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Overview & Gameplay

AECM, or Angel ECM, is an experimental updated version of the Guardian ECM (GECM) Suite, and greatly advances ECM technology on the battlefield. Rather then making the user harder to detect on Radar, the AECM creates a 300m "umbrella" (150m in every direction) of signal distortion that makes all friendly units in range harder to detect by reducing their radar detection range by 500m.
Essentially, AECM gives GECM to friendly units that stay within a 150m radius. An asset with AECM does not give itself GECM. Assets with AECM do not provide GECM to other assets with AECM, both will be detected as normal assets without GECM.

Additionally AECM provides NARC cover for friendlies under it's umbrella:

  • NARCs fired on units under the umbrella will never activate
  • an already active NARC will be ineffective while the unit it is on is under AECM cover

When two assets, with AECM active, are next to each other, neither one will count as having GECM.


When an asset with AECM first powers up, the AECM will not appear to be on. Cycling the asset's radar to passive and then back to active will make the AECM effect appear on the user's radar. This is not necessary, however, because even if the AECM effect does not appear, so long as the radar is active, the AECM will be working.


The Angel ECM Suite is an advanced version of the Guardian ECM Suite operating on a broader spectrum and greatly advances ECM technology on the battlefield. Development of the Angel began in the Draconis Combine shortly after the Battle of Luthien, but despite assistance from ComStar, cost overruns and internal problems within both powers kept it in its experimental stages for a long time and delayed its widespread deployment. Clan Goliath Scorpion, having learned of the Angel's development, started copying the technology to create their own version.

BattleTech reference


The following Variants equip with AECM:

Clan Inner Sphere