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Fusion Engines are the most common type of BattleMech and aerospace power plant in the BattleTech Universe. Fusion engines can supply great quantities of power, enough to power massive vehicles and all of their weapon systems, including directed energy weapons common on the modern battlefield. Yet when no thrust is generated, fusion engines are so efficient, they practically never need refuelling. If properly ventilated, controlled fusion reactions generate little heat. There are several sub-types of fusion engines available as well, each trading bulk for mass of the components.

In classic Battletech there are few types of power plants. In MW:LL we use following three:

Standard Engine

Fusion Engine

This is the most common fusion engine found all over the Inner Sphere. It is considered the standard of military grade equipment from the space faring ships down to the light scouting vehicles and tools. Military Fusion (Standard) Engines are mounted in the Center Torso.

Due to the location, Mech center torso does not receive extra damage from blown side torsos.

Mechs using standard engines:

Faction Chassis Variant
Catapult Prime
Warhammer Prime
Atlas Prime,A,B,C,D,E,F
Fafnir A,D,E,F
Clan Locust IIC All
Hellhound All
Current as of release 0.11.2

Extra Light Engine

Damage Transfer

A technological leap lost to the fog of war. The XL engines are lighter, more expensive and prone to more easy undergo critical destruction than the STD counterparts. Other than that, they share the same power rating as the other engine types.

  • Clan require 10 slots (6 in center torso; 2 per side torso) - 1.6x damage multiplier is applied due to blown side torsos and when overheating.
  • IS require 12 slots (6 in center torso; 3 per side torso) - 2.0x damage multiplier is applied due to blown side torsos and when overheating.
  • Damage Transfers from the Arms to Side Torso, Side Torso to the Center Torso and Legs to Side Torso (see Damage Types)

Most Mechs in MW:LL use XL engines, only exceptions being the STD engine variants (see table above)

Internal Combustion Engine

Internal Combustion Engine aka ICE

On the periphery and in the dire times elsewhere, the ICE engines find their use in not only utility vehicles and mechs, but also in some main battle tanks and even some rare battle mechs. Its power output is less than a fusion engine of similar mass, meaning an I.C.E. needs to be heavier in order to have the same engine rating of a fusion engine. Internal combustion engines cannot power energy weapons without power amplifiers, unlike fusion engines. Many I.C.E.s can use practically any combustible material as viable fuel. ICE Engines are used due to the extremely low cost and abundance of fuel everywhere.