- Hephaestus "Prime" - added 2 DHS
- Hephaestus "A" - increased armour
- Hephaestus "B" - increased armour
- Hephaestus "C" - decreased armour, downgraded BHP > BAP
- Oro "B" - added armour
- Oro "E" - reduced armour
- Demolisher "C" - removed 2 free tons
- Sparrowhawk "Prime" - increased armour
- Sparrowhawk "C" - removed 1 free ton
- Shiva "A" - variant refactored to 2x ERPPC, 2x HeavyGauss, 4 DHS, BHP, 4 tons free

Known Issues:
- AC10/UAC10/CUAC10 exceeds stated range slightly (present in 0.5.4)


Release date: 20 December 2011
Standalone: No

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Thor shooting from the hip
- Improved Loki texture

New Features:
- Crash reporting is now enabled in the release dlls (without a performance penalty)

Balance Changes:
- Changed tank armor distribution

New Content:
- New ‘Mech:  Inner Sphere Fafnir
- New ‘Mech:  Clan Blood Asp
- New weapon:  Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle

Other Changes:
- Resized Inner Sphere Uziel to be in line with the other medium ‘Mechs
- Various small changes and fixes to TC_Thunderrift, TC_Marshes, TC_Kagoshima, TSA_Inferno, TSA_Marshes


Release date: 1 November 2011
Standalone: No

Bug Fixes

- Fixed VTOL spawning in aero hangar
- Switched to static linking for the vc runtime (this will stop the need to install redistributables on player machines)
- Improved morrigu driving behaviour
- Fixed shiva variant with clan weapons
- Fixed wrong naming for Clan arrow IVs
- Fixed stuck spots and other problems for the following maps: TSA_Extremity, TSA_Sandblasted, TSA_Inferno, SA_BrokenVista, TC_Sandblasted

Other Changes:
- Thor now meets art quality and baseline performance standards.- Loki legs have been tweaked.


Release date: 19 October 2011
Standalone: No

New Features

-added sv_leaguemode_commentator to disable the commentator in SA/LMS leaguemode 
-Crash reporter now sends sv_servername as the player name if it is a server no profile name is set or the profile name is "default" 
-Added a server messages system
-Added server-side ban system
-Added high-ping-kick system
-added server side command to list connected players and their gamespyid
-toggleIntCvar command to ease keybindings
-added Server option to log chat (sv_logChat).

Bug Fixes

-Spectators and dead players are now displayed correctly in SA
-Active ejection disabled in SA
-Repairs stop when under fire
-Fire group chain fire states are saved
-Fixed player getting a score reward for suiciding in LMS
-Scoreboard in LMS and SA is now sorted by score and then by kills
-Fixed various flash console spam
-Fixed a crash in the chat log display
-Fixed physics drain from tank wheels.
-Fixed some actionmaps still lead to weapon group input on cbill menu actions
-Aerospace Colision multipliers on wings dropped in an effort to make them land at least slightly easier without exploding
-Fixed crash caused by jump jet sound playback
-Fix possible crash on map change.
-Fixed confusing sv_leaguemode_ams handling - now 1 is AMS on, 0 is off
-Possible fix for server-side crash
-Fix Duncan talking thousands of lines at once after being tabbed out of the game for a while.
-Possible fix for autodownloader issue on Windows XP
-Fix auto-join by moving the team picking to the server-side.
-Fixed Scrolling on the map as BA throws C8.
-improved spritesheet on laser impact
-Fixed major performance sink in stats tracking code
-Attempts to improve overall tracked vehicle movement params, particularly for hill climbing performance, neutral turning and low-speed turning.
-Fixed various stuck spots and glitches in SA_Glory, TC_DeathValley, TC_Kagoshima, TC_Marshes, TC_Sandblasted
-Performance optimizations for various particle effects


-Address "Repair Tanking" exploit for repair frames and hangars adds a 10s delay after enemy hits until repairs start.
-Uziel A has now two tons of ammo, BAP and no LRM5
-Gauss rifles fixed. They no longer do any damage past 901m, even though they're somehow travelling past that.
-Shadowcat max reverse speed reduced to something normal.
-Tightened up LBX10 spread by 26% Also decreased damage-drop-per-meter
-Increased LBX10 and LBX20 weapon C-Bill costs to reflect relative effectiveness of the weapon.
-modified Raven D: removed SXPL and one heatsink and changed medium lasers to ER medium lasers.
-Fixed ammo count for AC20 (12 -> 16) 
-Shifting armour values for larger torsos on Cougar and Uziel.
-Naming consistency for Clan Small Pulse Laser, was "Clan ER Small Pulse Laser"
-Limited C-Bill transfers to 5k per minute

New Content

-New Solaris Arena Map SA_Vista
-Completely redone huit. greatly improves performance and fixes huit crash
-new laser impact fireball sprite
-new AC2/5 particle effect


-fixed conflict detection within actions in the same scope (e.g. spectator, cbill menu)
-removed coolant and radar key conflicts with aero/vtol specific controls
-added conflict detection across tabs for actions that can overlap (e.g. Vehicle over Mech/Tank?/etc)+


Release date: 29 May 2011
Standalone: No

New Features

- Limit SA to 16 players
- Disabled ejection in SA

Bug Fixes

- SA maps can not be used in TSA anymore which was not intended
- Enabled BAP in Uziel "D"
- Fix in Actionmapper to detect joystick buttons > 38
- Fix for AC20 shells jumping
- Fix freezes when Duncan starts to talk
- Fixed ammo buyzones for APC on SA Maps


- Improved performance on AC10/20 muzzle flash
- Removed physics on RAC shells


Release date: 27 May 2011
Standalone: Yes

New Features 

- new game mode : Solaris Arena 
- new game mode : Last Man Standing 
- SA/LMS custom scoring & awards system 
- Crysis Wars HUD system implemented 
- map auto-downloader system enabled with custom z-lib extractor library 
- new award indicators on HUD for award types 
- chainfire now supported for all weapon groups individually 
- Cbill rewards will now be shown below the cbill display with a icon indicating the reason for the reward 
- New League Mode cvar sv_leaguemode_ams to disable AMS turrets 
- Console command to dump the MWLL asset and weapon prices ( dumpMwllPrices ) 
- TC maps can be used for TSA and TOS for scrims 
- add cvar hud_spec_minimumMode, hiding the "Spectating" message and 
  camera lense flash effect in spectator modes for a cleaner image when set to 1 
- add 3 new actionsmaps for spectator z-axis movement, specmoveup (bound to 'r'), specmovedown (bound to 'f'), 
- specmovez (bound to joystick_z) without current Actionmapper support 

New Content 

- new variants for Mechs and vehicles 
- new Map : TC_Sandblasted 
- new Map : SA_Glory 
- new Map : SA_HelsGate 
- new Map : SA_Jungle 
- Duncan Fisher Solaris Arena Announcer audio 
- single bay 'Mech hangar prefab 
- SA stadium model & crowd texture 
- SA camtower model 
- SA promotional posters 
- SA clan recruitment posters 
- replaced multiple particle effects (better visual and performance) 


- lowered per-missile damage for ATMs 
- Pulse Lasers now have different ranges based on Clan/IS version 
- increased Clan Pulse Laser C-Bill costs, reduced cost of IS version 
- AC10/UAC10 now have faster projectile speed 
- AC10/UAC10 primary and secondary damage improved 
- lowered tonnage for Clan Medium and Large Heavy Lasers 
- LBX2/5 (for both Clan and IS) now refire faster and have DPS more inline with series set forth by LBX10/20 
- new Uziel "D" and "E" variants 
- corrected Sparrowhawk variants 
- laser weapons now make audible impact sounds 
- screen shake from SRM/SSRM/ATM reduced 
- aerospace must land to rearm by default (can be overriden by League Mode cvar) 
- aerospace rearm at APCs is disabled (can be overriden by League Mode cvar) 
- hitboxes improved for all ground vehicles 
- hitboxes improved for Mk2, Madcat 
- BA TAG range increased to 550m 
- Removed UAC "double jeopardy" cooldown penalty 
- Sparrowhawk flight parameters adjusted so it's not as "clunky", but still more manouverable then the Sulla 


- heavily optimised TC_DeathValley map to reduce drawcalls and texture memory usage 
- bulletimpacts system corrected 
- class based sound channel calling system for vehicles 
- various Oneshot and MaxChannels issues resolved with sound palette 
- tracked vehicle handling improved globally, less slip on inclined surfaces 

Bug Fixes 

- Fixed streak srms getting stuck in mid air 
- turret pitch locking for tracked vehicles when going over rapidly varying terrain resolved 
- coolant refill bug resolved 
- Aecm fixed 
- fixed ammo quick buy behaving incorrectly sometimes 
- fixed a crash caused by the respawn timer getting loaded and unloaded on every spawn 
- Disabled firegroup input while cbill sharing menu is open if there are key conflicts 
- Removed UAC "double jeopardy" cooldown penalty 
- Fixed partial ammo reload costing price of full ton 
- Fixed stuck buy zones from APC 
- Fixed not being able to buy additional ammo for Harasser E if ammo was depleted 
- Fixed corrupted display of coordinates specifier in the map display for non-english versions of Crysis Wars 
- Fixed MRMs 10 and 20 so that they don't have missiles flying off at a stupid angle 
- Fixed SSRMs and RACs to not have recoil on non-mechs 
- Tweaked PPCs and RACs so that their visual effects should be more accurate to their damaging effects 

Other changes 

- support for standard Crysis has been removed 
- more robust cheat protection system implemented for both client and server 
- extraneous start menu options have been removed for greater clarity 
- menu CONFIG option now invokes included Actionmapper utility 


- new look and feel, icons for key panel, short descriptions for each action when selected 
- moved aero/vtol invert actions close to the actions they belong to 
- fix provided for bug where you had to click twice on an action to get it to properly update the key selection UI panels 
- added code to preserve autoexec.cfg comments and formatting when writing out 
- corrected XI fire action to be onPress instead of onRelease in the default actionmaps 
- fixed issue where infinite loop of popups would occur when there's only one profile with no actionmaps.xml file present 


- more verbose pre-installation instructions provided 
- installer support for standard Crysis has been removed 

Auto Updater 

- Fixed download size terminology (thanks to WhiteZero for reporting) 
- Updates for the Auto Updater, Beta Launcher or Crash Reporter now called  'MWLL Tools' 
- Fixed a bug that caused updates for the Auto Updater not to be installed before any other MWLL updates 
- Detect if Beta Launcher is running fixing various crashes related to this 
- When the Auto Updater fails to install a file, it will prompt the user with a Retry-Cancel dialog instead of terminating the update 
- A new 'Settings' button was added to the update window, clicking on it will pause the update and show the settings dialog. 
- Added options to limit the upload and download speed (thanks to ~SJ~ Darthbob for the idea) 
- Settings are now global and persistent across updates 
- Fixed a crash when multiple instances of the application was attempted to be started 
- A 'Retry' option was added to the error dialog when the Auto Updater has failed to check for updates 
- Improved the update selection logics to prefer smaller-scale updates 
- Fixed a serious bug in the update download and post-installation logics 
- All log files and data files are now stored in My Games\Crysis Wars\MWLL\Launcher 

Beta Launcher  

- Now will automatically exit in most cases when the Auto Updater is beginning to download an update. 
- Fixed a bug in the server level rotation generator that caused Test of Strength game mode not to be working properly 
- Fixed a crash when multiple instances of the application was attempted to be started 

Known Issues 

- Thor footsteps do not play 
- if a lock-on missile system in a LT/RT is destroyed while the system is acquiring a lock the lock-on tone will play continuously 
- repairs are not halted when damage is taken, will be addressed in 0.5.1 
- MWLL logo in main menu does not support custom menu skin colour (known issue, will not fix) 


Release date: 16 February 2011
Standalone: No


- Debug DLLs now properly catch fatal engine crashes


- LRMs : reduced clip size to 180 from 240
- LRMs : reduced reload time between volleys depending on LRM size
	* LRM5  : + 100%
	* LRM10 : +  33%
	* LRM15 : +  11%
	* LRM20 : unchanged
- MGUNs now carry 1000 bullets instead of 800
- Clan UAC10/20 and UAC10/20 have their secondaryDamage (vs. BA) added
- Repairing at home base is now cheaper
- Eagle Eye Turret not longer shooting at BA at long range


- Modified Hawkmoth E

Particle Effects

- new RAC tracer effect
- changed RAC impact effect
- optimized mPPC trail

Bug fixes

- Fixed : broken rank names in Test of Strength gamemode
- Fix for a server crash
- Fixed : Scoreboard always showing TC mode scoring

Other Changes

- Vehicles now can only be sold if they stand still
- Updates to actionmapper


Release date: 03 February 2011
Standalone: No

- Fixed a server crash caused by the ticket end timer


Release date: 02 February 2011
Standalone: No

Bug fixes

- Reverted Loki legs to non-crashing version addressing issues with both Loki and Thor crashing clients
- Fixed PPC particle effect which caused clients to crash
- Fixed some buy menu entries


Release date: 01 February 2011
Standalone: No

Bug fixes

- Added missing Partisan D & E for conditional testing (was missed in 0.4.5)
- Added missing files to enable client side cvars
- Fixed Thor A buy menu entry
- possible fixes for Huit and Morrigu crashing
- fixed debugging dlls causing crashes


Release date: 31 January 2011
Standalone: No


- Lowered Light Kinetic, Kinetic and Energy multipliers for Hawkmoth chassis
- Lowered aerospace and VTOL detection radius for Hellgiver turret from 800m to 700m

Bug fixes

- cvars v_invertAeroPitch/Roll/YawControl and v_invertoVTOLPitch/Roll/YawControl now modifiable
- Vehicle aiming: fixed turret rotation getting stuck until backed off
- Corrected Buy Menu descriptions for several variants to match actual implemented equipment
- Fixed Hawkmoth C3 implementation
- Morrigu handling improved, reduced slip

Other changes

- Vehicle aiming: stripped away most of the inertia and ‘mouse queue’
- Vehicle aiming: now affected by cl_sensitivity (the mouse slider in options)
- Vehicle aiming: additional cvar cl_turretsensitivity
- Added Partisan “D” and “E” variants for conditional testing
- Better debugging facilities


Release date: 26 January 2011
Standalone: No

The Auto Updater will reset your Actionmaps when installing this update.
This is required to activate the new bindings for vehicle controls.
- changed allocation of armour for Hollander to improve Right Torso durability
- reallocated the armour distribution for tanks to remove a small amount from the turret
- decreased armour factor for tanks by 6.7%
- heavy laser balance set: increased cost by 5%, decreased damage by 5%, increased heat-per-shot by 7%
- TSA_Palisades AMS turrets added in IS and Clan bases
- TC_DeathValley AA turrets added into capture bases
- TC_ThunderRift extra turrets added into capturable bases, starting base turrets overhauled and tuned
- Changed variants of: Loki, Madcat, Thor, Shadowcat, MKII, Cougar, Shiva
- All mountable weapon damage Reduced by 6.7%, Damage dropoffs changed significantly.
Bug fixes
- Mech braking while holding (w) or (S) affected heat and acceleration
- TSA_Frostbite calliope turrets fixed and working
- TSA_ThunderRift map fixed and working
- TC_ThunderRift numerous stuck spots fixed
- TSA_Palisades numerous stuck spots fixed
- TC_DeathValley base capture areas no longer extend beyond base walls, plus numerous other fixes
- TC_Marshes fixed numerous user reported bugs
- TC_Kagoshima fixed numerous user reported bugs
- All Maps have had repair bay entites tweaked to help with getting stuck
- fixed various models that were missing from some maps
- Fixed Harsser and Hephaestus so they can't push heavy tanks around so much
Other changes
- Points from kills are now awarded based on damage dealt
- made Mech turning less lumbering; some other adjustments
- Mechs: using brake and then throttling in opposite direction will brake to zero before accelerating
Known Issues
- some ladders on some maps will not function correctly
- some Tanks may get stuck on repair bays under certain circumstances
- single bay mech hangers will allow build when occupied
- single bay mech hangers will allow repair under certain circumstances


Release date: 02 January 2011
Standalone: No

Bug Fixes:
- fixed: crash in synchronized storage
- fixed: race condition in debug dll


Release date: 31 December 2010
Standalone: No


- pricing for the RAC2/RAC5 was increased to reflect its usefulness

Bug Fixes

- fixed: crash due to overheat damage
- fixed: crash on connect
- fixed: joystick handler looking for the joystick.cfg in the wrong place when using Wars
- buy menu icon for Thor not displaying correctly


Release date: 29 December 2010
Standalone: No

Bug Fixes

- fixed the issue with a corrupted Sounds.pak


Release date: 29 December 2010
Standalone: Yes


- AC10/20s no longer overheat while shooting
- (U)AC10/20, LBX10/20, RAC5: now have increased damage at shorter range
- reduced the explosive force of SRMs and SSRMs. (less explosive knockaround)
- decreased heat produced by (U)AC10/20
- new pricing schema for 'Mechs, vehicles and weapons
- mPPC is now a dedicated Battle Armour weapon and cannot be take into/purchased in vehicles
- repairing 'Mechs now takes longer and is more expensive
- repairing Aerospace now takes much longer and is more expensive
- repairing tracked and hover vehicles is less expensive
- aerospace now have a specific engine component vulnerability
- killing BA now rewards the player depending on the rank of the enemy and equipment carried
- minimum possible revive time is now 30 seconds. As this is a group spawn timer the average respawn time will be 15 seconds
- double heatsinks now cost double the amount and have been given to selected Inner Sphere Mech variants
- added support for seeing enemy NARC beacons with C3. Team can now remove NARC beacons with EMP damage (PPC or critical explosion)

Bug Fixes

- fixed : Bug which could be exploited to load unlimited amounts of ammo into a Mech or vehicle
- fixed : Stuck MASC on shutdown
- fixed : Grenade switching locking keys and firing primary weapon
- fixed : ASF boost not turning off when shutting down
- fixed : Team colors not being displayed when spectating
- fixed : Bug in Test of Strength which caused C-Bills to be reset on server restart
- fixed : Base turrets not working on Mirage
- fixed : Revive timer not disappearing sometimes
- fixed : Bug which caused a crash when buying BA weapons
- complete replacement of Novacat leg rig and animations, fixes common Novacat crashes (bounding box crash)
- attempted to fix aiming being tied to framerate
- refactored explosion handling to improve server performance
- improved 'Mech control, for example throttle is not reset to 0 after a fall
- improved Flamer heat-imparted serialisation to moving targets
- refactored repair mechanism for better server performance
- added solids to 8-bay hanger to address the fall through hangar bugs
- removed unintended Flash traces to console
- added missing buy menu icons for Mechs and Tanks (Osiris, Novacat, Long Tom, etc.)
- various console error spam issues resolved
- fixed lasers shooting through objects and terrain if target is visible for the recutile

New Features

- initial release of dual-platform support for Crysis and Crysis Wars
- cheat protection enabled serverside
- new game mode : Terrain Control
- enabled Beta DLL logging and provided facility to upload crashlogs 
- added server command : sv_say_center
- new Weapons : X-Pulse Lasers (Inner Sphere)
- new Weapons : Heavy Beam Lasers (Clan)
- new Weapon : ATM (Advanced Tactical Missile) (Clan)
- added gameplay hints display during map loading process
- league mode cvars to alter certain gameplay aspects (see League Mode documentation)
- league API for additional League Server Setup support
- league mode HUD notification message
- turret AI now has different detection distances for BA/Mech/Aero/Tank etc.
- modified screen overlay indicators for targets and bases
- Battle Armour now loses HUD upon EMP damage
- IS has now its own rank names in TSA
- enhanced sv_is_vs_clan CVar: 0 = all assets, 1 = IS vs. Clan, 2 = IS vs. IS, 3 = Clan vs. Clan
- new firebomb particle and sound, increased visual/audible range
- Hit indicator sound now plays for gauss weapons too

New Content

- new variants for Mechs and vehicles
- new Battle Armour HUD
- new Map : TSA_Palisades
- new Map : TC_DeathValley
- new Map : TC_Kagoshima
- TC version of Thunder Rift
- TC version of Marshes
- TC version of Mirage
- new sounds for RAC2 and RAC5
- new turrets: Sentinel and Hellgiver
- single repair bay for field use
- single bay 'Mech hanger for field use
- new destructible tree models
- new Clan light hovercraft : Hephaestus
- new Clan assault tank : Morrigu
- new Clan heavy 'Mech : Thor
- new MRM sound
- new icons for weapons and ammunition
- 'Mech reactor sounds are now dynamic with speed
- Betty audio notification system for TC game mode


- particle effects support variable performance settings (from Crysis presets)
- cleanup and optimization of all sounds, numerous sound channels saved in heavy fights
- optimization of buy menu

Other Changes

- Solaris Arena has been renamed to Team Solaris Arena
- doubled spectator zoom distance (when rotating around a mech)

External Tools

- numerous reliability, performance improvements, and bug fixes. All known issues with the Beta Launcher or the Auto Updater have been addressed

Auto Updater

- added new functionality to allow release of updates for the external tools (Launcher, Auto Updater, etc.) only. Allows fo rapid hot-fix deployment
- with the above change, versioning of these applications are now detached from that of the MWLL codebase; with MWLL 0.4.0 comes the 0.8 series
- Auto Updater can now download and install full MWLL builds in addition to updates. All future deployments are intended to be distributed via the Auto Updater
- The application now can be minimized to the system tray, where it will keep providing information about the update status

Beta Launcher

- Added option to enable/disable automatic check for updates.
- Now capable of verifying and repairing potentially corrupted game builds (missing/altered/corrupted files). This feature still has a few limitations, but should be able to fix most of the game file corruption issues

Known issues

- Grenades get stuck on Inferno upon buying NARC after spawn from APC and trying to switch them. Selected Inferno cannot be thrown nor changed
- Terrain Control: Cbills are not returned when construction is canceled due to base being captured by enemy
- Firing SSRMs from Aerospace may cause it to jump unintentionally
- New hovercrafts are missing 'blast' effect (blow from below it)
- Aerospace may not crash under water
- Shiva might get stuck in hangar while parking it for repairs
- Spectators can destroy fences


Release date: 12 July 2010
Standalone: No


- increased minimal falling height to 3.0m
- +8% damage for kinetic weapons against aeros
- increased flight speed of ppcs and AC2/AC5
- decreased fire bomb damage by 8%

Bug Fixes

- fixed bug which caused server crash
- fixed Team Tickets display
- fixed weapon reload HUD indicator
- fixed invisible grid locations on maps with bright minimap
- fixed Elemental health Flash error
- fixed spectator overlay
- fixed unnecessary trace commands
- fixed lockon tone for vehicles despite no SRM/LRM present
- increased time after a mech is sold to prevent teleport bug
- fixed bug which caused billing of the original owner when repairing a stolen mech
- fixed Test of Strength not changing map after round end
- fixed phantom MASC
- fixed rank not being restored after reconnect to a server
- optimized particle effects for better performance during heavy firefights

New Features
- added artificial horizon for VTOLs / Aerospace
- new color in reload indicator when a weapon is empty


Release date: 23 June 2010
Standalone: No

- resolved scoring and ranking issues due to order-of-magnitude changes
- damage rewards increased per unit damage
- resolved flashing/intermittent HUD indicators for MISSILE, NARC, TAG
- revamped HUD indicators for ECM, Active Probes, LAMS and C3 to fit with existing aesthetic
- C3 rewards are now appropriate
- BA myomer sound decreased by 2dB
- hit feedback sound increased by 10x
- change Betty destroyed notification weightings to favour "DESTROYED" more, improved intelligibility
- resolved client-side entity spawn crash
- Added window title information including the actionmaps name currently being viewed/edited, along with tags for if its been modified or is active
- Added Next/Prev Weapons group actions to Vehicle tab
- Added "Deploy" action to tank tab (used for Long Tom)
- Added "Sell Vehicle" action to Vehicle tab
- Added digital roll left/right actions for VTOL and Aero tabs
- Added additional "XI" axis to Mech/Tank/VTOL/Aero tabs
- Added "New Actionmaps" and "Set Active" buttons to top of screen for better new user visibility
- Added "Left or Right" selection dialog when Shift, Control, or Alt keys are pressed since detection library can't determine by itself
- Added helpful text when clicking on an action marked with "?" to let user know they need to create a New Actionmaps to map it
- Restructured VTOL and Aerospace tab actions
- Fixed using "Set Active" on unsaved actionmaps could lead to unsaved changes not getting saved
- Fixed Player tab "Jump"/"Jump Jet" rebinding since Player BA needs both set to same key
- Fixed issue with "XI Fire" actions by showing them in the Vehicle tab in case of conflicts
- fixed numerous crashes
- the profiles backup/restore can no longer result in data loss or data corruption: upon error, the original state of the folder will be restored
Exploit fixes
- fix for buying vehicle, suiciding, boarding vehicle and reselling, 2 minute "sell vehicle" cooldown timer, timer is bound to vehicle not player
- improved server-side logging feature for debug
- SA_Frostbite, particle performance improved, night "blizzard" effect
- SA_Frostbite now supports Test of Strength mode
- SA_Marshes, particle performance improved, ToD issues
- SA_Mirage, night/day cycle improved
- BA Micro Beam Laser, decreased damage and increased refire interval (5.5 seconds)
- buy menu now prevents purchase of BA Micro Beam Laser in vehicles
- BA AC2 weapon damage adjusted, no longer one-shot kill, damage to vehicles is appropriate
- AC10/AC20 damage increased
- variant change for MadCat B, removed LAMS, added 2x DHS, no longer causes global warming


Release date: 12 June 2010
Standalone: Yes

- Almost every weapon has been rebalanced using the new internal balacing tools.
- Armor across all vehicles has been rebalanced as well.
- All vehicle variants adjusted to match perfectly to improved tonnage rules. Be warned these are not CBT, but are now strictly adhered to.
- Prices on weapons tweaked, more to come later.
- AC10's and AC20's are now automatic firing weapons.
- Ultra AC's now have a significant jam penalty when overheated.
- All tank's have had the their movement params tweaked.
- AMS now only focuses on 1 salvo of missiles at a time.
- AC10's and AC20's now explode after a certain range
- Increased repair costs.
- Increased maximum flight ceiling of aerospace to 1500m.
- Damage has been tweaked across the board to increase average combat time.
- Reduced order of magnitude on scores.
- Slightly reduced C-Bill accrual rate.
- Cockpit now shakes significantly when jump jetting in a Mech.
- BA view screen shakes slightly when jump jetting.
- Gauss projectile speeds increased.
- PPC projectile speeds slightly decreased.
- AC2/AC5 ranges slightly decreased, now inccur linear damage drop off after stated max range.
- AC10/AC20 inccur damage drop off after stated max range.
- Hawkmoth B reconfigured to hunter killer loadout.
- More than we could possibly listed here.

Bug Fixes
- Fixes for most Light Mech leg animations.
- Fixed out of combat area ceiling height on Inferno.
- If buying ammo for a partially empty weapon the player is only billed for the missing rounds (partial tons).
- AMS is now repairable.
- Aerospace manuverability is no longer frame dependent.
- Fixed vehicle heat damage behaviour.
- Fixed ejector seat not disabling after use for owner of the vehicle.
- Improved joystick support.
- Buying at an APC now also works when connecting to the server after the APC was spawned.
- Hovercrafts now have functioning boost with no overheat effect.
- AMS now stays on one Arrow IV if multiple missile instances are inbound.
- Fixed Mech landing sounds sometimes not playing.
- Fixed destructible trees demanding too much performance.
- Fixed pilot positions in a few mechs.
- C-Bill transfer dialogue and controls do not change weapon group assignments.
- Fixed Test of Strength prices.
- Fixed bug in BA jumpjet effect that caused a CDT.
- Fixed bug which caused weapon reloading not to be correctly displayed on the client.
- Improved Novacat leg animation & performance, *not final version.
- Fixed extra ton of ammo exploit.
- Bomb sight is now more accurate, lateral momentum still not accounted for.
- Fixed bug which caused a VTOL/aerospace to be stuck in hangar structure after spawn.
- Fixed a bug which caused the Harrasser to be stuck in water sometimes.
- Fixed bug which caused damage not to be transfered from the backtorso to torso when backtorso was destroyed.
- Fixed text on HUD grenade indicators and in Buy menus.
- Fix for NARC beacon not being removed after destorying a target.
- Fixed jumpjet percentage indicator.
- Players are not longer able to enter enemy APCs.
- Fixed BA drowning to death after 2 minutes.
- Wire guided weapons such as MRMs actually travel where they say they do now. Still affected by TAG & NARC.
- More than we could possibly listed here.

New Features
- Changed behaviour of ammo quick buy key.
  1. Buy ammo for all empty / partially empty weapons
  2. If there is only one weapon that needs ammo, that ammo has purchase priority.
  3. If there are multiple weapons that need ammo, buy ammo for that weapon selected in the firegroup manager.
- Added possibility to limit player / team respawns with Tickets in Solaris Arena and Test of Strength modes.
- Added HUD display for player / team tickets (if team tickets are inactive the ticket display is used for regular team score).
- Added server variable so that limits teams to IS and Clan assets only (aka "IS vs Clan" mode).
- C-Bill transfer disabled during combat (damage taken), 2 minutes after suicides and reconnections.
- APC owners are now rewarded with 5000 C-Bills for every BA that spawns at their APC.
- ECM and passive radar now increase lock time for missiles (passive and ECM delay effects will stack)
- Added three state radar detection:
  1. First state (between 60% and 100% with no line of sight): You only have a blip indicating a valid target and distance.
  2. Second state (less than 60% radar range while active with no line of sight): You gain knowledge of the target's class.
  3. Third State (less than 80% radar range with line of sight): You have all available information.
- Radar information is cached (but not updated) if you go out of range while targeting.
- Cached target data will show as "Outdated".
- Refactored LUA/HUD code to allow for easy implementation of new game modes.
- C3 broadcasters now receive money for transmitting new targeting information to team mates.
- Now possible to sell vehicles back at the Mech bay / aerospace hangar / VTOL pad, aero hangar. Default key 'J' while still in vehicle.
- When first repairing and then selling your mech you only get the C-Bills for the value of the Mech prior to repairing as it would otherwise be an exploit otherwise.
- Added posibility to limit buy options for a factory (not currently implemented).
- You can now repair aerospace on the runway.
- Betty events are now queued and no longer overlap each other.
- Non-destroyed Mechs without pilot now stay a lot longer on the battlefield.
- Improved landing performance for aerospace units with a "flatten glide path" feature, default key is 'L-CTRL'.
- When crouching, Mechs gain a higher pitch elevation limit to aim at airborn units. Four Mechs receive a base additional elevation bonus and are AA mechs.
- The firegroup manager now remembers the firgroup assignments depending on vehicle and variant. No need to reset them all the time anymore.
- Added crouch, shutdown, AMS, overheat, deploy and C3 indicators to Mech HUD.
- Changed night vision shader with custom configuration.
- Long Tom has now to be deployed before it is able to shoot. Deployed via 'L-CTRL' as default.
- When buying a second BA weapon and the BA small beam laser is still in the inventory, the BA small beam laser is automatically dropped.
- New chat system & killog font.
- New Spectator HUD overlay.
- New damage display icon for tanks,VTOLs and aerospace.
- Internal structure for the Uziel.
- New HUD indicator when overheating.
- Radar ranges and active / passive / GECM state is now shown for friendly units on the overview map as ring indicator.
- Legend on overview map to distinguish all the new symbols.
- Streak SRMs now have more unique firing pattern.
- Heat warnings in HUD overlay.
- Numerous other small features you may or may not notice.

New Content
- Uziel IS 50-ton Medium Mech added.
- Loki CL 65-ton Heavy Mech added.
- Aerospace IS Sparrowhawk added.
- Added AMS turrets for bases. These are neutral and will fire and enemy and friendly shells/missiles.
- Added sounds and effects to Long Tom tank and Long Tom shells.
- Added a library of betty sound warnings.
- Completely reworked SA_Frostbite map layout.
- Reworked SA_Extremity map with new assets and improved terrain layout.
- Tweaks to SA_Sandblasted map.
- Tweaks to SA_Marshes map time of day, added AMS/anti-LT turrets.
- Tweaks to SA_Clearcut map, trees should perform better than 0.2.0.
- New map SA_Mirage map.
- New map SA_ThunderRift map.
- Added Actionmapper input/controls utility accessible from new beta launcher.
- New Beta launcher, providing GUI for server configuration (including level rotation), giving you more advanced options for launching (32/64 Bit, force DirectX 9) and allowing for quick access to various configuration tools (Joystick.exe, Actionmapper).
- New Beta launcher has support for embedded update (future use).
- Added new BA footstep sounds.
- Added new BA gear sound (myomer approximation).
- Added limited library of impact sounds for weapons fire.
- New Long Tom tank model.
- New Long Tom deployment/undeploy animation.
- New Flamer effect.
- Updated PPC effect.
- New laser impact effect particle.
- Added missile models to most missile types.
- New BA weapon Micro Heavy Laser.
- New loading screens for all maps.
- New D/E variants for Shiva and Harasser.
- New sounds effects for certain weapons like the Gauss and UAC lines.
- Extensive Betty audio notification library added
- Betty target status announcements added
- Betty game state announcements added

- Optimized bandwith usage of Mech legs.
- Basic bandwidth improvements over 0.2.0
- Improved particle effect performance for many effects.
- Improved sound channel performance for several sounds.

Known issues:
- Inverting the joyaxis_y on vehicles does not work.
- Implemented impact sound library is only valid for LOD0 detail (only plays out to about 20m) but is sufficient for first person damage impactor notification.
- Impact libary will not play for impacts to Mech legs, tanks, aerospace or VTOLs, will be fixed in a later version.


Release date: 25 February 2010
Standalone: Yes

- Can now use cbill transfer manager while inside a vehicle
- Reduced NARC lock on range from 1000m to 800m.
- Owens now has C3 on all variants.
- Owens now have MASC on B and C variants.
- Warhammer speed has been increased slightly.
- Increased refire rate on SRMs.
- Increased refire rate on StreakSRMs.
- Increased LBX5/10 damage.
- Increased price of most ammo types.
- Decreased MASC speed increase from 50% to 40%.
- Tweaked control performance of all aerospace.
- Greatly increased AC/RAC damage against BA and aerospace.
- Slightly increased spread on RAC2/5s.
- Increased RAC overheat time.
- Rebalanced Rank salaries including starting salary.
- Rebalanced accleration factors on mechs.
- Increased height threshold for applying fall animations on mechs.
- Firebomb and TBolt reload times greatly increased.
- Decreased gauss damage agaisnt aerospace, to prevent guarenteed one shot kills.
- Increased damage and heat of Clan ERPPC.
- Increased speed on both Sulla and Shiva.
- Updated Warhammer configurations.
- Updated Puma configuration.
- Updated Hawkmoth configurations.
- Updated Shiva C configuration.

Bug Fixes
- Stumps on destructible trees are now destructible.
- BA flamer now functions correctly.
- LRM/Streak offsets are now applied when unlocked or guided by tag/narc.
- Reticule targeting now reliable.
- Calliope turrets now properly fire all visual effects on remote clients.
- Fixed multiple ammo reload bugs.
- Laser orientation on remote clients fixed. Vehicle TAG laser now works as intended.
- Tracers orientation on remote clients fixed.
- Missle trails now align to physics direction correctly.
- Fixed ghost MASC sounds on cougar.
- LRMs now adjust descend distance based on height to target.
- Ejector seat is now one shot for both original owner and thieves.
- Mechs do not instantly stop on ejection anymore.
- Joystick x-axis now properly supported.
- Joystick sliders now properly supported.
- Joystick POV switches now properly supported.
- Joystick throttle on mechs now behaves sanely.
- New joystick commands for each axis 'raw' and 'invraw' to send joystick commands without sensitivity.
- When using a joystick, game writes Joystick.cfg file to active profile.
- New min and max variables per joystick axis that allow users to map custom ranges into -1.0 to 1.0 range.
- Fixed corruption of vehicle hud when hitting ESC to go to the main menu.

New Features
- Cheat protection system added.
- Current release uses new installer.
- Prices on all vehicles are now calculated based on chasis, equipment, weapons, and armor.
- C3 computers will now chain together to give even more range.
- Main menu now displays mod version.
- Directional indicator on hud for nearest tag/narc.
- Terrain intelligent bomb sight.
- LongTom projection system.
- Improvements to aerospace controls to allow both percision and speed.
- Rank/Score/Income now scales with how many players are on the server.
- Manpack PPC now has some serious kick to it.
- Lock on cone reduced.
- Lock on timer added which allows you to break line of sight for a short period of time.
- Friendly NARCs and TAGs now show up on the radar/map.
- Added command invertMousePitch to invert pitch on aerospace in game.
- Added analog control of leg turning for relevant devices.
- Added more formal support for gamepads like the xbox360 controller.
- Default actionmap includes mapped functionos for gamepads.
- VTOL booster now angled to move player forward in most situations.

New Content
- Added Osiris to Inner Sphere mechs.
- Added Novacat to Clan mechs.
- Added Thanatos to Inner Sphere mechs.
- Added APC.
- Added Longtom to Innersphere tanks.
- Added MRM20, MRM30, MRM40 missile launchers.
- Added laser based anti-missle system.
- Added Frostbite map.
- Updated Extremity.
- Updated Clearcut.
- Updated Inferno.
- Updated Sandblasted.
- New RAC5 sound.
- New RAC2 sound.
- New sounds for Sulla.
- New nuke particle effect.

- Performance optimizations on desturctible trees.
- Optimized server performance on laser guided missiles.
- Optimized server performance on explosions.
- Optimized server performance on vehicle flamers.
- Optimized RAC sound channel usage.
- Optimized LBL sound channel usage.
- Various map optimizations.

Known Issues:
 - Inferno currently has a misplaced killzone at 500 m height which kills VTOL pilots.


Release date: 16 January 2010
Standalone: No


- Damage drop off added to Heavy Gauss after 300m.
- Increased damage of all Gauss (except Heavy Gauss).
- Increased Gauss and Clan Gauss ammo per ton from 8 to 12.
- Increased LRM ammo per ton from 120 to 240.
- Decreased SRM ammo per ton from 240 to 120. Increased radius of splash damage.
- Decreased NARC ammo per ton from 6 to 4.
- NARCs no longer emit a signal if they attach to the ground.
- Decreased Medium and Large Pulse Lasers damage.
- Increased damage of all Beam Lasers. Lowered heat of ERLBL.
- Decreased Clan ERPPC heat and increased PPC heat. Increased heat transferred to targets for all PPCs.
- Decreased heat transferred to targets by Flamers.
- Increased RAC2 and RAC5 Damage.
- Increased accuracy of AC2 and AC5. Increased damage to light armor (Battle Armor, hovercraft, VTOL, aerospace). Decreased damage to heavy armor.
- Decreased turn rate of Arrow IV.
- Decreased Battle Armor health regen when moving (from 40 seconds for full health to 60 seconds).
- Decreased Battle Armor health from 150 health to 125 health.
- Inferno charges now add heat to vehicles they detonate on.
- A mech's back torso can now be repaired once destroyed.
- Improved Harasser drivability.
- Changed Harasser C weapon loadout.
- Slightly decreased Partisan armor.
- Decreased Huitzilopochtli heat efficiency and increased price.
- Increased price of Sulla B.
- Increased price of Shiva C.
- Increased MASC speed boost amount.
- Increased mech turn rate.
- Increased Owens and Uller top speed.
- Increased price of Hollander II. Changed weapon loadouts of Hollander II B and C.
- Changed weapon loadout of the Vulture B.
- Changed weapon loadouts and improved heat efficiency of MadCat A, B, and C.
- Changed weapon loadouts of Mauler A and C. Improved heat efficiency of Mauler A, B, and C.
- Changed weapon loadout of MadCat MKII B.
- Changed weapon loadouts of Atlas A, B, and C
- Increased point requirements for every rank.
- Increased CBill rewards for damage.
- Increased rewards for killing Battle Armor.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed several crashes.
- Fixed bug where NARC and TAG gave extremely large rewards.
- Fixed bug where your rank and cbills were not saved after reconnecting.
- Fixed bug that allowed tanks to greatly increase their speed.
- Fixed being able to fire some weapons while shutdown.
- Fixed LBX being able to reload a shot higher than max.
- Fixed bug where shooting pulse lasers into the sky would cause much higher heat than normal.
- Fixed bug where pulse lasers could shoot multiple bursts at a time.
- Missiles no longer explode on contact with water.
- Mechs no longer play their fall animation for short falls.
- Fixed turrets firing randomly after firing once.
- Aerospace can now buy SRM ammo.
- Mechs no longer shutdown after the pilots ejects.
- Brake now works on vehicles with ramping throttle.
- Fixed some of the arm parts on the Shadowcat not falling off.
- Fixed bug where a mech's shutdown sound would loop.
- Fixed PPC third person effect.
- Fixed player name display in the target box.
- Fixed TAG graphic display at certain distances.
- Ammo display now hides empty ammo types.
- Fixed ammo count displays in buy menu.
- Removed some of the console debug messages.

New Features
- Aerospace equipped with fire bombs now have a bomb sight to assist in aiming.
- Added Aerospace altimeter.
- Added new C3 equipment, which allows a mech to upload their radar data to friendlies within a certain radius. Available on the Raven and Cougar.
- New radar icons for turrets and Battle Armor.
- Friendlies and detected radar entities are displayed on the overview minimap.
- Added a random chance for parts to blow off when a mech or vehicle explodes.
- Kills, deaths, and score are now tracked if you disconnect and reconnect during the same game.

- Reduced server network and cpu usage, especially during large fights.
- Heavily optimized usage of sound channels.

Beta Hotfix 1

Release date: 29 December 2009
Standalone: No

* various crash fixes
* improved network performance

Beta 1.0

Release date: 27 December 2009
Standalone: Yes