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MWLL Actionmapper is a java based profiler application used to assist in the remapping of keys, buttons, and axes without the need to manually modify the XML files in a text editor. It is now included as part of the Mechwarrior: Living Legends release as of version 0.3.0 and can be accessed from the MWLL Launcher by pressing the "Config Actionmaps" button.


For more information on using the Actionmapper, please see the Actionmapper Guide.

Actionmapper interface as of 2017


Programming for the MWLL Actionmapper began on February 28, 2010, three days after the release of Mechwarrior: Living Legends open beta 0.2.0. The first release of the Actionmapper (version 0.1), was announced a few days later on March 2, 2010 and subsequent patches brought it to version 0.1.2 on March 5, 2010 before work began on version 0.2.

MWLL Actionmapper version 0.2 was released on March 21, 2010, with notable changes being an integrated profiling system that automatically detects the user's Crysis profiles directory, a windows installer package, and key/button detection for keyboard, mouse, and joystick.

MWLL Actionmapper version 0.3.0 was released on June 11, 2010, bundled with Mechwarrior Living Legends v0.3.0. Added features include ability to modify joystick settings (joystick.cfg) along with a few bug fixes and new keys that can be binded.

As of version 0.3.7 the MWLL Actionmapper will be capable of being updated more regularly as needed by tagging along with the MWLL tools set (e.g. Launcher, Updater).

Versions history


Release date: 19 July 2011

= Bug fixes for release v0.3.10 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.5.1 with MWLL Tools 0.11.716.234) =
 - Removed dialog for autoselection when there's only one profile.
 - Removed reference to "vanilla" crysis profiles directory when the word "wars" is not found in the installation directory.


Release date: 15 July 2011

= Bug fixes for release v0.3.8 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.5.1 with MWLL Tools 0.11.716.227) =
 - Added automatic loading of last used profile (profiles can still be switched from the File menu).
 - Added the name of the currently viewed profile to the window title.


Release date: 30 June 2011

= Features for release v0.3.7 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.5.1 with MWLL Tools 0.10.701.185) =
 - Cross-tab conflict detection added.
 - Missing actions from older actionmaps no longer require a new actionmaps to be created, instead it will be added automatically once user tries to bind the new action.
 - Added a label that shows up when modifications are made indicating the user must restart MWLL for changes to take effect.

= Bug fixes =
 - Default actionmaps missing actions added back in.
 - Default actionmaps conflicts corrected (e.g. "c" key flushes coolant in Vehicle and no longer pitches up in Aero also).
 - Spectator actions no longer show conflicts with non-spectator actions if bound to the same key.
 - Added missing action for 'Target Nearest Friendly'.


Release date: 29 May 2011

= Bug fixes for release v0.3.6 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.5.1) =
	- corrected joystick button input detection code for joystick buttons >= 38
	- updated to most recent version of jInput library from lwjgl-2.7.1 (used for input detection)
	- updated included default actionmaps to match the one provided in the installation root directory of MWLL 0.5


Release date: 27 May 2011

= Features added for release v0.3.5 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.5.0) =
	- new look and feel, icons for key panel, short descriptions for each action when selected

= Bug fixes for release v0.3.5 =
	- moved aero/vtol invert actions close to the actions they belong to
	- fix provided for bug where you had to click twice on an action to get it to properly update the key selection UI panels
	- added code to preserve autoexec.cfg comments and formatting when writing out
	- corrected XI fire action to be onPress instead of onRelease in the default actionmaps
	- fixed issue where infinite loop of popups would occur when there's only one profile with no actionmaps.xml file present


Release date: 16 Feb 2011

= Features added for release v0.3.4 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.4.9) =
	- Added support for VTOL and Aerospace inversion CVARs

= Bug fixes for release v0.3.4 =
	- Fixed infinite loop scenario when only one profile exists with no actionmaps.xml in the folder
	- Fixed default actionmaps.xml setting where onRelease was used for the XI fire actions instead of onPress


Release date: 27 Dec 2010

= Features added for release v0.3.3 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.4.0) =
	- Added "Levelout" action for VTOL
	- Added support for Crysis and Crysis Wars simultaneous release


Release date: 12 July 2010

= Features added for release v0.3.2 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.3.2) =
	- Added "Levelout" action for Aerospace


Release date: 23 June 2010

= Features added for release v0.3.1 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.3.1) =
	- Added window title information including the actionmaps name currently being viewed/edited, along with tags for if its been modified or is active
	- Added Next/Prev Weapons group actions to Vehicle tab
	- Added "Deploy" action to tank tab (used for Long Tom)
	- Added "Sell Vehicle" action to Vehicle tab
	- Added digital roll left/right actions for VTOL and Aero tabs
	- Added additional "XI" axis to Mech/Tank/VTOL/Aero tabs
	- Added "New Actionmaps" and "Set Active" buttons to top of screen for better new user visibility
	- Added "Left or Right" selection dialog when Shift, Control, or Alt keys are pressed since detection library can't determine by itself
	- Added helpful text when clicking on an action marked with "?" to let user know they need to create a New Actionmaps to map it
	- Restructured VTOL and Aerospace tab actions

= Bug fixes for release v0.3.1 =
	- Fixed using "Set Active" on unsaved actionmaps could lead to unsaved changes not getting saved
	- Fixed Player tab "Jump"/"Jump Jet" rebinding since Player BA needs both set to same key
	- Fixed issue with "XI Fire" actions by showing them in the Vehicle tab in case of conflicts


Release date: 11 June 2010

= Features added for release v0.3.0 (Bundled with MWLL release v0.3.0) =
	- Added Joystick.cfg configuration tab, Joystick Settings
	- Added F1-F12 keys and detection
	- Added new tabs specific for each role (Mech, Tank, Aero)
	- Added joystick rotation X and Y axes as selections

= Bug fixes for release v0.3.0 =
	- "joyslider" output to actionmaps corrected to just "slider"
	- fixed issue with incorrect external modification notification after saving a new actionmaps

= Known issues =
	- Player tab "Jump Jets" action doesn't properly set entire jumping action needed for BA usage
	- Next/Prev weapon group action missing


Release date: 24 March 2010

= Features added for release v0.2.1 =
   - Added actions for changing vehicle weapon groups (Toggle Weapon, Next Weapon, Previous Weapon)
   - Added notification and indicators for actions that are missing from the actionmaps file that was selected
   - Added external file modification notificiation (in case the file was edited by another applicatino while still open)
   - Added window closing event to ask user to save if any unsaved modifications remain

= Bug fixes for release v0.2.1 =
   - Corrected the situation where the "Save changes before loading another actionmaps" would appear when doing a File-Save the first time
   - Made action-to-key table cells not editable, as trying to edit a cell would cause issues with not being able to map that action later
   - Added missing Voice chat action to Player tab
   - VTOL rotate action replaced by proper action (v_rotateroll replaced by xi_v_movex)
   - Fixed VTOL tab actions that previously were appearing to not change keys and instead were changing the key for the same Vehicle tab actions

= Known issues =
   - Joystick Slider support not working correctly, for example it sets keymap to "joyslider_0" but should be just "slider_0" without the "joy" in it


Release date: 21 March 2010

= Features added for release v0.2 =
	- Implemented easy to use installer
	- Key/Button input detection added for keyboard, mouse, and joystick functions (note: button only, no axis detection support)
	- Integrated profiler system: no more having to manually manage actionmaps.xml in your file browser
	- Replaced Actions list view with a categorized table view that shows all current keys, modifications and conflicts
	- Added support for more keyboard keys: [;-=]
	- Added support for up to 64 joystick buttons
	- The Save function in the File menu now only available after at least one modification has been made
= Bug fixes for release v0.2 =
	- fixed incorrect conflict detection when going from one to two actions
	- fixed incorrect conflict detection when both keys for an action are cleared

= Known issues =
	- Almost all VTOL tab functions are not properly allowing re-binding, and instead are changing the actions with the same name on the Vehicle tab
	- Rotate on VTOL tab is not the correct roll action name


Release date: 5 March 2010

= Features added for release v0.1.2 =
	- added all gamepad buttons/axes
	- added extra actions used for gamepads/joysticks, marked as prepending "(X)" to the action name
	- added toggle ramping/instant throttle action to Vehicle section
	- added overwrite question dialog to "Save As" function if file already exists
	- save functions for new configurations set the default name to "actionmaps.xml" and appends ".xml" to file name chosen if it doesn't already end with the extension
= Bug fixes for release v0.1.2 =
	- corrected Inverse checkbox from occasionally being set invisible when switching to different actions and coming back to the modified action
	- added Backspace key as selection


Release date: 4 March 2010

= Bug fixes for release v0.1.1 =
	- corrected Player tab Aim up/down and left/right key selections for analog
	- corrected inverse control settings on display
	- corrected inverse control conflict detection
	- corrected invalid conflict detection for actions with no binding selected
	- modified icons correctly disappear when saved or a new file is opened/created


Release date: 3 March 2010

= Feature list for release v0.1 =
	- ability to edit most actions and assign most keys/buttons/axes for devices
	- ability to see conflicts
	- ability to see which modification were made since the file was last opened or saved

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