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As most online communities do, Mechwarrior Living Legends players have their own slang terms. Here you'll find most common phrases and explanation of their meanings. Most of them are used in game, but also most commonly used forum or Discord phrases can be found here as well.

Generic Slang

  • AA - Anti-air, typically a vehicle like the Partisan or Huit
  • ASF / Aero - Aerospace, aka. futuristic airplane
  • BA - Battle Armor, usually used to identify Battle Armors jumping or "flying" around being a distraction. Some mechs are terrible at killing BA and need support (ex. HGauss Hollander II)
  • Brawler - a type of weapon loadout for any mech that includes mostly close range weapons like LBX20,AC20,SSRM6,MPL,MBL, or a player who specializes in close range battles.
  • Boating/Boat - Battletech slang for an asset that carries a specific variety of weapons. How specific that variety is depends on the asset; For example, you can have an Energy Boat like the Puma C or D, or an LRM boat like the Vulture C.
  • BT / BTU - BattleTech / BattleTech Universe - universe on which all Mechwarrior games were based, and so is the MWLL
  • Capping - shorthand for 'capturing', relevant for Terrain Control matches and often used when people are doing anything but.
  • CBT - Classic BattleTech - tabletop game set in the BattleTech Universe
  • Cored - A Mech that has had its Center Torso fatally wounded. Usually a reference to destruction of the Center Torso indirectly through the Side Torsos, or Back Torso.
  • Credits - Cbills
  • Critical/Crit - Mech going critical - a Mech that is going to end its life creating a nuclear explosion. Usually is announced by a bright glow from the Mech's body beforehand
  • CT, LT, RT, BT - Center Torso, Left Torso, Right Torso, Back torso, respectively. Refers to torso sections of a mech.
  • ctc - Abbreviation for "contact." Used by players to indicate they have detected an enemy contact on their radar.
  • Donut - like being Cored, except with the rest of the Mech almost completely untouched.
  • Flanking / Flanker - player trying to go undetected on side of enemy team main forces or get behind it in order to snipe the Back Armor.
  • FTW - For The Win/Winner
  • Good NARC - a NARC has landed on an enemy, you are free to fire missiles towards the enemy (even if you can't see the NARC beacon on your radar)
  • HELP!! - a poorly defined request for support, one should identify the sector they need support. Additionally one could include the threat type (BA/Brawler/LRM/Poptart/Heavy)
  • Jump Sniper = poptarter
  • k - common multiplayer short for thousand, nearly always used for saying amount of money, eg: 1k = 1000 Cbills, 254k = 254 000 Cbills. Sometimes used as a shortcut for OK.
  • K/D - Kills to Deaths ratio - an amount of kills compared to deaths. Mostly displayed as eg. 5/2 or 4/6, sometimes also as 2.5 or 0.66
  • Legging - the act of shooting another 'Mech's leg off. Almost always done on purpose to irritate or mock another player.
  • LRM camper - player shooting missiles from great distance, mostly stationary, acting like missile turret. See: LRM Camping
  • LT - Longtom, usually to identify that an enemy Long Tom is firing shells. A warning to encourage teammates to be unpredictable with their movement. Also as a request for someone to identify the location of the Long Tom for destruction.
  • Newbie - a player who starts to learn, beginner. Unlike noob this is a positive description, a person who wants to learn
  • Noob - a player who, despite of playing game for a long time, still behaves as its his first day in-game. Doesn't know anything about game mechanics, or thinks that he knows everything while his knowledge is very sparse. Noobs tend to shout and demand ridiculous things from other players; local specialty is asking for money in an amazingly impolite way or shooting players from their own team. If you've been called n00b: STFU and prove them you are a good player.
  • Passive - enemy moving on Passive Radar, won't appear on your Radar till up close. Eg. Passive Vulture
  • Peeper or Peepee - Generally refers to a PPC or ERPPC
  • Poptarter - player jumping from be behind the cover to fire at the opponent. See: Poptarting
  • Pubbing - playing on public servers (by members of a Clan or Unit)
  • Ramming - Kamikaze tactic, flying your unit into an enemy, crashing into him. Generally considered as attempt to exploit the game.
  • RTB - Returning to base, usually for repairs or reloads
  • SA - Solaris Arena
  • Salt - refers to being upset or "salty" about something, usually a change or action by another player
  • Sniping - shooting at the enemy from long range with direct fire weapons, most commonly: (Gauss or (ER)PPC
  • Spares - Indicates that a player is asking for donations - i.e. spare CBills
  • ToS - Test of Strength
  • TC - Terrain Control
  • TK / TKer / TKing - short for teamkill/teamkiller/teamkilling respectively, heavily frowned upon and can be a bannable offense
  • TSA - Team Solaris Arena

Asset Slang Names

  • Arrowpult- A reference to the Catapult C, which mounts ArrowIVs as its only weapon
  • Blasp - A shortened name for the Blood Asp Clan Assault mech
  • Bushy - A contraction of the Bushwacker's name.
  • Bonar - A perversion of the Clan Donar's name.
  • Chevy - Common nickname for the Inner Sphere scout tank, the Chevalier. Sometimes paired with a model name from the car company, Chevy, Ex. Chevy Silverado.
  • Cockmoth - A perversion of the Hawkmoth Inner Sphere VTOL's name, often used to describe one that is being incredibly annoying.
  • Demo - The Demolisher main battle tank of the Inner Sphere
  • Faffy - An affectionate nickname for the Fafnir Inner Sphere assault mech
  • Fatnir - Another Fafnir nickname, most often directed at the old Light Gauss boat.
  • Fatlas - A derogatory Atlas nickname.
  • Fastnir - Yet another nickname, directed at the Fafnir F, which has MASC.
  • RACnir - An old nickname for the former Fafnir G, which boated 4 RAC5s.
  • Hepatitis - Old, often derogatory nickname for the Hephaestus Clan Hovercraft
  • Hurasser - Affectionate derogatory nickname for the IS Harasser, often a reference to a pilot driving a Harasser in a stupid or self-destructive manner
  • Lanner or Blanner - Black Lanner, most annoying AA and rush mech ever
  • LT - Abbreviation for either the Mobile Long Tom artillery asset, or the Long Tom artillery weapon itself
  • Partyvan - Either an affectionate or accusatory name for the Partisan, an IS support tank
  • Pony or Pwny - Nickname for the Epona Clan hovercraft
  • Roflman - Affectionate name for the Inner Sphere Heavy mech
  • Scat - Awesomest Clan medium in existence, the Shadowcat. Pronounced S-Cat.
  • Solly - refers to the Solitaire light mech.
  • Shawk - An occasionally used nickname for the Inner Sphere scout plane, the Sparrowhawk
  • Thanny - Nickname for the Thanatos, an Inner Sphere heavy mech.
  • Ullie - Rare nickname for the Uller Clan light mech
  • Urbie - UrbanMech, cutest Mech you've ever seen. Not an asset in MWLL.
  • Visi - abbreviation of the Visigoth
  • Whammy - Nickname for the Warhammer, an Inner Sphere heavy mech

Weapon Slang Names

  • LT - Abbreviation for the Long Tom artillery piece/cannon, usually used as a precursor to the word 'shell', to denote an incoming artillery shell
  • Megagun(s) - Slang for Machine guns. Usually used as either high praise for machineguns, or sarcastically.
  • Lurm - Common derogatory nickname for LRMs and ELRMs
  • Trollrm - Rare derogatory nickname for LRMs and ELRMs