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The new MWLL Launcher that was introduced with update 0.9.0 is an all-in-one launcher/updater/configuration tool for MechWarrior: Living Legends. It will allow the developers to push updates to the community to faster, and ease the installation process for new installations.

The Launcher

The launcher is broken up into a few major parts:


1. The Top Bar

The top bar of the launcher hosts all the links to the MWLL community, including:

  • The game page for MWLL on Twitch.
  • The r/MWLL subreddit.
  • A permanent link to the MWLL Discord.
  • The MWLL Facebook page.
  • The game page for MWLL on Youtube.
  • A link to this Wiki.
  • A link to the Troubleshooting Guide on this Wiki.

2. Editor Mode Button

When in Editor Mode, the Launcher will launch the Sandbox 2 Editor.

3. Game Mode Button

When in Game Mode, the Launcher will update, verify, and launch MechWarrior: Living Legends. The Launcher starts in this mode by default.

4. Server Mode Button

When in Server Mode, the Launcher will allow you to host a server and edit its settings in the server settings menu.

5. Profile Configuration

The Profile Configuration box allows you to configure your profile and set up new ones. A new profile can be generated by entering a name in the text box. Old profiles are not deleted and can be switched to by entering the old profile name in the box. When creating or switching to a new profile, the Main Button changes to Save Profile. Deletion of profiles must be done manually by clicking the Open User Data Folder, navigating to the Profiles directory, and deleting the profile.
The Configure Controls button opens the Action Mapper where you can make changes to your control scheme. These controls are saved per user profile.

6. The Main Button

The Main Button or Launch Button is where all the action happens. This button changes its function based on what is happening, or what needs to happen. Its functions include:

  • Verify - The launcher requires that the game files be verified.
  • Update - There is a new version of MWLL.
  • Save Profile - If you have changed your profile name.
  • Launch - The game is fully updated and you can play.

Below the Main Button is the Version Indicator which tells you what version you currently have installed and if there is an update available.

7. Global Configuration

The Global Configuration box allows you to tweak MWLL's launch parameters or clear the shader cache. The default parameters are 64bit mode enabled, DirectX 9 mode enabled, and Debug Mode enabled.

8. The Status Bar

The Status Bar displays the progress of a download or file verification, and displays a text status below depending on the situation.

9. The Refresh Button

The Refresh button will check to see if there is an update available for the Launcher. If there is one, a box will pop up indicating that a new version is available for download.

10. The Tools and Settings Button

The Tools and Settings button brings up the Tools and Settings box. Here you can see the Launcher Version, repair your MWLL install, verify your Crysis Wars install, tell the Launcher to close on game start, and turn on Developer Mode.
Developer mode tells the launcher that you do not want to verify your game files before launch.