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AutoCannons, or AC's, and their variations are the most common Ballistic Weapons, and like other Ballistic Weapons, fire actual projectiles, much like modern-day firearms. All AutoCannons are ammo-dependent, and feature an "overheat" mechanic, in which continuous fire of the weapon without time to "cool down" will result in a debilitating jam that will render the AutoCannon inoperable for an extended period of time. Autocannons will also fire beyond their listed range, but with reduced damage; there is also a set maximum range at which AutoCannon rounds will air burst, causing light splash damage.

Autocannons in MWLL are designated as follows:

Standard AutoCannons

  • Autocannon 2 (AC2)
  • Autocannon 5 (AC5)
  • Autocannon 10 (AC10)
  • Autocannon 20 (AC20)

Ultra AutoCannons

  • Ultra Autocannon 2 (UAC2)
  • Ultra Autocanon 5 (UAC5)
  • Ultra Autocanon 10 (UAC10)
  • Ultra Autocanon 20 (UAC20)
  • Clan Ultra Autocanon 2 (CUAC2)
  • Clan Ultra Autocanon 5 (CUAC5)
  • Clan Ultra Autocanon 10 (CUAC10)
  • Clan Ultra Autocanon 20 (CUAC20)

Rotary AutoCannons

  • Rotary Autocannon 2 (RAC2)
  • Rotary Autocannon 5 (RAC5)

Lubalin Ballistics-X AutoCannons

  • Lubalin Ballistics-X 2 (LBX2)
  • Lubalin Ballistics-X 5 (LBX5)
  • Lubalin Ballistics-X 10 (LBX10)
  • Lubalin Ballistics-X 20 (LBX20)
  • Clan Lubalin Ballistics-X 2 (CLBX2)
  • Clan Lubalin Ballistics-X 5 (CLBX5)
  • Clan Lubalin Ballistics-X 10 (CLBX10)
  • Clan Lubalin Ballistics-X 20 (CLBX20)

Hyper-Velocity AutoCannons

  • Hyper-Velocity Autocannon 2 (HVAC2)
  • Hyper-Velocity Autocannon 10 (HVAC10)