Window of Engagement

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The Window of Engagement is the length of time a pilot has to aim and track his target to deliver the full damage of any given weapon, exposing himself to return fire in the process.

For instance, say one approaches a Warhammer in a Puma, if the Puma is using ERPPCs, he will be able to fire them and veer off for cover instantly once he has aimed and led his target. - This is a "short" window.

However, if he is using something like Heavy lasers he will have to keep the crosshair on his target for several seconds before being able to veer off to cover. - This is a "moderate" window.

If he is using something like Rotary Autocannons he will be forced to keep his crosshair on the target for as long as he wishes to do damage.- This is a "long" window.

Longer windows are dangerous to the pilot firing the weapons if the asset he is piloting is not equipped with the armor to tank the damage his target is going to return to him.

Always keep this in mind when fighting heavier assets in lighter assets, as it will compromise your maneuverability.

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