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Class: Assault Mech
Faction: Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 12 upon destruction
Tier: 6
Speed: 54 km/h
Torso yaw: 180°
Torso pitch: -34° to +50° while standing.
-34° to +60° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 95 500 CBills
Total base armor: 69 398
Price: 115 300 CBills
Total base armor: 76 545
Price: 102 500 CBills
Total base armor: 69 398
Price: 109 100 CBills
Total base armor: 72 974
Price: 115 000 CBills
Total base armor: 80 123
Price: 109 500 CBills
Total base armor: 72 974
Price: 109 750 CBills
Total base armor: 76 545
Price: 97 700 CBills
Total base armor: 69 398

The Mauler is an Inner Sphere Assault Mech, normally specialized as a long-range fire support. While having least armor in it's class and being one of the slowest Mechs, the Mauler is relatively cheap and packs tremendous firepower, allowing it to quickly disable or destroy almost any opponent. Like other Assault Mechs, the Mauler suffers from extremely slow speed and poor maneuverability, leaving it vulnerable to attacks by more agile foes, so it should rarely be deployed on the front lines, but if it must be, wise pilots would do so with an escort of lighter Mechs to provide support against speedier assets as well as to distract foes so the Mauler can unleash its firepower without being destroyed first.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Mauler Prime is the cheapest Mauler variant, but is no less of a threat. Armed with 2 LRM15's and 2 ERLBL's, the Prime variant packs a powerful and accurate long-range attack capable of disabling or destroying any targets it can find. 4 UAC2's give it a fearsome backup array of weapons, capable of shredding lighter Mechs and Vehicles, as well as giving the Mauler Prime limited Anti Air capabilities. A BAP allows the Prime variant to detect foes at longer ranges than Standard Radar, and Eoptics allows it to accurately target and engage those foes. Though packing quite a punch, the Mauler Prime suffers from relatively poor heat management - a single additional Heat Sink can barely deal with the heat from the ERLBL's alone, while the Ultra Autocannons also build surprisingly high amount of heat.

Variant A

A so-called "schizophrenic" mech, the A carries a bizarre mixture weapons on both extremes of the range spectrum; one side of the mech is dedicated to sniping weapons, carrying a Gauss in the arm and a LRM15 in the shoulder, while the other side carries a UAC20 and a SRM6. Two SPL and SBL rest in the torso. Four free tons are available for ammo, ensuring each weapon has one reload. Its primary strength is deceptions; enemy mechwarriors will often engage what appears to a sniping Mauler only to get mauled by its close range UAC20 and SRM6. At least 5 weapon groups on the mouse are required to properly utilize it.

Variant B

An alternative to A variant focused more on combat with non-Mech assets. ELRM15 still provide great firepower at immerse range, but the Gauss rifles had been replaced with ERPPC giving it further increased support value at long range, both thanks to cockpit shake and heat inflicted on target by particle cannons. Additional set of Autocannons give it impressive capability of fighting with aerial assets as for the Assault Mech.

Variant C

The C variant deviates from the standard long-range fire support role emphasized in the other variants and focuses on close-range fire. Armed with 2 AC20's and 2 Dual SSRM4's, the Mauler C has incredible firepower, on par with that of much more expensive Assault Mechs, making it capable of quickly and easily destroying Light Mechs, and can causing severe damage to anything that survives the the initial barrage. 6 free tons of ammo give it extended time on the battlefield, but poor maneuverability and comparatively weak armor makes taking the C variant into close-range brawls dangerous; unfortunately, this is also the range where the Mauler C is most effective. On the other hand though, the GECM allows safe approach to the unsuspecting enemy and finishing him off before he gets a chance to inflict any notable damage back.

Variant D

The D variant is a hard hitting mid-ranged to long ranged mech. The dual ERPPCS allow it to mash enemies from afar, while the dual MRM-40s pound anything that dares to approach it. Quad Small X-pulse Lasers protect it from battlearmor and fast mechs. The mech has insufficient heatsinks for its weapons load, making it overheat relatively easily. It also sacrifices the Mauler's traditional radar suites, in favor for Enhanced Optics for sniping.

Variant E

An extreme range combatant, the Mauler E sacrifices all close range firepower for maximum poking potential. A Light Gauss and 4 AC2 allow it to continuously annoy targets from beyond traditional weapon range, while its ERPPC and twin ELRM15 allow it to inflict real damage. Five free tons are available for spare ammo; pilots are recommended to dedicate most of it to the hungry LRM launchers.

Variant F

The Mauler F is the bigger, meaner, and uglier brother to the Rifleman A, carrying four UAC5 as its primary armament. Two ERLBL give it precision long-range damage, and twin Tbolt5 give it some minor screen-shake power. It carries both BAP and GECM allow it to slink about, and four free tons are available for ammo. As with the Rifleman, it is best suited to sitting at its max range, stripping off enemy limbs.

Variant G

The Inner Sphere's ultimate open-range combatant, the Mauler G carries withering direct and indirect firepower at an exceptionally cheap price. Its primary armaments are a pair of arm-mounted long-ranged HVAC10 and two shoulder-mounted LRM15 launchers. Four torso-mounted ERMBL provide close to mid-range point defense. Four free tons are available for spare ammo. The Mauler G shines in open terrain, where it can endlessly pour autocannon and missile fire downrange. Mauler pilots should strive to keep the enemy at least 200 meters away, where they can unleash all of its weapons. However, pilots should bare in mind that it will quickly overheat when using its lasers, and it is a poor choice for attacking agile enemies.


Created by Luthien Armor Works in the Draconis Combine, the Mauler was first seen in 3050. It is actually a complete overhaul of an earlier design, the Daboku, itself adapted from a House Liao design called the Linesman, which was plagued by flaws in every major component. After improving every aspect of the older design, they renamed it with the designation given to it by Davion units during the War of 3039 to avoid the stigma around the Daboku. Everything about the Mauler is geared towards long range battle; the AC/2s allow for a constant barrage of AutoCannon fire in addition to the long-range reach of it's two LRM launchers.

The Mauler is not one of the so-called Unseen.
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