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Commando rotating 350px.gif
Class: Light Mech
Faction: Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 2 upon destruction
Tier: 3
Tonnage: 25 tons
Speed: 97 km/h
Torso yaw: 220°
Torso pitch: -29° to +30° while standing.
-30° to +29° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 33 200 CBills
Total armor: 27 535
Engine Size: GM 150 XL
Price: 33 500 CBills
Total armor: 27 535
Engine Size: GM 150 XL
Price: 35 000 CBills
Total armor: 27 535
Engine Size: GM 150 XL
Price: 32 600 CBills
Total armor: 29 172
Engine Size: GM 150 XL
Price: 33 300 CBills
Total armor: 32 439
Engine Size: GM 150 XL
Price: 34 900 CBills
Total armor: 27 535
Engine Size: GM 150 XL
Price: 32 800 CBills
Total armor: 25 903
Engine Size: GM 150 XL
Price: 29 600 CBills
Total armor: 25 903
Engine Size: GM 150 XL
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.13.3

The Commando - In 2463 Coventry Metal Works (then known as Coventry Defense Conglomerate) introduced their second BattleMech, the COM-1A Commando. Created for the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and one of the first 'Mechs ever designed for reconnaissance. Throughout its long successful history it has seen several refinements to become what it is today - a hard hit-and-run scout hunter.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


A striker and an ample one. At 350 meter all its weapon come to bear and that's quite a mouthful for this class.
The ML can be used from 500m to open the barrage, as the other weapons come in range. Having a speed no other light will envy on (except some Clan Tech "light assaults"), this units pilot better be wary of adverse circumstances on the battle filed, as there is no speed to rely on, in a case of a hasty retreat. More over the limited torso twist might mean there is nothing than the back armor between your opponents weapons and your fusion reactor...
On the other hand, there is little pride to loose if you break off somewhat early just in case your mandatory heavier partner is encountering resistance to big to chew thru. "Look at the bright side, kid: You're get to keep all the money."

Variant A

This variant rewards a steady hand and expert aim- the startling six Machine Guns and the Large pulse laser can make frighteningly quick work of any component that rests under your reticle. While your armament may be tempting to try and snipe with, the maximum damage potential is realized below 400m; where the Machine guns deal their maximum damage. The improved jump jets are a welcome boon on the Commando's relatively slow chassis, and should be leveraged at every opportunity to make sure this mech and it's tremendous damage are always where your enemies want least.

Variant B

Disruption. The LPPC will both shake the opponent and strip it's night vision for the while if it hits, reducing her's ability to return precision fire. The TBolt5 will, again, shake the receiver for the while, and that's two shakes and damage spilled all over many components. The MG, a riddle at first glance, can actually be coupled with the AC5, if the target is close enough (300m) the lead will be usually close enough for both weapons to hit, outside of that range, the MG's free bullets will be out of optimum range anyway. No c-bills are wasted.
If the target is a slow or stationary object, one can manage all weapons will hit it at once - quite a nasty surprise if the unsuspecting victim was caught at night and from behind a cover - she just lost it's night vision too.
If things go bad, remember to use your iJJ to bring you out of harms way, just the same as they most probably put you in those dire straits.

Variant C

Surgeon assistant - this unit's highly precise SXPL battery will make short busyness of many a hand and external not shielded in time. The guided SSRM6 launcher, if fired in active radar mode will save the pilot the worry of aiming or leading the target while reliably providing some cool down time for the two DHS. The one free ton means relaxed dispense of the missiles. If you don't forget to buy spares on time, of course.
Having no motion augmenting equipment, the pilot of this unit is advised to take the utmost care and keep a accurate oversight of the situation, since no returning fire will go past the 350m of the missile launcher, nor 300m of the laser battery.
Still, falling victim of the suddenly changed situation will not cost your team to many in either money or tickets, while the damage dealt against any considerably bigger targets will quite rack up your funds due to the favorable tier offset this units' nature provides.

Variant D - "RealToughGuy"

Toughened up compared to it's other siblings, this unit might be the late join cheap trick! The skirmish ranged MRM10 launcher will most certainly be used for opening blows, as the Target passes the 400m line the MPL pair better be exploiting the weakened limbs in the hope of severing them on time. Past the 200m the HMGun pair will come to fully bear, either pointed at the weaker torso, more easy to hit, or the wounded arm in hopes to destroy it before it dishes too much damage upon us.
Using The Enhanced optics is highly advised in this scenario, as is damage mitigation by twisting / denying line of sight to our damaged components for the while weapons reload or the Mech cools down thru it's only DHS.

Variant E - "Enoch"

Jet another striker like asset. Returning fire past 400m out just won't work, and returning past 350m is only lended by the two modest ERSL. The majority of this units sting comes from the LPPC pair, which is no surprise, and the needed additional punch from the reliable SRM4. Relying on no reloads, means frequent reloads at base or sparing use.
Past the most lightly armored target, this units can hardly go toe to toe with much there is, thankfully it's low tier and ticket cost, coupled with the fairly affordable price doesn't make that as an unpleasant surprise of it.
Highly affordable, decently armored and of reliable firepower, this unit is an excellent companion to many a mech. Especially it's couple screen shaking and night vision disrupting weapons.

Variant F

You're a lance commander, You need an affordable NARC planting unit, the unit is likely to be killed due to the high risk/high gain mission profile.
Well, you just found the sub 33000 c-bills solution with low tier and low ticket value You have sought for!
While the NARC papers certainly indicate operating range beond 450 meter, the pilot is to be advised to plant it from the safer 350 meter distance the DSSRM4 missiles will register and start to track too. Rather, go even closer to the safe side and plant it from the 300m the four SL start to bear too - dump it all and run away!
One of the favorite tactics is to approach the target in passive mode and plant the NARC to it. Only after reaching some cover, the radar is to be enabled back and the guided missiles (if any available) are to be dispensed so they circumvent the obstacles but still hit the designated target.
It is customary to cay "UP!" in the team chat if a beacon is successfully planted.
There is hardly anything more wasted than the free tons brought into battle when there could be spare ammo in the bins. Especially NARC ammo.

Variant G

The pilots designated to use this unit usually give me "that look", but they are way wrong!
Yes you aren't worthy much, but then, again you aren't valuable either!
What this means, is - you can afford what many other chassis only can dream of - you could, for instance harass an enemy from a kilometer out - unpunished, just because it is not worthwhile to lose the time to get to you, meanwhile you chip away at him for the while he is still outside of it's weapons range.
Not only will conducting like this adversely affect the opposing team's morale, You will be richly awarded too due to the tier offset this unit bears by its nature. This is advanced warfare stuff, if You lost me, maybe seek a different unit?


The Commando was originally a canceled Inner Sphere Light Mech, under development by Wandering Samurai Studios. It was announced as planned even before the 0.1.0 release, but no renders or images were ever released. It was unknown when and if it was still being developed until it was officially announced canceled on November 1st in 2012.

With version 0.11.0, the Commando was confirmed for release and finally saw the light of day.


By the time of the Clans' invasion, the Commando was a nearly 600-year-old design for an early reconnaissance 'Mech. Despite its age, it was still an impressive unit with its SRM6 and SRM4 missile launchers supported by a single Medium Laser. With 4 tons of armor (a half-ton less than the Raven), it could run up to 97 km/h. One of the first Mechs designed for Reconnaissance, then upgraded to Stricker. Variants of the Commando were created even after the invasion, proving the success and popularity of this design.

Date Introduced 2463 during the Era known as "Age of War" (2005 - 2570) - Unit Role: Reconnaissance, then in 2486 upgraded to Striker

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