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Class: Medium Mech
Faction: Clan
Ticket cost: 11 upon destruction
Tier: 10
Speed: 96 km/h
Torso yaw: 200°
Torso pitch: -34° to +45° while standing.
-35° to +54° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 84 500 CBills
Total base armor: 53 864
Price: 91 600 CBills
Total base armor: 53 864
Price: 80 000 CBills
Total base armor: 53 864
Price: 84 150 CBills
Total base armor: 53 864
Price: 89 400 CBills
Total base armor: 53 864
Price: 77 800 CBills
Total base armor: 53 864
Price: 79 700 CBills
Total base armor: 53 864
Price: 84 200 CBills
Total base armor: 53 864

The Stormcrow is a wide-spread, second generation OmniMech fielded by many Clans. However, within the Clan Smoke Jaguar touman, the Stormcrow was especially common during the Clan Invasion and was codenamed the Ryoken by the warriors of the DCMS who encountered it. Because of its versatility through its combination of mobility, armor, and firepower in its various configurations, the Stormcrow is a feared opponent on the battlefield.

The Clan Ryoken Medium ‘Mech stands as one of the longest “in-development” assets for MWLL, having been in some form or other of development, re-development and being passed amongst at least 4 different developers over the past 2+ years. The Ryoken was released with 0.6.0.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


Bringing a bevy of lasers to bear on Innersphere enemies, the Ryoken Prime is a powerful long-range attacker, using its high speed to maintain range from opponents while striking them with maximum pin-point damage using mixed CERLBL and CERMBL. A pair of machine guns help ward off infantry attacks, while numerous double heat sinks combat the massive heat buildup this variant is prone to.

Variant A

The Ryoken A is a powerful close-range brawler, quickly wittling away at enemy armor with four Clan medium pulse lasers, while a dual SRM6 allows a powerful blow to damaged components. A single LRM15 allows some opening volleys while the A variant closes in on opponents, and GECM keeps its presence hidden from enemy radars while it moves in for the kill.

Variant B

Simple and to-the-point, the Ryoken B offers pilots a devastating CUAC20 fed by a single ton of ammo to pummel opponents of all sizes into submission in short order. This is backed up by three CERMBL which allow the B variant to get shots in before the massive cannon comes into play. A LAMS defends the unit's vicinity from enemy missile strikes. 4 DHS can manage the autocannon's heat, but pilots have to be careful of the heat spike its lasers generate.

Variant C

The C variant acts as a mid-range support Mech, relying on its dual ATM9s to cripple opponents and keeping out of brawling range with its speed. A pair of cERMBL and a quad array of cERSBL for point defense complete the loadout with additional firepower, though pilots should take care not to overburden the few heatsinks this variant carries.

Variant D

The Ryoken D carries a scary amount of mid range firepower, capable of frying itself as much as it can hurt its enemies. Its main armament is a pair of HLL, one on each arm, shredding armor from anything they touch. However, pilots will need a modicum of aim to keep the beam on target for its entire duration, and they generate so much heat that group firing them is guaranteed to give pilots a heat warning. Its pair of backup ATM3s is unimpressive compared to the lasers, but is capable of opening shots at 750m, slightly beyond the 600m range of the lasers, or conversely finishing off targets that got just out of range or during times when the pilot cannot afford the heat spike of their main weapons. A lack of any extra reloads won't bother pilots much, who will often choose to completely ignore their missiles for the stealth of passive radar. 10 DHS might still be unable to manage the initial heat spike of its energy weapons, but make sure that disciplined pilots are able to cool down in time for the next volley.

Variant E

A jack of all trades at a discount price, the Ryoken E carries one of each weapon type for one of each engagement range. At 850m out a cLPL constantly pokes holes at its targets. An LBX10 peppers enemies who enter within the 700m of mid range, its shots getting more and more focused as the enemy enters into close range only to get pounded by a pair of [cSSRM4]]s with an effective range of 350m. Its 3 DHS can manage the heat of its energy weapon and cool autocannon at mid range, but the extra heat of its missiles, along with its lack of spare ammo, hurts its sustainability in close range engagements. Still, they are unavoidable for pilots who want to maximize the asset's already stretched thin damage potential, although care must be taken to soften specialized close ranged enemies at distance before charging in, and ammo runs after every few engagements are to be expected if the user doesn't want to be left dry in the middle of a firefight. A LAMS protects the variant and its allies from missile attacks.

Variant F

The Ryoken F is equipped for extreme range engagements and anti-air missile strikes. Its main weapon is a pair of Extended Range ATM12, reaching out to 1250m against targets in the air or the ground with speedy and manoeuvrable missiles. A weak munition compared to other ATM loads, the barrage of 24 missiles is the largest any unit is capable of and more than makes up for it. Its point defence of four cSPL is paltry compared to its main weapon, but adequate considering the Ryoken's natural agility and armor. Unfortunately the large size of the missile launchers makes them ammo hungry and an extra ton for each won't last them long while a meagre pair of DHS will force pilots to take breaks to cool down after a few strikes.

Variant G

The Ryoken G is a long to mid range skirmisher with an eclectic mix of firepower. At 900m a Gauss Rifle fed by a single extra reload provides a significant pinpoint strike, assisted by a hotter cERLBL that lacks any need for leading, while enemies within 700m can be reached by a cERMBL. The nature of these weapons can allow the pilots to stalk the battlefield in passive, but when they are afforded to run active radar a pair of LRM5s provides some extra damage and screenshake without much extra heat or significant ammo needs. LAMS protect this unit from enemy missiles, making it ideal for countering LRM units, but a single DHS will force it to control its energy weapons fire during prolonged engagements.


The Ryoken was originally designed by Clan Hell's Horses, but Clan Ghost Bear conquered the planet on which the Ryoken was developed, and soon the design spread across the Clans. Eventually, the Ryoken debuted on the battlefield with Clan Snow Raven markings, even though Clan Smoke Jaguar used it most often during the Clan Invasion. The Clan designation for the Mech is "Stormcrow".

Note: Despite the characteristic missile launchers on top of its hull, the standard variant of the Ryoken was armed only with lasers - three ER Medium Lasers and two Large Lasers.

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