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Mechwarrior Living Legends Wiki (MWLL Wiki) is an Mechwarrior Living Legends community project to describe the MWLL as wide as possible and bring the fans knowledge for everyone. A source of both, game description and many useful hints & ideas.


The idea of wiki was proposed by MWLL Forum guest called Drutort on 21 February 2010. Forum itself was set up on 22nd February.

It has been asked for and we did heed the call: today, we give to you the MWLL Community Wiki at

When we say "we give to you", that is exactly what we mean: this Wiki will absolutely and only live by your participation, it is a "Community Wiki". Therefore, please ensure that when you create content on this wiki, it is correct and valid as you will be responsible for the quality of this Wiki as an informational resource, not just for new players of course.

— Official MWLL: Community Wiki launch announcement

In first days after wiki begun to grow rapidly, gaining new editors, and new pages. Soon few news on the MWLL website were posted, and in less than a month since it's release the wiki gained new theme.

Currently MWLL wiki is largest compendium about MWLL available.


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