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Class: Heavy Mech
Faction: Clan
Ticket cost: 9 upon destruction
Tier: 10
Speed: 86.4 km/h (121 km/h with MASC)
Torso yaw: 220°
Torso pitch: -35° to +40° while standing.
-35° to +50° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 110 350 CBills
Total base armor: 45 486
Engine Size:
Price: 89 050 CBills
Total base armor: 45 486
Engine Size:
Price: 87 800 CBills
Total base armor: 45 486
Engine Size:
Price: 85 800 CBills
Total base armor: 45 486
Engine Size:
Price: 101 100 CBills
Total base armor: 50 234
Engine Size:
Price: 87 600 CBills
Total base armor: 45 486
Engine Size:
Price: 99 400 CBills
Total base armor: 50 234
Engine Size:
Price: 82 200 CBills
Total base armor: 47 066
Engine Size:

The Loki (Clan designation Hellbringer) is a Clan fire support and electronic warfare Heavy Mech. It's also among the only non-light Mechs equipped with C3 and nearly each variant comes with an impressive array of various additional equipment. Typical Loki variants mount multiple weapon types ranging from CGausss to Mguns. Its greatest weakness is its lack of armor; a Loki can't stand up to sustained fire for long.

Roles and Gameplay Hints

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The Loki Prime is an excellent hide-and-seek Mech. Equipped with GECM and BAP, it is capable of detecting enemies far before they have any chance to spot it, and with its C3 system, it is capable of relaying target data to nearby allies, making the Prime a powerful electronics warfare unit. At 900 meters its pair of CERPPCs can deal some serious damage, and its three CERMBL and CSSRM6 give it supplementary firepower as enemies close the distance. A pair of MGuns allow the Prime to hunt BA, as well as giving it some limited AA capabilities.

With its all-range weaponry and plethora of electronics, the Loki Prime makes an excellent platform for hunting LRM campers and Long Toms. Missiles take longer to lock on a GECM-equipped Mech, and an artillery piece would never see it coming.

Variant A

The Loki's A variant is a general mid- to long-range support unit. While it carries far less in the way of electronics compared to the Prime, it carries a wide breadth of weaponry to make up for this. For combating enemy units at maximum range, the Loki A carries a pair of CERLBL supplemented by a single CLRM15 for additional damage. For additional damage, this variant also carries a pair of CUAC5s, though these are less effective at dealing burst damage compared to the lasers and missiles. However, these can be paired up with the dual MGuns to be used in BA hunting and, when crouched, allow the Loki A to act somewhat as an AA platform.

Variant B

The Loki B is a front-line support Mech, designed to stay right behind the heavy units. Its primary firepower comes from the CGauss, capable of delivering a powerful blow to enemies at range, and combined with the Loki B's GECM and EOptics, allow the Loki B to snipe targets while remaining undetected on radar itself. In addition, it carries a CLBX5 for additional long-range firepower and limited AA capabilities, and for enemies who engage close, a CDSSRM6 and CERSBL give it some self-defense in these situations. Like the Prime, the B variant also has a C3 system equipped, though it lacks the BAP the Prime has, making it somewhat less effective in using the C3 compared to the Prime. Unique to the B variant is the NARC, which allows pilots of the Loki B to assist friendly Missile Boats by directing their missile fire. The B variant is also unique in that it carries more armor than any other Loki variant, though pilots should remain aware that their total armor is still comparable to that of a Medium Mech.

Variant C

The C variant is a departure from previous variants in that it focuses purely on close-range brawling rather than ranged warfare. It achieves this through a pair of CLBX10s, which can deliver powerful blows at close-range, with a pair of CERMBLs and a CSSRM6 giving some supplemental firepower. The Loki C also carries three free tons for additional ammunition, giving it healthy staying power. However, the Loki C can be seen as somewhat lackluster in the role of outright brawling because, like all Loki variants, the C does not carry enough armor for extended engagements, and certainly not enough to stand up against the firepower it is likely to face when facing enemies up close. Rather, it is better suited for a close-range support unit, as the Loki C carries AECM. This allows the Loki C to mask allied units from enemy radar detection, making the Loki C a great choice when gathering units to flank opponents, as well as protect them from enemy NARCs.

Variant D

The Loki D is a quick hitting close-range support unit. Like the C variant, the D is also equipped with AECM allowing it to protect nearby friendly units. It also has LAMS to lessen the threat of incoming missiles. Unlike the C, the D is equipped primarily with close-range weapons. Its repertoire consists of a singular CDSSRM6 and quad CHML These lasers are capable of dealing great damage if they can be kept on a specific component of the enemy unit during their firing duration. The mech also has MASC to sprint at the cost of generating heat. Even with 9 DHS, the mech struggles to manage its heat, especially when using MASC. Additionally, the Loki D carries a pair of Flamers for protection against BA and to make other mechs feel toasty. Stay close and use your superior speed to rush in unexpectedly, while providing cover to your friends with AECM. When fighting this mech, keep it isolated if possible, as its armour is not strong enough to last long, and its effective range is very short.

Variant E

A dedicated brawler, the Loki E snubs the AECM found on the previous brawling Loki variants in favor of even greater close-range firepower. A pair of CUAC10s allow it to barrage enemy units with AC fire and deal plenty of damage even from a distance. This variant shares the CERMBLs and CSSRM6 from the C variant for similar supplementary firepower, and also carries a pair of MGuns for protection from BA attacks. While the Loki E does not carry AECM for allied support, it at least has GECM to protect itself from enemy radar detection. Pilots of the Loki E would still do well to stay near allied units, as the Loki E does not have the armor to withstand engagements with enemy units of a similar weight-class on its own.

Variant F

This Loki is a cooler-running and cheaper alternative to the fantastically expensive Prime loadout. The F drops one CERPPC and most of its electronics in favour of a pair of CLRM10 racks and two additional CERMBLs. Both MGs are removed for an additional two DHS, providing the dissipation necessary to run this 'Mech to its limit. These changes move the Loki F into a fire support-based role and away from a pure sniper setup. Unfortunately, the extra 0.5t of armor do not help much with the Loki's overall fragility; as a result, this 'Mech should attempt to stay as far back from the front lines as possible. With no spare tonnage for reloads, the Loki F will be forced to retreat for reloads during extended deployment in a long-ranged capacity.

Variant G

Similar in concept to the Warhammer D, the G's dual CERLBLs enable it to soften up targets or air assets at range. For anything that tries to close up or during a charge, the Loki G's LBX20 can deliver a powerful burst in close-quarters, which the quad CSPL battery can then follow-up on. Unlike many Clan 'Mechs, this Loki carries sufficient DHSs to keep its energy weapons rolling along with a spare ton of ammo for the LBX20. Although it will be outmatched by a dedicated brawler and outsniped by a proper fire support asset, the Loki G is a far more flexible unit, capable of filling nearly any role in a pinch, all while providing C3 data to its allies.


The Loki was an unannounced Mech released with 0.3.0, though one of the development team members leaked the information about it to the community some time before its implementation. No press releases appeared about this Mech before the final release, unlike the other new units.


Known to its Clan Hell's Horses creators as the Hellbringer, this Mech has been described in the Inner Sphere as "an utterly mad configuration". Most commonly used in Clan Jade Falcon, the Loki is an electronic marvel equipped for long-range or antipersonnel combat.

Its primary configuration mounts two CERPPC, three CERMBL, two Anti-Personnel pods on each leg, an AMS system, and an impressive set of electronic equipment including Guardian ECM, a Beagle Active Probe, and three tons of Targeting Computers. This 65 ton OmniMech could be seen in all types of missions except reconnaissance.

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