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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[Rank]]
* [[Rank]]
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Cbills symbol
Comstar Bills, or C-Bills, are the currency used to purchase vehicles, ammunition, weapons and repairs. The player's current funds are displayed on the middle of the right side of the screen. (This display will turn red while under the effects of an EMP, which can be caused by a reactor detonation or PPC impact, and which will disable Night Vision for its duration.)

Obtaining C-Bills

Team Solaris Arena and Terrain Control

In the Team Solaris Arena and Terrain Control game modes, C-Bills can be obtained in six ways:

  1. Upon spawning, players are given a number of C-Bills according to their rank.
  2. Damaging or destroying enemy assets such as Mechs, Tanks, VTOLs, Aerospace, Battle Armor, or turrets increases C-Bills (and progress towards the next rank).
  3. Assisting teammates by using a TAG Laser or NARC Beacon. The player will receive a share of the C-Bills for any damage dealt (this does not reduce the C-Bills that other players are getting).
  4. Sharing radar information while in Active Radar Mode in an asset equipped with C3. Players will receive the largest C-Bill bonuses when enemies within the shared radar are damaged by teammates.
  5. When another player spawns in an APC owned by another player. The player that built the APC is rewarded with 5000 C-Bills.
  6. Players can receive C-Bills gifted to them by fellow members of their team.

Suicide, or damaging friendly assets, Battle Armor, and turrets, will result in the loss of C-Bills.

When a player dies, if he or she had more C-Bills than his or her rank would normally give him or her, he or she will spawn in with the amount he or she had when he or she died.

Example: A P2/MSG ranked player purchases a Puma Prime for 64,500 C-Bills. He is left with 1500 C-Bills. If he goes out and earns more than 66,000 C-Bills (say: 66,001), he will spawn with the new total (in this case: 66,001).
If he does not earn more than 66,000 C-Bills, he will respawn with exactly 66,000 C-Bills as his rank dictates, even if he earned 0 C-Bills.

Test of Strength

In the Test of Strength game mode, a fixed amount of C-Bills is given to every player at the start of the round, (or whenever they initially connect, if the round has already begun). No further C-Bills can be earned or awarded, so those initial C-Bills must last the player through the entire match.

However, a player can still choose to transfer their C-Bills to a teammate.

Spending C-Bills

C-Bills can be used to purchase vehicles, equipment, ammunition and repairs.

In a Mech Hangar, Aerospace Hanger, or Aerospace Control Tower, pressing the Comma key [,] will display a menu showing (in separate tabs) ammunition for the current vehicle, BA equipment, and those vehicles which can be produced at the current location. Items costing less than the player's current C-Bill total will be highlighted, and items too expensive to be purchased are dimmed. Clicking on a highlighted item will immediately purchase the item. Construction of vehicles commences immediately after purchase - they will appear about 10 seconds later at the Bay, Hanger, or VTOL Pad announced over the base intercom.

Ammunition and BA equipment can also be purchased at a team's APC.

Repairs to a vehicle can be initiated by powering down ([P] key) the vehicle at the appropriate Mech Bay, Aerospace Hanger, or VTOL Pad. When the C-Bills stop decrementing, the vehicle is repaired, and can be powered up again using the ([P] key).

Transferring C-Bills

Players can transfer their spare C-Bills to a teammate, enabling them to field more expensive equipment, or repair/re-arm/re-equip if they have insufficient C-Bills of their own.

To transfer C-Bills to a teammate, press the [Right Ctrl] key. This displays a list of potential C-Bill transfer amounts, and a list of teammates. Navigate the two lists using the Arrow Keys until the desired amount and teammate are highlighted. Then press [Enter] to conduct the transaction. (Pressing [Right Ctrl] will cancel any incomplete transaction.)

Note: C-Bill transfer is disabled during combat, and for two minutes after suicides and server reconnections.


  • According to the 3062 Technical Readout, 1 C-Bill was equal to $3.88USD at the time of its publication.
  • Note that MWLL does not follow BattleTech canon with regard to C-Bills. (A light Mech would cost millions of C-Bills according to canon).

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