Locust IIC

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Locust IIC
LocustIIC spin.gif
Class: Light Mech
Faction: Clan
Ticket cost: 2 upon destruction
Tier: 3
Tonnage: 25 tons
Speed: 130 km/h (181 km/h with MASC)
Torso yaw: 360°
Torso pitch: -9° to +35° while standing.
-9° to +45° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 35 750 CBills
Total base armor: 29 048
Engine Size: 200 Standard
Price: 33 050 CBills
Total base armor: 29 048
Engine Size: 200 Standard
Price: 31 200 CBills
Total base armor: 25 779
Engine Size: 200 Standard
Price: 33 300 CBills
Total base armor: 25 779
Engine Size: 200 Standard
Price: 34 100 CBills
Total base armor: 25 779
Engine Size: 200 Standard
Price: 32 500 CBills
Total base armor: 25 546
Engine Size: 200 Standard
Price: 33 800 CBills
Total base armor: 29 048
Engine Size: 200 Standard
Price: 36 500 CBills
Total base armor: 25 779
Engine Size: 200 Standard
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.12.2

The Locust IIC is a Clan light mech. While it carries considerably low armor for a light mech, it makes up for this with its high movement speed clocking in at 130 km/h (181 km/h with MASC), 360° Torso yaw to see in any direction and hit-and-run weapons loadouts. A front-line unit making it a excellent anti-infantry BattleMech with capabilities to harass heavier BattleMechs. As all Locusts have standard engines, they tend to survive longer on the battlefield than XL engine mechs when one of their side torsos are cored. Care should be taken piloting this mech from the top of a hill, one of the few occasions where the poor downward torso pitch is noticeable and renders the Locust unable to fire at enemies below it.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The role of a striker mech is to lay down hurt to the enemy while some other friendly unit is taking the damage. Should your damage tanking mate fall victim to it, make sure to implement your escape route with haste while laying down laser fire.
Having said that, let it be known that the Clan Extended Range Small Laser has the damage profile nearly equaling that of the standard medium laser (5:7 damage per hit) we see across the Inner Sphere. This in effect means, the Prime has almost 5 medium lasers worth of pinpoint damage which makes dismembering other light mechs its specialty.
Not bad, right? Now get in the mech and go get'em tiger!
The BAP will provide extra 200m of detection range and the iJJ ease hasty departures behind massive obstacles, should the need for that suddenly arise.

Variant A - "Al-Azif"

Let the thunder of your 6 Heavy Machine Guns strike fear into your opponents while your ATM3 - High Explosive missiles crash into their weakening armor without pause. An exclusive close range and very mobile brawler using its Improved Jump Jets, this high DPS Locust can seriously wreck unaware or occupied enemies. Tanks and hovercrafts are prime targets for the HMGs as they get a healthy damage modifier from its light kinetic rounds. Smart use of its iJJs allows you to hunt down wounded retreating mechs or avoiding an enemy alpha attack that would cripple your light armor. Running into an ongoing battle, aggravating larger mechs and double-backing towards friendly lines while taunting them with HMG and ATMHE fire is a favorite Al-Azif pilot tactic.

Variant B

A long range skirmisher, the wise Locust B pilot will stay far from the front-lines and engage their target at range. Sporting two Clan Long Range Missiles 5 and a Clan Extended Range Large Laser, this variant can spit out chain-fired LRMs every 2 seconds punctuated by accurate long range laser shots. If you notice the green fire of AMS shooting down your missiles, switch to group fire mode to attempt to overwhelm the enemy's AMS. One advanced tactic used by the B pilot is to switch to group fire mode, lock onto a target, firing and immediately flicking your target piper as far away as possible from your target to curve the volley. The majority of the missiles will arc high above obstacles that normally would have blocked the volley, slamming successfully into your foe.

Variant C - "Hangnail"

Skirmishing at medium to long range under the cover of GECM allows the aptly named Hangnail to thoroughly annoy the pants off of its target. Dumping three highly maneuverable Advanced Tactical Missiles every 2-3 seconds with accurate Extended Range Medium Laser shots while staying aware of your surroundings to always keep the range open is a favorable tactic.

Variant D

Equipped with energy weapons only for long battlefield endurance, the D variant can cut into enemy armor with its twin Extended Range Medium Lasers at range. Once the range drops, double your damage with your Heavy Medium Laser to give other light mechs a wake-up call that you're packing some serious alpha punches. A steady handed pilot is required to maximize the potential of this Locust as well as using the jumpjets to help dodge incoming fire. Note that it sports less armor that some of the other Locusts.

Variant E

The urgent surgeon's plan: Turn off your radar, locate your victim visually and engage MASC. Swoop down on your opponent and open up with all five Clan small pulse lasers to accurately remove their appendages. Should your skill and luck serve you well, you'll soon have to deal with a relatively (h)armless victim. Yet if overwhelmed, engage MASC and sprint away towards safety. The 2 DHS will struggle to deal with continual firing and mascing. Note your escape routes as this variant lacks jumpjets and is the lightest armored Locust.

Variant F

With moderate motion augmenting equipment in the form of JJ this unit still can traverse obstacles off limits to many vehicles short of the flying class. The CSRM4 launcher provides a break from the strain the single DHS will suffer from the Heavy Small Laser quartet.
Should the environment be harsh enough, splitting the lasers in two firing groups might prove both smart and wise. No spare reloads for the missile launcher means taking care that the majority of salvos count.
A striker at the heart, can brawl in a pinch, but only against light opposition not prepared to meat a brawler. If in battle, rather seek departure routes instead of too many likely victims.

Variant G

Only armed with dual Medium Pulse Lasers for harassing the enemy, the Locust G's primary objective is to support its team by firing its cNARC tracking missile onto enemies. The resultant missile storm the narc'ed enemy will surely receive will brighten the G pilot's day. Good coordination with your team is needed, calling out targets via teamchat helps!


The Locust IIC released in version 0.11.0.


One of the best-known BattleMechs in the Inner Sphere for its low production and operation costs, the Locust is also well known in the Clans. In 2832, Clan Mongoose unleashed an upgraded version of the venerable 'Mech on the Clans, known as the Locust IIC. The speedy design complemented Mongoose tactics, enabling them to win many Trials. When Clan Smoke Jaguar absorbed the Mongooses, they became the owners of the production line on Circe. This subsequently fell to Clan Jade Falcon following the de facto annihilation of the Jaguars. In addition to those three Clans, Clan Wolf has often used the Locust IIC as a garrison unit. Since it is a second-line unit Inner Sphere MechWarriors rarely see it in action.

Date Introduced 2832 during the Era known as "Early Succession War" (2781 - 2900) - Unit Role: Stricker

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