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Ticket cost:

12 upon destruction


65 km/h

Turret rotation:


Turret pitch:

-5° to +45°

Variants Armament


123 531Cbills
Total base armor:50 000

114 463Cbills
Total base armor:57 998

123 573Cbills
Total base armor:54 000

130 731Cbills
Total base armor:50 000


Hull strength:

6000 armor points

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The Morrigu is a Clan main battle tank released in version 0.4.0. It focuses primarily on heavy long-range energy weapons. It possesses a limited field of view and shares the maneuverability issues of the Demolisher, which can make piloting over rough terrain a challenge. Nonetheless, its potent armament makes it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. All the Morrigus variants mount the same type of electronics package as well for plenty of protection against missiles and the ability to pick targets from range while remaining undetected thanks to its GECM.


Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Prime variant of the Morrigu is a potent long-range fire support vehicle. 3 CERLBLs and 2 CLRM15s provide ample firepower against slower-moving targets while 2 LAMS units keep it and nearby friendlies safe from enemy missile barrages.

Variant A

Trading down for 3 CLPLs and 2 CLRM10s, this variant has the fastest fire rate out of any other Morrigu and is very well suited to keeping constant fire on all kinds of targets. Its CLRM10s let it touch out to long range but once the target is with in 700ms the tank can unleash its rapid fire arsenal of 3 CLPLs which can make short work out of any lightly armored unit as long as the driver keeps the beam steady. It also packs around the same electronics as the prime so it is able to acquire a target at long range safely before moving closer to fire.

Variant B

Known as the "Scalpel" and mounting only 3 CHLLs as armament, this variant packs an impressive punch at up to 600 meters. Alpha Strikes, while extremely powerful, are generally ill-advised due to sudden and extreme heat buildup. The 19 DHS units offer very quick dissipation, however, with chain-firing producing excellent results if the beam can be held on target. Least expensive variant, but quite possibly the most dangerous in the right hands.

Variant C

The C variant packs more burst then the prime but still keeps the same range and has ATM3s mounted instead of CLRMs making it a bit of a hassle to use some times as they have a shorter range then the CLRMS but they do the job of keeping lighter units away nicely and can soften up a target while the CERPPCs are recharging. Heat can be a issue on this variant so volley fire is recommended because if the three cannons are fired at once they will damage the tank.

Variant Evaluations

These charts are supposed to give a rough evaluation on how useful the Variant in question is in different situations, and to show a more visible impression of its strengths and weaknesses.
For an explanation of the terms used visit the Evaluation Charts help page.

Variant vs. Ground vs. Air vs. BA Short Range Med. Range Long Range Extreme Range Support Efficiency


Morrígú was designed as an 80 ton fire support tank by Clan Blood Spirit after the Absorption War on the order of Khan Karianna Schmitt. It's main purpose is to deliver as much damage from as long a range as possible. Being in each Clan Blood Spirit Galaxy, Morrígú Tanks can be found in ranks of Fire Mandrill as well.

The Morrígú tank is armed with 2 ERLBLs and 2 LRM15s for long-range fire support, 2 SRM2 for close-range defense, and a GECM for additional protection. An alternate variant has only 3 ERLBLs, at the cost of all of it's missile launchers, and 2 of it's 13 tons of armor.

It's namesake is a Celtic goddess of war.

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