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| RecruitmentInfo = https://clanjadewolf.net/forum/list.php?9
| RecruitmentInfo = https://clanjadewolf.net/forum/list.php?9
| Servers = <ul>
| Servers = <ul>
<li>CJW Funbocks Alpha (TC/TSA)
<li>CJW [[Funbocks]] Alpha (TC/TSA)
<li>CJW Funbocks Beta Puretech (TC/TSA)
<li>CJW [[Funbocks]] Beta Puretech (TC/TSA)
<li>CJW Funbocks Gamma (SA)
<li>CJW [[Funbocks]] Gamma (SA)
| Members = 10-25 Members
| Members = 10-25 Members

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Clan Jade Wolf
Tag: "=CJW="
Affiliation: Clans
Unit Forums: https://clanjadewolf.net/forum/index.php
Recruitment Info: https://clanjadewolf.net/forum/list.php?9
Game Servers:
Members: 10-25 Members
  • Deathbane - Khan
  • HAARP - Star Commander
  • eRkkituo - Star Commander
  • Bill - Star Commander
Timezone: GMT+0 to +3, though other timezones are possible with flexible scheduling. We have members from Europe, US and Australia.

No longer must these barbarian hordes suffer through the dark, violent night of their own folly. We are returning; we are the sun of righteousness that will illuminate those who dream of peace.


Clan Jade Wolf is a unit for the game Mechwarrior: Living Legends. We are comprised of mostly European BattleTech players, but have members from all over the world, from as far flung places as America and Australia.

Our unit combines a light rp aesthetic with regular practices, matches, internal clan trials and public drops. We are currently hoping to take a more active role within the upcoming Forbidden Chaos league, which we encourage all of our members to participate in invidually outside of clan activities

Whether you are looking for serious or casual gameplay, Clan Jade Wolf provides. Any active, good natured, competent mechwarrior with a love of the battletech lore can find a home here.

We are recruiting, looking for good natured competent mechwarriors to join our expanding touman.

I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, whether ally or enemy!


Brief history

Forged in the crucible of the Refusal Wars, Clan Jade Wolf is a highly aggressive crusader clan comprising warriors from both Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf.

Jade Wolf splintered from both of its parent clans after the death of Elias Crichell at the hands of Vlad Ward. Initiating a bloody rebellion, elements from disgraced refusal war units turned against their clans in acts of kinslaying unseen since the ceasefire.

Supporters within the other sections of clan society and the dark caste soon flocked to the banner of the Jade Wolf and its unified crusader message. The clans had abandoned their true path, it said, and had allowed the taint of warden philisophy to obstruct the true mission of the clans given by Kerensky himself.

In the aftermath of the refusal war, it was a message many were willing to heed.

In the wake of a slow military response, Jade Wolf units hit various strategic sites within the Clan occupied territories including a Wolf genetic repository. A call went out to gather on the southern border of the Jade Faclon and Wolf occupation zones, in the name of starting a new, third exodus.

The fighting was bitter as both parent clans responded with force, declaring that anyone who was affiliated with the rebellion would be reaved from the bloodlines. Running battles erupted within the occupration zone, but the Jade Wolf units were always one step ahead, managing to evade capture and destruction.

The assembled fleet of merchant, military, scientific and civilian craft disappeared into the darkness of the periphery in the beginning of the year 3060. The aerospace forces sent to intercept them by Clan Jade Falcon were destroyed, leaving no indication of the fleets final destination.

Ever since, the Jade Wolves have haunted the southern borders of both clans territory, even striking deep within the Lyran Alliance and Draconis Combine. All raids have left few survivors, leaving little information for those who still seek to unravel the mysteries of the shadow wolf.

Let me tell you this, brothers and sisters, it was not our shared crusader values or our kinship to each other which united the Falcon and the Wolf. It was not our love for another as kinsmen, a sense of camaraderie or even divine belief in Kerenskys vision that saw our rebirth.

No, what forged our great clan was hate. Hate for those who slew their brothers and sisters in needless conflict. Hate for those who chose to betray us, cast us out and call us traitors. Hate for those who turned their backs on the true way, their own destiny, and sought refuge amongst the rabid despoilers of the inner sphere. These are the things that defined us, and drove us onward into the cold dark of the periphery...

This shared hate will bring us the day when all our enemies are crushed underfoot, as we reclaim our glorious prize, the great jewel of Terra.

No toothless wolf, beakless falcon or foolish barbarian will stand in our way . The true sons and daughters of Kerensky are returning, to claim what is rightfully theirs


  • Weekly meetings on saturday, mostly public games.
  • Trials, mostly on saturdays.
  • Competitive play against other clans/units. Contact us via our forums if you wish to challenge us.

Combat history

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