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Welcome to the Community Portal! We hope you will enjoy your stay on the MWLL Wiki. If you are a newcomer and want to help us improve the Encyclopedia, you can read the Help pages.

As an editor, you are encouraged to participate in the everyday activities of our community, which is your community as well. Be bold! And be sure to check the Wiki forum, which is a place to discuss questions about the MWLL Wiki or about editing in general.

Here you will find exemplary editors, and soon also articles, images, and more!


Editor of the Month

At the end of each month, the MWLL community picks an Editor of the Month. This title is granted to Editors who proven their skills in formatting, who have made exemplary articles, and who are active members of community. An Editor of the Month may be nominated by other Editors as well as by Administrators.

Featured article

Member-elected articles for the Featured Article section on the Main Page. The best of the best. Each editor can nominate the article to Featured title, than others support it or object. If article gets enough voices it will be granted.

Greeting the new members

If you feel to be experienced enough for helping new editors you may greet the new contributors. All you have to do is to paste the welcome template: {{Welcome|~~~|~~~~}}
New editors can be found by tracking the Recent Changes or in the User Creation Log. Feel welcome to help the newcomers!

Community Interview with Lead Developers

On May 2010 MWLL Wiki has made a community interview with lead developers of the Mod. Here you can read it all.

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