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Behmoth spin.gif
Class: Tank
Faction Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 12 upon destruction
Tier: 13
Tonnage: 100 tons

34 km/h (36 km/h with boost)

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -9° to +55°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 116 100 CBills
Total armor: 66 380
Engine: I.C.E. GM 285 HeavyLoad with PowerBoost
Price: 116 800 CBills
Total armor: 66 380
Engine: I.C.E. GM 285 HeavyLoad with PowerBoost
Price: 111 300 CBills
Total armor: 66 380
Engine: I.C.E. GM 285 HeavyLoad with PowerBoost
Price: 109 800 CBills
Total armor: 66 380
Engine: I.C.E. GM 285 HeavyLoad with PowerBoost
Price: 117 500 CBills
Total armor: 62 700
Engine: I.C.E. GM 285 HeavyLoad with PowerBoost
Price: 140 900 CBills
Total armor: 66 380
Engine: I.C.E. GM 285 HeavyLoad with PowerBoost
Price: 114 700 CBills
Total armor: 62 700
Engine: I.C.E. GM 285 HeavyLoad with PowerBoost
Price: 125 200 CBills
Total armor: 66 380
Engine: I.C.E. GM 285 HeavyLoad with PowerBoost
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.15.3

Inner Sphere "Assault Combat Vehicle" Behemoth tank was designed for increased firepower and heavy ArcShield Maxi II Armor rather than speed or maneuverability. The design at 100 tons allowed the Behemoth to engage both distant and short-range targets, while allowing it to stand up to almost any type of unit possible. The Behemoth is one of the few vehicles without a history of variant models. All variants are equipped with Enhanced Optics, Point Defense System and most come with AutoFlamers. Being a tank this size it handles quite well in the battlefield.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Prime variant of the Behemoth is a potent long-range fire support vehicle housing four Long Range Missiles 5 with a combined splash damage of 1740 for a devastating blow or chainfired for a constant screen shake. Coupled with a good Tagger the Prime can almost spew a continuous stream of missiles. Its main guns are two Hyper-Velocity AutoCannons10 which each Fires a single high explosive projectile causing intensive screenshake and splash damage. Lastly for close defense three Short-Range Missiles2 that are relatively fast and travel in a straight line. Six Extra Tons of Ammo, Zero HS as extras aren't required, EOptics to size up the battle and for Auto Self Defence two AutoFlamers & one PDS.

Variant A - "Apocalypse"

The A is a mid to close range fighter. Contained in its main guns are Two Ultra AutoCannon10 that shoot bursts of two Heavy Kinetic projectiles with high damage and impressive DPS. Just beware of the jam Duration as it lasts 8 seconds. When the battle reaches the 350m two Streak SRMs6 and two Streak SRMs2 come to bear with there lock on capabilities and combined devastating fire power while one PDS provides auto backup. Six Tons of Ammo to divide up, five HS hold heat in check & EOptics to survey the battlefield.

Variant B

The B main guns Four Rotary AutoCannon2 making this unit a relatively high caliber Gatling gun. Ideal for ripping Aero wings, downing VTOLs or shredding armor away from its owner. The enormous firepower of the Three Medium Range Missiles10 will devastate anything that crosses the 675m line. EOptics to concentrate the RACs, An Enormous Eight Tons of Ammo will allow you stay in the field for a good bit of time. Six HS for heat control and for Auto Protection Two AutoFlamers & One PDS.

Variant C

The C is a hard hitting long range unit with its main guns containing Two Extended Range Particle Projection Cannons providing a hard punch/ screenshake at increased heat and Three Ultra AutoCannons5 with there kinetic damage does decent bonus damage to air units. Two Long Range Missiles5 to soften up in coming attackers. Three Free tons to feed the UAC5s, Six HS to help keep things cool, Auto Protection provided by Two AutoFlamers & One PDS. To zoom in on your targets EOptics.

Variant D

The D houses Guardian Electronic Countermeasures to reduce its radar footprint and rightly so as it contains two very powerful yet slow reloading guns. The Lubalin Ballistics-X AutoCannon 10 in a dual configuration along with the devastating dual Heavy Particle Projection Cannons. Two Free tons for the LBX10s and Eight HS to help control the the heat of the HPPCs for one Alpha Strike, after which Chainfired or a complete cooldown. EOptics to insure your aim is right on. Auto Protection provided by Two AutoFlamers & One PDS.

Variant E - "Sheila"

The E can be a bit of a challange to master. Housing Six Thunderbolt5s which despite there power and screen shake only lock on out to 750m but can travel almost 2000m. The effectiveness increases with a Tagger. The second main gun is the Thumper Indirect Artillery Piece which can travel across the map an produce enormous damage. Its projectiles arc toward there intended target, so learning how to aim it is a must. Finally Three Medium Lasers for enemies that break the 500m mark. GECM to help mask your position, EOptics to help select your targets, Three Free tons and Seven HS will more than handle the heatload. Auto Protection provided by Two AutoFlamers & One PDS.

Variant F

The F is an extreme long range unit providing the cover of Angel ECM for its teammates. Two Hyper-Velocity AutoCannons 5 are its main guns reaching out to 1300m. Two Extended Long Range Missiles 20 can travel out to 1870m while raining terror on your foe, while all long your own dual LAMS protects you from incoming missiles. Six Free tons to divide up as you see fit. EOptics to keep your eye on the target. Auto Protection provided by Two AutoFlamers & One PDS.

Variant G - "Grounded"

The G maybe considered the hardest hitting unit right out to 800m as its main gun holds the mighty Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle. Three Extended Range Lasers match the same range and pack a puch along with some heat. Beagle Active Probe is installed to help flush out targets along with EOptics so stay focused and make each shot count. Six Free tons of Ammo and an added Three SRM2 for close self defense, plus Six HS which can handle a Alpha Strike with ease. Auto Protection provided by Two AutoFlamers & One PDS.

Pro Tip:

As with most Tanks, Turret Pitch & the angle of the vehicle relative to level ground plays a major role in your ability for a clean shot of your enemy. Terrain awareness and positioning is a talent that needs to be developed and become second nature, to be proficient in its operation.


In 2947, Aldis Industries (soon to be the producer of the Demolisher and the Schrek), received a commission to produce a super-heavy tank for House Davion. Their assignment was to forego maneuverability and speed in the interests of heavy armor and massive firepower. Five years later, Aldis released the 100-ton Behemoth Heavy Tank. Many studies had shown that a tank’s main weakness was its inability to deal with superior numbers of smaller units, such as infantry or scout vehicles. Another study showed that a main battle tank must have at least one very powerful weapon to be able to stand up against even the lightest ’Mech. The Behemoth's design resolved both of these problems. With two of the heaviest cannon available and numerous smaller weapons, the Behemoth is a match for almost any combat situation. Although the original design concept called for a staggering twenty-one tons of armor, only thirteen were used to provide more weight for weaponry. Though not as thick as originally planned, the protection is more than adequate against most threats.

Date Introduced 2952 during the Era known as "Late Succession War" - LosTech (2901 - 3019) - Unit Role: Juggernaut

BattleTech Reference