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Funbocks is a series of MWLL servers, presently administrated by Haarp of Clan Jade Wolf.

Started by eRkkituo of CJW, Funbocks was initially a home setup on PC infrastructure, but was quickly transitioned over to Linux via Windows emulation over at Hetzner Online. Haarp et al. have worked painstakingly to implement scripts to keep the server running smoothly, despite Cryengine's many netcode issues. For example, Cryengine and Windows emulation created massive memory leaks causing terrible server crashes and gameplay issues. Automatic server restarts to help with this issue was one of the big early features that has often helped propel Funbocks to one of the top servers used for MWLL.

Sometime in 2011 Haarp set up "NoFunbocks" a server running nonstandard game settings causing much hubbub. NoFunbocks introduced direct-fire Clan LRMs, no-coolant, new variants, and other things. NoFunbocks also hosted gag events like the Firebomb Harasser and the infamous Hawkmoth D (with dual longtoms which made it violently swing around when fired).

Haarp eventually wrote new scripts to replace the default level rotation system for one that included a map voting system that revolutionized player involvement in map selection.