Machine Gun

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The Machine Gun or MGun/MG, is a rapid fire Ballistic Weapon. It is comparable to contemporary machine guns (with caliber less than 20mm, above it's AC2), simply upscaled to Mechwarrior standards. Its rapid fire and fast projectile movement speed makes it an effective counter to Battle Armor. However it does little damage against any other target, unless used en masse over a long period of time.

Weapon Stats

All stats are current as of release 0.9.1.

Weapon Listed Range Max Range Ammo/ton Heat Damage Damage Type Shots/min Overheat Cooldown Mech Damage/sec Heat/sec Notes
Machine Gun 1600m 1600m 0.003 2 Light Kinetic 1200 12s 4s 30 0.06 ---


It is worth noting that the MGun has no spin up time mechanic; it begins firing immediately.