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To use a joystick in MW:LL you always have to do some steps first, regardless of what joystick you use. It might be a good idea to look at the original keymap and make a list of what function (buttons & axis') you want to have on the stick and where.



Connecting & Checking

Make sure your joystick is connected properly and you have the latest driver installed.

To check if your joystick is working open "..\Crysis\Mods\mwll\Joystick.exe", move the stick around while the Joystick.exe window is open and active. You should see some values changing there, meaning your joystick is working and ready to be set up in Crysis.


In the joystick.exe window you can easily see what axis', sliders & POV-hats your joystick has ready for you.

There you can also check the number of buttons you will have, but please note that there won't be a button 00 in the actionmaps! Always increment the button number from the joystick.exe by 1 to put it into the actionmap.xml.

# from joystick.exe function name in actionmaps.xml
00 joybut_1
01 joybut_2
02 joybut_3
03 joybut_4
... ...


For a detailed explanation on how to edit key settings and joystick bindings read the article about Actionmaps and joystick.cfg.

Analog Throttle

To enable throttle-control by a joystick axis you need to activate it each time when entering any vehicle for the first time. This is usually done by the "numpad divide" key, but it hast to be added to the actionmaps.xml first:

<action name="EnableThrottleval" onPress="1">
 <key name="np_divide" /> 

Assign an axis to the throttle function with this action:

<action name="SetThrottleval">
 <key name="invjoyaxis_z" /> 

Another way to map throttle function is to use "banding" features on joystick profiling software. The numpad number keys correspond to throttle settings, so one would only have to add the appropriate number of bands to the throttle axis and set them to the appropriate keys (Band 0 = numpad0[0% throttle]; Band 1 = numpad1[10% Throttle] etc).


You can adjust your gamepad and aero/VTOL sensitivity seperately in an autoexec.cfg with console variables (CVARs)- setting it in your game.cfg will have it overwritten with it's default values when the MWLL mod is started, and using it directly in console only works on local servers.

Try and adjust the values until they fit your needs - 45 is their default


Gamepad-actions are found in the actionmaps.xml with the prefix xi_

To change the sensitivity of all xi_ actions use the command



Additionally you can modify the sensitivity for Aerospace and VTOL, no matter what analog input is used. For this add the command

cl_sensitivityAerospace 45


Q: I have set up my actionmaps properly to funtion with my joystick, but the game doesn't react.
A: CHeck your joystick.cfg if you haev selected the correct joystick number.

Q: I've configured multiple joysticks, but only one of them works.
A: Crysis can only do 1 joystick at a time, so try out PPJoy

Q: Only one of my several configured axis' acts a lot more sensitive than the others.
Q: When using analog throttle on my stick it looks like I can only switch between 0% and 100% throttle.
A: Check the joystick.cfg if the multiplier for that axis is too high. If this isn't the case try using a raw axis in the actionmaps.xml

Q: my view rotates uncontrollable and keys are not working as they are assigned.
A: This is due to a POV error. Be sure to add the following 3 lines to your joystick.cfg and have an empty line afterwards:

pov_0_disable = 1
pov_1_disable = 1
pov_2_disable = 1

If your joystick doesn't do anything in the Joystick.exe window, go to control panel and open the gamecontroller tab. If you have more than 1 controller in there you should set your desired controller as standard by clicking the "enhanced" button and try the Joystick.exe again.

In a Mech, the throttle may still not work until briefly pressing the "w" key. Further, each time the Mech stops, there is a bug that will require you to briefly press the "w" key as well to get the Mech to recognize the joystick.

There is an issue in MWLL that if you have the leg movement mapped to a joystick axis and you turn while at a stop, your speed will be 10kph. If you use profiling software, simply throttle to another setting and back to 0%. If you are using a script, be sure to hold the brake key ("x") while throttle is in the 0% position. Alternately, you could map "a" and "d" keys to leg movement verses the joystick axis to avoid this issue. - this will be addresses soon Seraph 18:54, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

pre-made configs

If you find some matching config for your joystick and you like it already the way it is, feel free to use that one instead of creating an own.

Saitek x52 Joystick Configuration

Logitech G940 configuration

Thrustmaster T.Flightstick.X

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