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Active Radar Probes are Radar supplements that can be used to extend detection range beyond that of the standard 1000m Radar. They can also aid in the detection of Mechs and units that are equipped with GECM, as well as units that are Powered Down. There are two variants of Active Radar Probes currently available: the Beagle Active Probe and the Bloodhound Active Probe.

Beagle Active Probe

The Beagle Active Probe or BAP is the weaker of the two Active Radar Probes, and as such only boosts detection range by 200m. The Beagle Active Probe (BAP) is a suite of enhancement technology that, when attached to general electronic sensors, enables the equipped unit to detect and classify other battlefield units whether they are camouflaged or even shut down, with the exception of conventional infantry. The probe was first introduced by the Terran Hegemony in 2576 as a means of combating active camouflage and other electronic jamming systems which had become prolific by the end of the Age of War.

Bloodhound Active Probe

The Bloodhound Active Probe or BHP is the stronger of the two Active Radar Probes, and increases standard detection range by 400m. The Bloodhound Active Probe was first introduced by ComStar in 3058. After the Clan Invasion they saw a need to improve their already formidable electronic warfare capabilities. Events in the latter half of the thirty-first century overtook them however, and the Bloodhound Active Probe didn't enter large scale production.


BattleTech reference Beagle Active Probe
BattleTech reference Bloodhound Active Probe


The following Variants equip with BAP or BHP:

Clan BAP Inner Sphere BAP Clan BHP Inner Sphere BHP