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Welcome to the Current Events! Page
From here you can check on which categories / lists / pages we are actively working on at the moment, and add your own projects and share thoughts. Browse the list of projects below:


Asset updates

With every version there are variant changes for assets, new assets added, prices changed, etc. Thus the asset pages need their info boxes updated (see this thread for dumps to ease that or contact Cygma) and the descriptions have to be checked & extended.

Map Updates

When new maps come out they need to get an article with an infobox, screenshot, minimap, description etc. Some 0.4 maps are still missing parts of that.

See the Category:Maps & Maps.


Expand Troubleshooting page to help solve the issues that people might encounter.


  • This is a never-ending project. ;] Skywalker 19:56, 6 March 2010 (UTC)
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