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Anubis spin.gif
Class: Light Mech
Faction: Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 3 upon destruction
Tier: 5
Tonnage: 30 tons
Speed: 130 km/h (181 km/h with MASC)
Torso yaw: 110°°
Torso pitch: -24° to +35° while standing.
-24° to +35° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 43 700 CBills
Total base armor: 27 508
Engine Size: Ceres Motors 240 XL
Price: 46 800 CBills
Total base armor: 29 143
Engine Size: Ceres Motors 240 XL
Price: 40 700 CBills
Total base armor: 29 143
Engine Size: Ceres Motors 240 XL
Price: 44 200 CBills
Total base armor: 29 143
Engine Size: Ceres Motors 240 XL
Price: 46 000 CBills
Total base armor: 29 143
Engine Size: Ceres Motors 240 XL
Price: 46 100 CBills
Total base armor: 29 143
Engine Size: Ceres Motors 240 XL
Price: 39 800 CBills
Total base armor: 29 143
Engine Size: Ceres Motors 240 XL
Price: 41 750 CBills
Total base armor: 27 508
Engine Size: Ceres Motors 240 XL
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.12.2

The Anubis is an Inner Sphere Light Mech that excels at stealthy scouting due to its unique Stealth Armor which reduces its active radar signature to only 350m with GECM. Stealth armor requires the elimination of a coolant flush system for it to function thus heat management can be a bit more tricky when alphastriking opponents. The Anubis still packs a hefty punch and good maneuverability at the cost of very limited armor. Its slender profile and higher speed makes it a more difficult target to hit compared to its Inner Sphere 30 ton Osiris brother. If it is destroyed though, it will cost the team 3 tickets instead of 2 compared to the Osiris; a slight disadvantage. It is an excellent choice for scouting undetected deep into enemy territory, capturing undefended capture points in the Terrain Control game mode.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


A stealthy long range missile support mech is the Anubis Prime's main role. Its jumpjets help it jump out, unleash a volley from its dual LRM5s and pair of Tbolt5s at range and back into cover without being detected on enemy radar. If caught in close range, 3 ERSL are its backup weapons while the Tbolt5s can be dumbfired if needed. A single DHS is sufficient for the low heat output of the Prime's weapons. Having no free tons of ammo is not that much of a limitation as the LRM5s and Tbolt5s take a significant time to run dry. The Prime also has one of the least amount of armor of all the variants.

Variant A

Unlike the prime, the Anubis A variant is a fast hit and run close range mech. Mechwarriors piloting this variant typically zip into combat at 181 KMH with MASC and unleash four pulse lasers in two pairs of MPLs and SPLs blazing away while supported by a pair of tracking Streak short range missile 2s into unaware enemy mechs. Though, its 3 DHS struggle to deal with the heat from multiple alphastrikes while mascing, so pilots should closely watch their heat levels.

Variant B - "Set"

The Anubis B is a wonderfully stealthy long range harasser. Reaching up to 1300m, the quad LBX2s can annoy the piss out of a much larger enemy LRM boat with the fury of buckshot every 3 seconds (or less than a second when chain fired), while the enemy can't even see the B on its radar. Changing position ever so often makes this harassing tactic even more effective. Close range back up weaponry is a couple of SLs and two SRM2s. This variant can be a great cbill maker, especially when targeting heavier enemy assets. Remember to set all weapons to one of the extra Fire Groups for a massive Alpha Strike and use it when at 300m or below.

Variant C

With two Light PPCs and a pair of SRM4s, the Anubis C is a highly mobile close range fighter. Chain firing the light PPCs can disrupt the enemy's aim every 3 seconds while the SRM4s gradually whittle away the enemy's armor. Pilots should use their Improved JumpJets' great maneuverability to their advantage, dodging shots and placing themselves into positions where they can coax the enemy to come straight at them, maximizing the potential of all weapons hitting. Only 1 DHS is available to remove the heat; it can be easily overwhelmed with alpha strikes and liberal improved jumpjet use.

Variant D - "Jaws"

The Anubis D is the twin brother to the C variant, replacing its SRM4s with the damage over time SXPL, 4 of them. 4 DHS are needed to keep the higher heat output in check. Tactics are similar to the C but the increased face-the-enemy time the X-pulse require, the more exposed the D is to counter-fire.

Variant E

Roast and Toast - the E variant has 2 flamers that can overheat enemy mechs in short order while is 2 Machine Guns whittle away at their armor. Dashing into knife fighting range at 181 KMH and unleashing quad SSRM2s and dual flamers is a favorite tactic by Anubis E pilots. Many pilots have bragged about overheating a massive Assault laser boat with the E, although the truth is probably closer that many have died trying to achieve such glory... Perhaps the best use of this mech is in hot climates such as TC_Inferno. Watch your heat too, the single DHS will surely struggle as well! For the less confrontational pilot, its MASC can bring great team honor by stealthily stealing enemy bases from deep behind the battle lines.

Variant F

A medium to close range fighter is the F variants role. It can reach out to 500m with its dual MLs to do pinpoint damage on enemy assets. Its pair of Streak short range missiles coupled with 2 Free tons of ammo will track targets up to 350m away and do the majority of the damage. Having two free tons give the Anubis F a good combat time while the cool running beam lasers only require one DHS allowing many alphastrikes before overheating.

Variant G - "Kane"

The heaviest hitting Anubis is the G variant. Boasting 5 ERSL, a Light PPC and an UAC5 this variant can unleash some serious damage in a short amount of time. Its prime fighting range is 400m and under where it can bring all of its weapons to bear. The UAC5 is effective to 800m and can do 3 quick bursts before having to cool down. Though, the G can stay in combat for a relative short while before having to return to base for reloads since it lacks any free tons of ammo. Two DHS keep the heat somewhat in check. This variant is one of the lightest armored, so care must be taken not to brawl at point blank range. Use its speed and JJ mobility to your advantage and keep the range around 300m.


Designed by two engineers from Fredonian Industrial Technologies, Gittleman and Abzug, the Anubis was originally designed to compliment the Osiris BattleMech in use by the Federated Suns. They turned to Detroit Consolidated MechWorks only after the design was turned down by Achernar BattleMechs. The Mech incorporates a large number of advanced technologies that reach the Capellan Confederation's allies in the Magistracy of Canopus and Taurian Concordat. The Anubis is built on a weight-saving Detroit Type III Endo Steel chassis. The Mech's lightweight chassis carries a powerful Ceres Motors 240 XL engine that gives the Anubis a top speed of 129.6 km/h and is covered in a protective skin of five and a half tons of Hellespont Lite Stealth Armor, making the Anubis extremely hard to hit at long range. In addition, an ECM Suite is used for protection against advanced electronic warfare systems.

Date Introduced 3063 during the Era known as "Civil War" (3062 - 3067) - Unit Role: Fire Support

BattleTech reference