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Characteristic white turret of AMS system

The Laser Anti-Missile System, or LAMS, consists of one or more automated defense turrets that target and shoot down any enemy Missiles and Artillery that fall into its range. Utilizing a rapid-fire Pulse Laser, it is capable of destroying an LRM in a single shot, but multiple shots are needed to destroy the much larger and more powerful ArrowIV. A LAMS does not generate heat.

It should be noted that the visible laser beam from LAMS isn't where actual damage is delivered. LAMS has nearly 100% accuracy and instant aiming mechanics. It's unrelated to the effect the player can see. The reason for this is the difficulty in properly aligning the visual effects, due to engine limitations.

Asset-mounted LAMS will not shoot down Thunderbolts, bombs, or the Long Tom Artillery projectile.

LAMS Base Turret

Bases are also protected by larger, stationary version of LAMS. These turrets feature much greater range than standard LAMS, and are also able to shoot down incoming and outgoing Long Tom shells, Thunderbolts, and bombs, unlike the standard mobile version of LAMS. These turrets shoot down both friendly and enemy missiles and artillery, resulting in sometimes severe damage to units attempting camping from base.


AMS was added to MWLL in version 0.2.0, though in 0.3.0 it was renamed to its canon designation, the LAMS. Version 0.3.0 also added the LAMS Base Turrets.


Typical BattleTech AMS utlize short-range, rapid-firing Machine Guns; however, what is currently implemented in MWLL is the Laser Anti-Missile System, which uses a compact Pulse Laser - when firing, it could develop relatively large amounts of waste heat, forcing equipped Mechs and Vehicles to manage it well or install additional Heat Sinks. The advantage of LAMS is that it does not require ammunition, making it capable of defending the equipped unit during long battles.

Introduced in 2617 by the Terran Hegemony, the anti-missile system is used to destroy missiles before they strike their target. This is accomplished by using a short ranged rapid firing weapon which shoots at the missiles. Because missiles in BattleTech are usually fired in salvos of up to forty at a time, anti-missile systems are rarely capable of destroying them all. Due to the loss of knowledge caused by the Succession Wars, anti-missile systems ceased to be produced by 2835.[1] Only in 3040 did the Federated Commonwealth rediscover the means to produce this equipment. For the Clans, however, AMS never became LosTech, and by the time of the invasion, the Clans had improved on the Star League version by replacing the solid slugs with flechettes, allowing for more ammunition per ton.[2] Laser versions of the anti-missile system exist, and benefit from having no ammunition requirement unlike regular systems. However they produce heat as a side effect of their use.

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The following Variants equip with Laser Anti-Missile System, or LAMS:

Clan Inner Sphere