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Map making is a complex topic. Numerous artists send work hours down the so called "pipeline" to produce an actual map. To make the topic easier to understand it is good to familiarize with the tools needed before actual hard work is being done.

Here we will cover:

  • release guidelines
  • terminology
  • tools and operations
  • endorsed art and alien art
  • setup and usage

For streamlined deployment of any new created map, following guidelines are to be obeyed:

Release guidelines

Map Release Guidelines


The CryEngine itself has become an branch of the gaming industry and sort of an milestone. There are some common names for things we encounter and deal with therein. In the Level_Design_Terminology section we list the basics.

Endorsed Art

Endorsed art, or, assets that exist in the game already. Optimized, tested and familiar objects that work. Compact map download size. Least overtime to map completion. There are many reasons to opt for endorsed art only in an map/level.

Moreover, experienced mappers are already familiar with the quite extensive library of assets in the sandbox2 editor and didn't even had the chance to try all out, let alone dry the ideas of whats possible and at hand.

Endorsed Art

1. Tools

2. Setup

3. Art Creation

Alien Art

By the sole nature of this mod, it depends of an certain pool of assets that share little in common with the original game.

Inherent to the way of the development of this mod, some of the key assets may still be missing. On some it is being worked on already, others are yet to receive an artist, maybe just You?

Here we will deal with importing assets that are not already in the Game and the Sandbox2 editor. Those that are Alien to the installed files

Alien Art

1. Tools

2. Setting up the system

3. Test Flight

4. Tutorials