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This guide offers tips on how to defeat specific enemies.

Only a few assets are discussed here, the most common or most dangerous on the battlefield.



The Owens is a very quick unit with a narrow silhouette, making it a difficult target much of the time. The easiest way to counter it is to shoot at the legs. Of course the objective isn't to leg it, but to slow it down to the point where its an easier target. Legging can cause an Owens pilot to eject instantly or to fall partially under the ground making it a much more difficult target. Damaging the leg armor into red, but not critical, is usually enough to make the Owens a very easy target indeed. The best weapons for this job are those with very high burst damage, like the LBX20 or an Alpha Strike from multiple Beam Lasers. Shooting the Owens while it runs towards or away from you will make the task easier.


Shadowcat just after losing its arm.

The characteristic feature of this 'Mech is over-sized arms, which should be a primary target. The Shadowcat is quick, and has a low profile, making it difficult to line up a damaging shot, while heavy weaponry makes it a dangerous opponent even to a heavy 'Mech. A single Shadowcat in the right hands can defeat almost any Inner Sphere Heavy 'Mech in a duel. Visual recognition of the various weapons pods this 'Mech can carry is paramount. It's no good to find out what it's packing by taking a Gauss slug to the dome! A boxy arm with yellow-orange highlights is an Ultra AC/20 pod while one without those is a Gauss Rifle, a long barrel arm with blue lighting elements is an ERPPC while one without those lighting elements is an LBX20. Of special note are the Shadowcat C and the Shadowcat D. The C Variant mounts an ERPPC on one side, and a Gauss Rifle on the other, while the D Variant mounts an ER Large Laser and an ER Medium Laser in each arm, so destroying one arm on either of those variants is not going to neuter the target the way it will on 75% of the other variants.

Hollander II

The Hollander's human-like shape and single large weapon in a shoulder-mount make it easily recognizable from halfway across the battlefield. This shoulder mount is your primary target, most of the time: Its size and location make it accessible from almost any angle, and destroying it takes out the largest gun the 'Mech will be mounting, no matter the variant.

The easiest variant to take down is the Heavy Gauss equipped Hollander II A. Destruction of the Heavy Gauss causes a large explosion that severely damages the center torso. A few more shots to this area kills the 'Mech. The Hollander also has relatively light armor for a Medium 'Mech, which speeds things along considerably if you can bring heavy firepower to bear.


The Novacat is probably one of the most dangerous laser boats in the game. It's fast and agile for its weight class, while mounting powerful long-range weaponry. Any attempts to snipe it at range will end with failure, so your best bet is to go passive and sneak up on it with a brawler. All Novacat variants have weapon mounts only on the arms, so these are priority targets. Most of the variants have a symmetrical load-out, so it doesn't matter which arm you take off first. The Novacat A, however, mounts three ER Large Lasers on the left arm, and two on the right, so the left should be priority for that particular variant. Novacat arms are large and easily hit, but they can take quite a bit of punishment. The reward, however, is worth it.


This missile platform has considerable armor and most of its weapons are mounted on difficult to hit locations. The easiest way to quickly remove the Catapult from play is destroying the cockpit. It has less than half the armor of the Center Torso, and is a large, exposed target. At range, a Large Laser (ER or Regular) can do the job, while at closer range any weapon with notable splash damage will work. The Ultra AC/20, for example, can be especially nasty in this role, as its large splash radius makes sure that even if there isn't a direct hit the cockpit will still suffer at least part of the damage. After stripping off the cockpit armor a single shot to the nose area of a Catapult can kill the pilot and give your team a 'Mech to salvage for cash.

Madcat MKII

The 'Beat Stick' has better protected cockpit than the other variants.

The Madcat MKII suffers from the same issue as the Catapult: The quickest way to remove it from the battlefield is by killing the pilot, and the cockpit is not a difficult shot to land. In the case of this 'Mech, the cockpit has a third of the Center Torso, but it is shielded on the sides by its arms. A more front-on angle makes the cockpit shot easier to land consistently, but also puts you into the line of return fire from the Madcat...

The 'Beat Stick' is a special case. The cockpit is surrounded by the LBX pods, making it a more difficult target compared to the other variants. Also keep in mind that destruction of an arm on this variant only takes out an LBX10, which does not noticeably affect overall damage output.


The second fastest ground unit in the game can be a difficult target to hit. If it isn't zooming around like a crazed roadrunner, it's flipping through the air like... Something else that is crazed and fast. This is not even to mention trying to accurately aim at critical components. When possible focus your firepower on the rear or sides, as these are least armored parts of this unit, and stick to a single section if you can. The rear armor is the weakest, usually the most exposed as the hovertank attempts to flee, and is also vulnerable to large radius splash damage to any other component. It only takes a few good hits to put one of these out, but be careful and learn to recognize which Harasser you are facing! The 6 Flamer variant (Harasser D) is probably the most dangerous, as it can shut down many 'Mechs in seconds, leaving you vulnerable to its team-mates.

Long Tom Artillery Tank

The Long Tom can rain destruction down on you from a quarter of the map away, well outside the range of most weapons a 'Mech can mount. The best way to take it out is to first, know where it is, second, choose the team member that is (probably) going to die taking it down and third, give that team-mate the support they need to rush through the enemy lines and pound the artillery into scrap. 'Mechs with ECM, running passive, can sometimes slip through the enemy lines to accomplish this, but a Long Tom is seldom undefended, and is often placed on the enemy line of travel between the front-line and the main base. This means that even if there's no enemy standing point, there's usually one less than thirty seconds away that will come scurrying the second the Long Tom driver spots you barreling in on it.

If you manage to reach the Long Tom's location, your first target should be its rear armor. Assuming you destroy this, your second target should be the nearby APC that it was drawing ammo from. Only after these are taken care of should you try to kill the ejected Long Tom driver or any of the other Battle Armor that have materialized around you. Destroying both of these vehicles puts the enemy team back more than killing either individually, and does more to hurt their overall plans than a few Battle Armor kills will. The Puma Prime, C and D, as well as the Thanatos A and C, excel at this sort of deep strike role.

Alternatively, just F-Bomb the sucker and save everyone the trouble.


The Shiva is a difficult target with powerful weaponry that will ruin the day of anything it deigns to notice. Many MechWarriors have had their rides destroyed out of nowhere by the intense heat of its Fire Bombs, or had their 'Mechs split open by a single blast of its mighty autocannon. The Shiva is not all powerful, despite what experienced air-jockeys might like to think, but it is an asset that you have to pay attention to, and act to counter as soon as it appears.

If it's flying low for a bombing or strafing run, then the best weapon against it is an LBX Autocannon. The 'Beat Stick', armed with LBX20s and LBX10s, can destroy any aerospace fighter with an Alpha Strike, and is thus the perfect counter to the Shiva. The Shadowcat B, Thor Prime and Thor B also mount LBX20's, but only as a single weapon, which isn't enough to destroy a Shiva with one burst, which is probably all they'll get before the bomber has either destroyed them, or slipped out of range.

A Shiva at altitude (1000+ meters) is a harder nut to crack, as the only weapons that can reach it are ELRMs, the AC/2 and the Light Gauss, all of which have issues when dealing with flying targets. ELRMs have the range to hit, but they track poorly on something as fast as an aerospace fighter, and do poor damage against them even if they do hit. The Light Gauss can hit targets up to 1200 meters away, but it has a long refire and very few units mount more than one. The AC/2 and Ultra AC/2 both have an excellent refire rate allowing you to fill the sky with lead, but they do minimal damage and require leading the target, which can be difficult at such ranges. The Huit Prime gets around this by mounting four Ultra AC/2's, plus a pair of Ultra AC/5's, making it one of the best anti-aircraft units in the game, and the best non-aerospace asset for taking on a Shiva at high altitude. Even with this impressive arsenal, it requires a lot of time on target to chew through the armor, and the Shiva is more likely to return to base to rearm and repair than to be defeated by a single Huit working on it.

The easiest way to defeat a Shiva, any Shiva, is to get one of your own. The Shiva A, the cheapest of the variants, mounts 4 Ultra AC/10's, guaranteed to put a crimp in any fighter jock's day. The Shiva E, or 'Flying Beat Stick', is the ultimate multi-role machine, capable of swatting another Shiva out of the air with one pull of the trigger, then turning those guns on anything else that annoys the pilot with equal effect.

Long story short: Get a Beat Stick or another Shiva. Problem solved.

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