Black Widow Company

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Black Widow Company
Bwc logo.gif
Tag: [BWC]
Affiliation: Inner Sphere
Unit Forums:
Game Servers: None, at this stage
Recruitment Style: Open
  • Firefly - Unit founder

Black Widow Company is a military-style gaming Company. The BWC is involved in multiple online games, most of them first-person shooters. The company also fields a real-world scenario paintball team which has won multiple awards up and down the east coast of the United States. BWC has a dedicated chain of command and practices a variety of small-unit and combined-arms tactics. Many of its members are prior military or active duty from various branches in more than one sovereign nation. The decision to emulate a military unit came from, in addition to its members and their professional background, the realisation that who knows better about war than the military?

A few members of BWC were involved in alpha testing the world's only MMO-FPS, Planetside, and the outfit entered Planetside closed beta shortly after it began. On retail launch-day in May 2003 the outfit was officially founded. BWC stayed in the top ten outfits (points-wise) on the Emerald server, a feat accomplished in spite of not being a zergfit. This success was attributed to a small number of combat doctrines which focused on teamwork and coordination, in addition to training recruits on the BWC's way of approaching Planetside combat. It allowed even the newest FPS gamer to immediately hop right in and operate as though they'd been playing with BWC for years. A three-tiered training program was developed, with each part focusing on a specific area which increased in difficulty and specialty. The outfit also ran multiple operations per week, its high OPTEMPO allowing members to grow as members and as leaders. One of its major in-house accomplishments was development of the Terran Republic Field Manual, a nod to Army field manuals (FMs) and acknowledgment of its heritage. The TRFM served as a set of guidelines and documentation of various training outlines, task force set-ups, and doctrines.

Since officially leaving Planetside in late 2006/early 2007, BWC has been involved in a number of other games and has even branched out to real-world competitions. The company has won multiple awards for tournaments and ladder matches. Their scenario paintball team, Team BWC, regularly participates in weekend-long paintball scenarios - most notably at the West Point USMA Combat Classic. The team has racked up three Most-Valuable Team awards out of four major events. Its success at scenario woodsball has been attributed, again, to teamwork and coordination. Military members of the team and veteran paintballers ensure that even brand-new players learn how to operate with the team. Its success on the field has garnered attention from sponsors and competitors up and down the US East Coast. This type of training is generally instituted in all online games of which BWC is a part.

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