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Set Ambient Temp
Name Type Description
AmbientTemperature Float Temperature which will be set on unit
LocalConductivityFactor Float Speed in which temperature will change (affects weapons cooldown
IsLiquid Bool Make this temperature change work only on submerged vehicles if set to true

SetAmbientTemp is the MWLL Flowgraph Node setting temperature (it won't be visible as "ext" (external) in HUD, only cause Core temperature to raise)


  1. Add Area -> Shape
  2. Set it's height to desired level - for Mechs 20 should work well
  3. Add Entity -> Triggers -> AreaTrigger
  4. Select AreaShape, below Target box click "Pick", click on the AreaTrigger
    SetAmbientTemp Example1a.png
  5. Select AreaTrigger, click "Create" Flow Graph
  6. Create flowgraph as follows:
    SetAmbientTemp Example1b.png
    Note: Remember to have flowgraph MultiPlayer Options as ClientOnly (set by default) - otherwise it won't work.