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Class: Light Mech
Faction: Clan
Ticket cost: 2 upon destruction
Tier: 2
Speed: 151.2 km/h (216 km/h with MASC)
Torso yaw: 90°
Torso pitch: -29° to +30° while standing.
-29° to +30° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 35 400 CBills
Total base armor: 25 248
Price: 34 400 CBills
Total base armor: 25 248
Price: 43 000 CBills
Total base armor: 25 248
Price: 33 800 CBills
Total base armor: 25 248
Price: 31 000 CBills
Total base armor: 28 476
Price: 41 500 CBills
Total base armor: 25 248

The Solitaire released with MWLL Beta 0.7.0. It was first shown in the MWLL 0.7.0 New Assets forum thread and was a complete surprise.

The Solitaire is the fastest light mech in the game, with the ability to clock out at 216KPH while using MASC. The mech however, is also the weakest in terms of armor and can easily be destroyed if the pilot is over confident. The mech is a perfect striker using its speed and hard hitting weapons too deal a blow then outrun anything before it has a chance to really fight back. The Solitaire is similar in basic concept to a Hollander II or a Hunchback, with most variants typically using one large weapon mounted in its left torso followed by much smaller weapons on the arms.

Note: All Solitaire variants have non-standard armor distribution for Left and Right Torsos. Compared to the standard mirror image armor distribution, the Solitaire's right torso has sacrificed 25% of it's armor to shore up the armor of the left torso by the same amount. Most of this additional armor, however, is drawn from the Arms. As the Solitaire mounts it's strongest weaponry in the Left Torso on all variants, it's a calculated gamble; longer staying power for the prime weapon at the cost of the arm-mounted weaponry being significantly vulnerable.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Prime is probably one of the best Solitaires available. Its cHLL gives it a high-heat, high-exposure, high-damage medium-range punch. The Prime also mounts 3 cHSLs in its arms and side torso as backup weapons. At 4 DHSes, the highest number of any Solitaire, the Prime can only barely handle its heat. Being equipped with only heavy lasers means that the Prime is forced to face its opponent for extended periods of time denying the Prime the ability to torso twist after each volley to conceal it's main gun. The Prime works best when used in concert with other mechs that can soak up damage for it.

Variant A

The A is also a hot-running mech like the Prime. Instead of a cHLL, the A is equipped with a cLPL giving it a 850m range, far beyond the Prime's 600m range. For short-range the A has 3 cSRM2s. The pin-point accuracy of the A's weapons make it excellent for shooting off arms and focusing individual components, or killing Battle Armor using the SRMs in a chain-fire configuration. Clever use of the A's improved Jump Jets enable it to kite slow enemies until support can arrive.

Variant B

In effect the most manoeuvrable variant, if not the fastest ground unit, period, Solitaire B augments its blinding speed with MASC and Jump Jets. Using its agility to discreetly get into a spotting vantage point, it's capable of using its TAG to designate targets for friendly artillery units. Its main armament is a cERLBL capable of pinpoint strikes to 900m out, a range . Backing that up are a pair of cSPL for point defence and two Machineguns for long range harassment and increased protection against BA. All in all its weaponry isn't very threatening, but it's the superior choice compared to the C variant, the only other Solitaire equipped with MASC. It's not uncommon to see it as a starter in TC, picked by players hoping to get the first cap. Its two DHS have no chance of managing the careless use all of its equipment and weaponry.

Variant C

The C variant is the flamer boat of the bunch. One of the only two Solitaires equipped with MASC, it is capable of reaching the fastest land speeds in the game, leading itself well to fast initial caps, or stealthy backcap duty. Its armament consists of four Flamers meant for overheating heat intensive opponents, making some of the heavier clan assets especially attractive targets if singled out. Pilots should keep in mind that overheating enemies counts as them killing themselves, resulting in no extra points for the flamer boat. This is somewhat alleviated by the variant's pair of ATM3(HE) that allow you to lay your claim on the damage percentage dealt on the enemy, despite not being a straight on threatening weapon. All in all this is a very situational asset, dedicated to annoying enemies by having them frantically reach for the coolant button while covering their line of sight in flames and shaking their screen with missiles.

Variant D

What used to be a variant carrying an oversized LBX20 was scaled down to keep with build rules and common sense. Solitaire D now carries a single LBX10, not as powerful as its predecessor but always reliable. A pair of Small Lasers and two Machineguns provide backup firepower for the mid to close range engagements it will find itself in, and are a collective nightmare for approaching Battle Armour. Compared to the other Solitaires it generates minimal heat, but at the same time doesn't sport any heatsinks besides those supplied with its reactor. Forgoing flashy weaponry or fancy equipment it is afforded an extra ton of armour while making it the cheapest solitaire, allowing the user to donate significant sums to fellow players at game start.

Variant E

The Solitaire E is one of the best snipers out of all light mechs. The E mounts a Clan Extended Range PPC and Standard Jump Jets, which allow for very long range poptarting. It carries on the Solitaire tradition by mounting an array of close range weapons, including some 3 cERSBLs and 2 Machine Guns for hunting battle armor.



The Solitaire was a very fast, energy weapon-only 25-ton Mech designed by Clan Diamond Shark in 3067 using every weight-saving measure possible: ferro-fibrous armor, an endo-steel chassis and an extralight (XL) engine. This in of itself was a departure for the Clan in its design philosophies, as the Diamond Sharks were well-known for their frugality in Battlemech designs. The Solitaire made use of heavy laser technology originally developed by Clan Star Adder in 3059, mounting one heavy large laser, two mediums and a small laser. Despite its powerful bite, the Solitaire's ten double heatsinks were wholly unable to dissipate the massive waste heat generated by an alpha strike.
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